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Complementary Fitness News 27 Nov

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Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh
Get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All class details and times below and on the Classes page of my website.

A list of our current COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES is on the Classes page of my website for you.


Did you know that –
I really appreciate getting some great clases feedback about our classes and thought I’d share this one about our Thursday Fitness Pilates/Yoga class with you:
“Gosh I so enjoyed that class tonight Susan. Loved the crunchies for my stomach and the wind down at the end was perfect. Just did not feel strong enough to do the back balance but it will come….,!
So glad to be back in your classes again” (thanks Gill)

From the emails and messages that I got back from you about whether we should go to The Swing or Swanston Golf Club Brasserie, the majority voted to go to The Swing so we’ll head down there after our class on Fri 15 Dec for coffee and cake and celebrate the end of another successful Complementary Fitness year.
It’s always difficult to find a parking space down near Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road so if you drive to the class, it may be best to leave the car in Dreghorn Loan or Westgarth Avenue and walk from there.

As I mentioned last week, CVE’s ‘Christmas On The Corner’ is on in Colinton from 6.30 – 8.30pm on Thurs 14 Dec and the last few years, our class has been really quiet (sometimes 3) when this event is on.
Way back when I booked all our class dates for the whole year, I’d decided that it probably wouldn’t be worth having a class on 14 Dec if a lot of you would be going to that instead.
However, I’m just wondering how many would actually come to our 7pm class if there was one on 14 December – can you let me know please if you’d definitely be able to come and if you would, I’ll try and see if the Large Hall is still available.

Reminder re our ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ classes on Tue 5, Thurs 7 and Tue 12 December – on those evenings, bring a tea light/candle, your mat, water and a cozy sweatshirt or jacket and at the end of the class, we’ll put the lights off, light our candles and stretch to some lovely relaxing music.

If we get enough definite numbers for a class on Thurs 14 Dec, we could have a Pilates/Yoga by candlelight class that night too.
Apart from all of the above, our classes finish up on Friday 15 December and start back on 9 January.

I meant to do a wee fitness salsa video for last week’s fitness newsletter for ‘homework’ and finally got round to it. We’re doing 5 mins or so fitness salsa in our Wednesday 9.30am classes so come and join us and wiggle those hips with us. Check out

Eating a large meal before bed can be really disruptive to the digestive system and to quality of sleep, especially if dinner includes processed foods, refined grains, or sugar. To keep your blood balanced and your sleep deep, I’ve read that it’s recommended to finish dinner at least 2 hours before bed (but ideally 3 to 4 hours) and to include some healthy fats to balance blood sugar and to keep you feeling satiated. Because your body does a lot of repair and maintenance while you sleep, it’s recommended to have 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

Did you get any bargains in the Black Friday event? It used to be just one day or a weekend that included Cyber Monday too but now it seems to have extended to well over a week now. I think that it started in America after Thanksgiving and made it’s way here to boost sales and it’s great if you get the thing/things that you really want, save some money and get to start your Christmas shopping early.
I just can’t believe the end of this week starts the beginning of December already though – the months just seem to rush by. A lot has happened this year – good and bad and nothing else for it except to keep going, stay strong, keep active, keep exercising, continue to join us for the rest of this year and into next year too when it comes.

Thought you might like this…. Warning – side effects of exercise:
Increase in energy, a good mood, weight loss, reduced stress, boost in immune system, boost in productivity, improved quality of life. I hope that you agree and if so, what else would you add?

And a ‘funny’ for those hard of hearing (eh?): ‘Exercise! I thought you said ‘extra fries’!!!

‘80% of success is showing up’

I hope that you’ll join us again this week and I look forward to seeing you for more fitness, challenges and fun.

Contact me by email: (type: ‘Pilates/Yoga or Fitness’ in the heading thanks).