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Newsletter – 24 OCTOBER 2016

Join our Craiglockhart + Colinton, Edinburgh All-Level Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s get results, look and feel amazing.
Effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
All classes £5 payg & details and times are on the CLASSES Where/When tab – have a look and join us this week in our


Did you know that…
Some key elements to think about and put into practice to improve health are: adequate hydration (our bodies are 70% water and we need to drink enough to stay hydrated, drinking enough water, herbal teas, green tea etc).
Next is nutrition (cut out processed foods and eat home cooked food incl lots of colourful veg, soups, stews etc). Exercise – as we talked about last time, brisk walking, getting outdoors in the fresh air as well as exercising in our classes.
Look at your stress levels too and how you can reduce stress (fresh air, meditation, read a book, breathing properly, yoga, meditation etc),
sleep is so important to a healthy lifestyle, helps us relax, rest and feel refreshed.
Environmental hazards (may include the products that you use in household products and anything you put on your skin that may contain chemicals etc).
Meditation is a great way to help de-stress and get some balance in our busy lives too. As I’ve mentioned before, you can sign up for 10 days free of 10 min meditation at and there are other meditation apps and websites out there too).
Lastly positivity – the thoughts we think can either be positive or negative and can be changed.
If you catch yourself having negative thoughts about yourself, someone else or a situation, stop and change it into a positive thought. Think about all the great things you’ve done and achieved.

Talking about sleep (above), I thought I’d mention 5 foods that promote a better night’s sleep and they are:
Almonds which contain magnesium which is great for relaxing and soothing muscles.
Decaffeinated Green Tea (it has to be decaffeinated as green tea naturally contains caffeine which as you know, is a stimulant) contains a substance called L-Theanine which relaxes and soothes the body.
Bananas contain tryptophan which is a precursor for melatonin and serotonin and these help regulate sleep pathways. Bananas also contain magnesium and potassium which help relax and soothe muscles.
Tart Cherry Juice also contains melatonin which is a powerful hormone to help sleep.
Raw oats are a great source of fibre and helps to stabilise blood sugar. Calcium, magnesium & phosphorus are also contained in raw oats and those minerals help to relax and soothe muscles.
All of these ingredients would make a great smoothie in the evening/before bed. I know that ground cinnamon also helps to stabilise blood sugar and I’d probably make a smoothie using almond milk, banana, some ground cinnamon,
2T organic porridge oats, maybe some defrosted cherries/tart cherries or juice (from Real Foods) and pumpkin seeds (which are nutrient rich containing minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and tryptophan too). Cheers.

During the week, I came across a sheet that I’d previously printed off (forgotten about it!) and it had 3 Quick Weight Loss Drinks recipes on it. I decided to make one and had it mid-afternoon on Thurs before Fitness Yoga + Pilates to keep my energy levels up. I have a Nutri Bullet (but you don’t need one, any blender/processor will do). The recipe ingredients made enough for 1 and it’s crammed with healthy fats, raw cacao which is high in fibre and essential fatty acids which make you feel full. Did you know that raw cacao is rich in chromium which is an important trace element that’s directly linked to weight loss. This smoothie has lots of readily digestible protein which, when combined with regular exercise, can help build lean muscle mass, increase metabolic rate and subsequently burn fat. If you’d like to make it, here are the ingredients:
2T shelled hemp seeds, 2T raw cacao powder, 1-2T lucuma powder (I didn’t have any so added baobab powder but neither are necessary), 1 scoop of protein powder (I used hemp but there are lots of protein powders on the market),
1 banana, ½ an avocado and a cup of spring water (or almond/other non dairy milk). Blend and enjoy.
If you find that it’s too thick (mine was somewhere in between a smoothie and a mousse), add more liquid to thin down.

Something to think about:
On Sunday morning (30 Oct), Summer Time ends and the clocks go back an hour.

Some wisdom: ‘Relax, nothing is under control’.

Quote: “What most people don’t realise is that food is not just calories: it’s information. It actually contains messages that communicate to every cell in the body” – Dr Mark Hyman/FMTV

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I look forward to seeing you this week for continued fitness, flexibility and fun