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Newsletter – 5 DECEMBER 2016

Join our Colinton & Craiglockhart, Edinburgh all-level Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Fitness Salsa classes for men & women who want to improve fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.

A list of our current COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS classes, venues & times is on the Classes Where/When page so come and join us this week and next.


Did you know that…
Now that we’re into December (omg, where did this year go?) I hope that you’ll still come and join our classes this week and next. As I mentioned last week, we finish up on Fri 16 Dec and start back on Tue 10 Jan so please put the dates in your diary/phone and schedule in your classes and workouts now.
I know that it can be a thought to come to classes when it’s cold, frosty, dark etc but please commit to exercising with us and join us if you can.
People do say ‘I nearly didn’t come this morning/tonight because of …..
but I’m really glad that I did and I feel much better now’.

Our ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ classes in Craiglockhart and Dreghorn Loan Hall are on Tue 6 + 13th and Thurs 8 + 15 Dec. Please bring your tea lights and holders with you on those evenings (and a lighter if you have one too – to save time).

Pilates + yoga by candlelight
Pilates + yoga by candlelight

We’re also having ‘Yoga by Candlelight’ sessions in our 6.35pm Fitness Yoga classes on 8 + 15 Dec too – as above, bring your candles, a sweatshirt or even a big scarf/shawl to cozy and warm.

Our Fitness lunch at Las Iguanas, 141 George Street is next Monday 12 Dec at 1pm. Our deposits are paid and I’m looking forward to it. There is a Christmas menu of 2 courses £14.95 and 3 courses £19.50 if you choose to order from that menu at
scroll down and have a look.

OR you could order from the ordinary lunch menu and the link is at

They also have a veggie/vegan menu too – yeeesss!

This Latin American restaurant was great in the summer when we had our fitness lunch there and I’m looking forward to going soon. Let’s ‘work it off in advance’ this week and afterwards in the classes next week too.

You can sign up for the 5km Great Edinburgh Winter Run which is on 7 January.
The entry fee is £21 and you can register at
It’s a great opportunity to blow away the winter cobwebs and you start from Holyrood Park, run round Queens Drive, Arthur’s Seat, Dunsappie Loch and return back to Holyrood Park.

In a recently published research paper, findings state that “yoga has many more potential health benefits over and above those associated with light-intensity aerobic exercise, including positive effects on muscle strength, balance, posture and stress reduction” fp

Something to think about:
If you’re looking for some veggie recipes to get you through the festive period, have a look
I also love Pinterest for recipe ideas – register, it’s such a great site.

Did you know that the muscular sling of the pelvic floor muscles can become damaged during pregnancy and childbirth, as a result of repeated coughing, through heavy lifting, inactivity, obesity, poor posture and poor trunk stability so take control and strengthening your pelvic floor with this exercise which is for men as well as women:
Without clenching your buttocks or abdominal muscles, tighten the muscles from ‘the back to the front’ ie from the sacrum (the lower end of the spine) to the pubic bone then release from the pubic bone to the sacrum.
Practice these tightening exercises a few times a day/when you remember to avoid urinary incontinence when running, jumping, coughing etc!

If you’re on Facebook, please go on to my Complementary Fitness page and go to the Review Tab and add a review about our classes, thanks.

Work out with me by clicking on short videos on my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel at
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

I look forward to seeing you this week for some pre-festive fitness, strength, flexibility & fun