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Complementary Fitness News 6 Nov

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Hi, please join our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh this week to get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All class details and times are on the Classes page of my website.


Did you know that –
A survey of GPs found that dehydration is the key cause of low energy in 12% of cases so make sure you still drink enough water and tea during the day and before, during and after your workout.

I’ve mentioned the benefits of matcha green tea before but did you know that when you ‘go green’, the catechin compounds in this tea powder have antibiotic properties, help strengthen the immune system and are linked to cancer prevention too.

The fatty acids found in coconut oil can delay cognitive decline by giving brain cells extra fuel to repair themselves according to the Uni of Copenhagen

The weather’s been so amazing recently and yesterday, we went a walk from Bonaly up onto the Pentland Hills.
I had Layla, our wee 4 month granddaughter in the papoose in front of me and it was just a fantastic walk.
We also saw some of the runners nearing the end of their 10k race so well done to you all, especially Heather and Beth from our classes. Did you know that walking in nature has been associated with decreased symptoms of depression and lower rates of perceived stress? Being outdoors – the hills, trees, sound of the water, the reservoirs was just the ‘best ever’ and certainly does reduce stress levels.

According to a report in the journal Acta Psychologica, doing 20 mins of resistance training a day can improve your memory by 20%.

Including this week, there are 6 weeks of Complementary Fitness classes to work out in so join us to improve your fitness levels, strength and flexibility. By the way, we finish up on Fri 15 Dec and re-start Tue 9 Jan.

We had some really great comments about our classes again last week so keep up the great work and continue to join us. Thanks very much for your continued support.

Rules for a healthy living: less anger, more laughter.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.

Never give up, everyone has bad days so pick yourself up and keep going.

I hope that you’ll join us again this week and I look forward to seeing you for more fitness, challenges and fun.

Contact me by email: (type: ‘Pilates/Yoga or Fitness’ in the heading thanks).