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Woo hoo, officially the school holidays!  Yay for a lot of you who don’t have to continue to home school any more.  I’m sure it’s been hard for some of you with young kids at home, teaching them and trying to get your own work done at the same time.

You’ll have heard/read that as from today, we can go on holiday and visit some European countries inc France, Italy and Greece and don’t have to quarantine for 14 days on your return. Have you booked up?  Are you on the way to the airport now?  If so, enjoy.

If you’re not quite booking up yet and want to wait it out a bit more, you can still travel from the comfort of your own chair, in your own home with no social distancing restrictions or having to put a face mask on and here’s how…

Visit where you can view Paris from different iconic landmarks inc the Eiffel Tower, you can zoom in on Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises painting, explore museums around the world or historical tours etc. 

Here’s a question for you…are you up for a July daily challenge?  (yes is the right answer)

I know you want to join me (oh yes you do) in a daily core strengthening challenge for 4 weeks? 

We’re starting today Mon 6 July and continue every day until Sun 2 Aug.

First on the plan: sit ups then we’ll play around with different combinations of core strengthening exercises over the course of the challenge. 

Let me know if are going to join me/us and I’ll send you links to more new videos that I’m going to be uploading and I might make the youtube video links private/unlisted and send you a link if you contact me if “you’re IN”.  We can do this.  There are options as always.

Here’s Core Challenge No 1 for July 2020. (it’s on my Youtube channel and could be viewed from 1 July)

By the way, how did you get on in last week’s 5 minute core strengthening workout?  It was to get you prepared for more strength work to follow.

Core Challenge 1

Quotes by me:

“I know you have the strength & flexibility to do this”

“Community: we’re all in this together”

I thought up those 2 quotes above and they’re also apt for our (as in together) strength challenge.

Other Quotes

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way”

“Don’t wait.  The time will never be just right”

 Both by Napolean Hill

Remember to please keep me updated as I love hearing your news and stay fit, flexible, strong, well, relaxed and positive.

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