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Newsletter – 7 NOVEMBER 2016

Join our Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s get results, look and feel amazing.

All level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
All classes in Colinton & Craiglockhart, Edinburgh are £5 payg & details and times are on the CLASSES Where/When tab so have a look and come and join us this week. You can email me for more info if you’d like.


Did you know that…
I’ve not uploaded any Complementary Fitness videos in ages and thought I’d do an updated mini Fitness Yoga sequence so that you can join in. You’ll see that all of the rotations, arm opening sequences, side bends etc are on one side and then I come back up to standing. I haven’t shown the same stretches/sequences on the ‘other side’ so if you’re doing this as ‘homework’, please remember to do the same on the second side too.
You’ll also see that there was a bit of a wobble!! No one’s perfect and that’s why yoga is called a practice!
So I decided to kind of re-do the video and in the 2nd one, it finishes slightly differently with a kneeling hamstring and calf stretch then up to standing again. Again – do all of this on the ‘other side’. Have fun. and
(You might need to copy and paste the youtubelink to your browser to watch).

I hope that you’re finding that Fitness Yoga (& Fitness Pilates & general toning) has lots of benefits including boosting your confidence, improving your focus and concentration, helping to reduce stress levels and improving your general fitness and physical ability. Hopefully you agree – let me know your thoughts, thanks.
Yoga stretch and reach

The Centre for Brain Health in the USA found that exercise helps in preventing dementia. Investigators found that exercisers who spent 50 mins exercising and working at a steady 50-75% of their max heart rate, 3 times a week, had increased flood flow in the area of the brain that’s particularly vulnerable to ageing and dementia.
It’s a good thing that we can continue to exercise in our classes and hopefully ward off dementia at the same time.

Red lentils are rich in iron, used to produce red blood cells which carry oxygen in the blood.
I love making soups with red lentils and my ‘signature’ soup is probably red lentil, veg and coconut soup.
It’s sooo comforting, warming and filling. I start off soaking a cup of red lentils then drain and keep rinsing till the water runs clear. I put some organic coconut oil in a pan, fry an onion or 2, some garlic, add a couple of sliced carrots, a leek, add in some veg stock and cook. When the soup is ready, I add in a tin of (again organic) coconut milk and sometimes add in fresh coriander but always add in fresh spinach in at the end too.
I also add salt & pepper to taste then blitz up the soup and enjoy. What’s your fave soup?

13 Nov is World Kindness Day. You can pledge an act of kindness and pledges can be small or big acts of kindness. How will you celebrate World Kindness Day?

Something to think about:
Now that it’s darker earlier in the evening now, please continue to exercise, becoming stronger and more flexible and schedule in your Tuesday and/or Thursday Fitness Pilates or Fitness Yoga classes. I know that it can be a thought to make the effort, get changed, come along and work out in our classes in the dark and cold nights but you know you’ll feel better for it and it’s only 1 hour out of 24 in a day. Commit to get fit and stay fit.

I say this every year but… I just can’t believe how fast the time goes. You’ll be aware that it’s only 6 weeks this Sunday till ‘the big C day’. The shops have been preparing for Christmas since about September which is far, far too early in my opinion. Even when we were having all that lovely weather last month, I certainly wasn’t thinking about buying Xmas cards, paper or presents etc. But time IS marching on and we’ll have to think about our pre-Christmas Festive Fitness Lunch soon. In the summer, we went to Las Iguanas in George St which was really good, everyone seemed to enjoy it. I’m thinking that we could either go back there, or back to Café Andaluz (also George St) or Zizzi in Queensferry St. These places are central and easy to get to. I’m thinking Monday 12 Dec would be good as it might be quiet than say a Thursday or Friday. I’ll start a list soon, get menus etc so have a think and let me know if you’d like to join us. Regular people to our classes are welcome to join us (otherwise it’s too difficult to make arrangements and get £ upfront, especially as restaurants usually want exact numbers and the food bill in advance! It means that ‘regulars’ can get to know each other a bit better and chat and meet socially in relaxed surroundings.

‘Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it’ – #foodmatters

If you’re on Facebook, please go on to my Complementary Fitness page and go to the Review Tab and add a review about our classes, thanks.

Work out with me by clicking on short videos on my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel at
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

See you soon for more fitness and fun.

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