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This week’s news: WE’RE BACK AGAIN and OUTDOORS again

at Paties Road Recreation Grounds with plenty of open air space to accommodate us.

I loved our classes last week and loved seeing you again after all those months of strictness and lockdown.  It was good to be back, even if outdoors and thanks to everyone who joined us.

Well, the weather forecast for last week was to be good/dry and during our very first class on Tuesday evening, half way through, it rained a wee bit, not much, light rain and only for 10 mins or so but I hadn’t known that was forecast.  Oh well, it was only light, nothing to worry about.  It dried up again and we were all fine.  We survived, we did it, yay.  

We can do it again if we encounter a light shower as long as we’re prepared and bring a light rain jacket.  Of course, everything is crossed (even as I type this and send it to you) for sunshine and dry conditions.

Wednesday morning was dry and after we started, the sun came out and it got warmer and WE certainly got warmer.  I should’ve taken my own advice and brought my sunglasses 😎  While we were there, the grass was being cut too – I love the smell of freshly cut grass so that was great when I’d say ‘inhale deeply’….ah.. as long as you don’t have hay fever 😒

Thursday evening’s class was great and the weather was perfect, lovely & dry – I wish it was always like that.  Nice to exercise outside, just brilliant, I loved it.

Friday: well what can I say?  First thing, the sun was out, it was dry so I thought, ‘yep let’s go ahead and do this’.

When I arrived at the Rec Grounds, the rain was just lightly in the air, nothing really at 9.20 ish..  A few of you came to join us (lovey to see you, thank you) and after we started, probably about 9.50am, it started to rain and got heavier and heavier.  We moved under the trees for a bit of shelter and we kept going. 

No stopping for us. 

We’re true Yoga Warriors. 

Nothing phases us.  Not even a bit (or more than a bit) of rain.

Under the trees, it felt like we were in a ‘secret garden or forest’ doing yoga in nature.

What more could you want? 

I actually loved it.

We were all pre-prepared, had our jackets on, some of had caps or hats on or hoods up.

We did it.  We can do anything.

It was also nice to be under the canopy of the trees.

Standing and stretching against the trees felt like we were being supported by the earth.  Being grounded.

It was great to use the trees to help us balance, push against for resistance and wrap our arms round for other stretches.

Also it was lovely to focus on our feet on the ground while stretching up to the sky, through the branches and rainy leaves.  We felt balanced by earth and sky.

I’m making it sound almost idyllic am I not?

It’s just in preparation ‘in case’ it (aka, probably) rains again while we’re out exercising.

We can do this team.  It was/is only a bit of rain.  We can dry off.  We’ll be fine.

A bit of rain, fitness and fun.  It’s all good.  However, more sunshine ☀ would be nice.

If you couldn’t come to last week’s classes and are not sure where we’ll be, have a look at last week’s fitness newsletter (17 Aug) where you’ll find detailed directions.

Our outdoor classes are set to continue until we get the all-clear and we all feel safe enough to exercise together indoors.

Moving our body increases dopamine and serotonin levels which makes us feel good so let’s continue to exercise and be active especially now that ‘we’re back on track’. 

Talking of those hormones that help us feel good, feel happy, did you know that connecting with each other stimulates the release of oxytocin which also helps to boost our immunity.

So for us, win : win exercising and working out together, woo hoo 👍😀

I know that last week, I said that I’d looked into getting one of those card payment machines and I thought, at the time, that I wouldn’t be able to use one unless connected to the internet.

How wrong was I?  Turns out, very.

My ‘sometimes technical advisor’ Bryce (Tue/Thurs class) pointed me in the right direction, emailed me info with links to buying the right thing so a big THANK YOU to him as always for keeping me right when it comes to technical stuff 👍

It’s great having someone helping me out and advising.

The card reader can take payments through chip & pin or contactless from Visa (so debit or credit card), Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

So, as you’ll know by now, I ordered the machine and it arrived in a couple of days.  I tried it out on Norman first (got him to pay £5 contactless) and it was so easy as you’d imagine.  I even sent him a receipt for the payment using his email address & he also got a text through his mobile phone number.  How cool is that?

I then emailed everyone on Thursday afternoon to say that I’d received the card reader machine in readiness if anyone wanted to pay for classes using contactless or chip & pin if bringing a card (or phone).

I also said that if you prefer, you can still pay for classes with cash and I’m happy to accept that if you want to pay that way, no problem at all.

A few of you have my bank details already (from last week) to pay in money and if you already have my details, you can still do that if you’d like to.

Whatever is easiest for you.

I heard from Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) convenor on Thursday and they’re obviously preparing for reopening of the Hall at some point. 

She asked various questions ie did I want to resume and book my usual classes and what date would I intend to start again etc. 

I replied back saying YES, I want to book my usual days and times and would start asap.

As hall users, in DLH, we’re being asked if we can clean and sanitize the hall before & after to a satisfactory level and I’ve said that I would do that. 

I’ve emailed the hall convenor from Craiglockhart Church with a view to booking our Tuesday class but they’re not sure when we might get back in.

When I hear back re any dates, I’ll book and keep you updated.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to exercise outdoors until we can get into our halls again.

I’m keeping my fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else crossed for good, dry weather for all/most of our classes – feel free to do the same.

As you’ll have heard gyms in Scotland can re-open from 31 August so that’s progress too.

I know that a lot of people said to me before that they find their neck muscles get sore when they perform sit ups and I thought I’d send you an unlisted video link to the sit up using assistance which is: using a long thin, flat resistance band. 

So if you know that sit ups, even with your hands clasped behind your neck to support, affects your neck, have a look at the video. 

As I say, the video is unlisted (not public) so please don’t share or forward it, thank you.

You can search online for a resistance band but I’m sure that Decathlon or JD Sports have them.  Amazon definitely has them.

Here’s the video link

Let me know how you get on.

If I’m in a health food shop, I often pick up a free copy of Your Healthy Living (YHL) for the interesting articles and recipes, ideas & info. 

You can also view the mag online at

One of the articles in this month’s edition of YHL is entitled ‘Outdoor exercise is on the increase’.  What a coincidence that we’ve started our outdoor classes yesss.

The findings in the article said that 42% of adults in Britain are exercising more than they did prior to lockdown and social distancing and that they plan to continue. 

The survey of more than 7,600 UK adults reported that 1 in 3 found that working out has helped improve their mental health.

We all know that exercise is a great way to alleviate stress, clear our minds and help us feel physically and mentally strong and finding the time to exercise is great for our health in lots of ways.

I was going to give you details of this week’s weather forecast for classes however, it can change so easily. 

Mainly, I think it’s to be nice but a chance of rain maybe on Friday so let’s just see how it goes re weather.

If we need to cancel ANY classes coz of heavy rain, I’ll email you through my general class list to let you know.

If you got my email last Thursday telling you that I’ve got my card machine, you’re ON the ‘general email list’.

Just to let you know that the ‘weekly Fitness Newsletter email list’ may be different from the general email list.

If you didn’t get the email (re card machine) last Thursday, then you can email me and I can add you to the general email class list where I sent out occasional emails re any updates or info.

Phew, hope that made sense.

Take care and see you soon.

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