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Hi, I look forward to welcoming you and working out with you in our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All class details and times are on the Classes page of my website.

GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulations that came into effect on 25 May:
Thanks very much for everyone who’ve updated their preferences on the online form and given their consent to still receiving my Fitness Newsletter emails.
I’d imagine that if you haven’t updated on the form though that you still received this Fitness Newsletter email as normal and that nothing much has changed.

In preparing for the changes, I did ask people to put their name, email address and tick boxes on a form in a class last week and some of you have done this and some have just replied by email to me giving consent and I’ve kept the form and the emails.

So to actually put into effect the ticked consent form, as I’m not technically-minded, don’t have a degree in IT, I found reading about implementing this new GDPR thing was time-consuming and a learning curve for me and one which I could’ve done without but … it has to be done.

On the positive side, like you, I’ve been getting emails from people and companies that I’ve never heard from in years and some I’ve even thought ‘who are you again’? so I’ve ‘updated my preference’ in a lot of them asking to be unsubscribed from their email list – phew, less stuff in my in or junk boxes – hopefully!

Anyway, I did spent a few hours reading how I should incorporate a form to send out to you asking for your permission to continue to send Fitness Newsletters to you each week. As you’ll know, the first link that I sent to the form, even when I filled it in myself, came back with a red font ‘error’ message saying I was already subscribed which was frustrating and it will have been the same for you too (to say the least!).
However, when I got the error message, I scrolled down to Update Your Preferences and followed the process from there and it worked.
It also worked for some of you too which is great (I can see who it has worked for on my subscriber list) so thanks very much to those who’ve updated their preferences and profile, yessss!

Now that 25 May has been and gone, I still do need to get some sort of consent from you to continue get emails from me.
So, if you could still click on the updated instructions on the link to the form, that would be great (you may need to copy and paste it in to your browser) but here it is:

I wanted to update you on our classes leading up to the end of June – we’ll now finish up on Thursday 28 June (no class on Fri 29th as it’s my birthday and we’re planning on going away for the day so if you normally come to Fri 9.30am Fitness Yoga, can you come to our Thursday 7pm Fitness Yoga/Pilates class on 28 June instead?).

We’re then on holiday for a week and our Summer classes start back on Tue 10 July – put the date in your diary/phone.

However, when we do start back the week of 10 July, all classes that week, will be in Craiglockhart Church Large Hall so that’s Tue, 10, Wed 11, Thurs 12 & Fri 13 July. This is because there will be maintenance work going on in the Loan Hall the week commencing 9 July.
When I found that out, I requested to use Craiglockhart church hall instead and this has been granted – I’ll remind you nearer the time though.
So including this week, we’ve got 5 weeks of classes (exc Fri 29/6) to enjoy, get fit and get ready for our summer holidays.

I love these motivational quotes and hope that you do too:
You will never have this day again so make it count.
Inhale courage, exhale fear.
Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit (Banksy) – great every day advice and while in classes.

Let me know how you’re getting on with your fitness and our workouts – thanks.

I look forward to seeing you and working out with you this week so that we can continue to improve on our fitness levels, strength, posture balance and flexibility together.

Contact me by email: