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Complementary Fitness News 24 May

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Welcome to this week’s news:

This is a new week of outdoor classes, fun, fitness & (hopefully) sunshine, yay.

You can tell – I’m really looking forward to seeing you & working out with you this week.

We were soooo lucky having lovely weather at the beginning of last week.

It was so warm & sunny on Tuesday & I was very hopeful of a warm sunny class on Tuesday evening.  On the way, just around 6.05pm, there were a few rain spots in the air and I thought ‘oh noooo after it was so nice all day’ but it only lasted a couple of minutes and from the start to the finish, & behind, Tuesday’s class was so sunny & warm outdoors.

It just makes all the difference to enjoy lovely weather and not have to put up with all that rain and possibly make alternative arrangements re outdoor 6.15pm classes.

During last Wednesday’s 10am class, I asked everyone how hard they thought they were working out of 10.  Many didn’t say but I just knew that they were all working to the best of their ability (& always do).  I reminded everyone that I like to make each class ‘unique’ and ‘different’.  I never like to do the same class twice.  I like to add in variety, interest & ‘flavour’ to each one and asked what words they’d use to describe the class.  Some said “inspirational”, “special” or “good fun”.  Wow thank you soooo much for the lovely comments, I really appreciate it.  I loved it too.

Apologies for having to cancel last Thursday’s 6.15pm outdoor class but felt I had to because of the rain.  It just wouldn’t have been pleasant or enjoyable at all.  Not like Tuesday!  We’d have got soaked and it wouldn’t have been safe.  Thanks to all those who joined and did our recorded class instead though.  At least you’d be dry & still ticked off your fitness/yoga/Pilates goals for the day, well done.

I’m glad we were covered by the tarp on Friday for our Padel court class and didn’t get wet during the class.

Shame but nothing much we can do when the weather changes & is so unpredictable.

I really hope this week will be much better.

My order’s in for more of Tuesday’s weather please.

Exercise, physical health & mental health:

Exercise has many benefits, not only for our physical health but also our mental health.   What happens in the brain when we exercise?  exercise stimulates chemicals that improve mood and the parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Physical activity and exercise has many benefits including:

  • help you to feel better, even if you’re feeling ok
  • reduce the risk of illnesses ie heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia etc.
  • help to reduce the risk of obesity and can help anyone wishing to lose weight.
  • we know that exercise releases chemicals eg endorphins and serotonin that improves our mood so also good for our physical & mental health and can be good for our self confidence & self esteem.
  • when we exercise together ie in a class, it helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation and can connect us with others.
  • when we exercise regularly, we can experience a reduction in stress or of mental health conditions ie depression and anxiety.
  • also, when we exercise regularly, it can help improve our sleep which as we know, when we get regular, good quality, beneficial sleep, this has many health benefits which helps us in so many ways incl helping us to cope with any stress or ups and downs.
  • Exercise can help us think more clearly as blood is being pumped round the body and to the brain. More clarity & focus is good.

Did you know that/have you heard?….

“The willingness to show up changes us.  It makes us a little braver each time” – Brene Brown

At the weekend there, we booked and went for dinner, bed & breakfast to Soarsa1875, a vegan hotel in Pitlochry.  & follow on Instagram @saorsa1875

We enjoyed a delicious 5 course vegan taster menu on Sat evening which was a-ma-zing.

I took lots of photos (which I know isn’t the done-thing to do just when you’re about to eat but it was for inspiration or a sort-of reminder/record of what Norman’s to aim for and perfect in the kitchen, ha, no pressure).

We also enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast & late check out on Sunday.

It’s so nice to book, look forward to & actually go somewhere.

We enjoyed lovely walks around Pitlochry and surrounding countryside too.

Even though flights & bookings are maybe going to happen for later in the year, I still don’t think we’ll book up for Club La Santa (we love, love, love it there and can’t wait to go back again).  We’re missing it soooo much and all the classes there, sports, morning runs, water sports eg paddle boarding, walks into La Santa itself, food, restaurants, sun etc.  We can dream of going there next year tho.

Not quite it’s the same but instead, we’re going for a long weekend to Northumberland in the summer and to the lodge near Kenmore we book and go to as a family in late summer.

What are your plans for getting away this year?  Are you booking up for somewhere in the UK?

A lot of people are staying at home but getting lots of work done in their homes, gardens etc.  I totally understand as we’re also thinking and planning of decorating, going for a home refresh & updates when we can but it’s so hard to get painter decorators atm – they’re booked months in advance and turning away work!

If you have any recommendations, please pass details my way, thanks

I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter.  Let me know your thoughts.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, strength, flexibility and fun in our outdoor classes at the Padel Court & Paties Rd Recreation Grounds.

As you know, when/if the weather’s not great for outdoor/outdoor Paties Rd Rec Grounds classes, then instead, we can either do a live Zoom 6.15pm class or a recorded one on a Tue/Thurs.  Let’s hope for more dry, sunny, warm outdoor classes though this week & going forward into the summer.

A list of our current outdoor classes is on the Classes page of my website, have a look and join us this week and we look forward to welcoming you & working out with you.

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