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Complementary Fitness News 24 April

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Hi and welcome to this week’s Fitness Newsletter
Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & kettlebell/weights classes in Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

All classes details and times are on the Classes page of my website to get in touch and join us to improve your core, strength, fitness, posture, tone and flexibility. Classes for men & women (not pregnancy)


Did you know that…
I know that last week I said that our Fitness Pilates class on 4 June will be in the Dell Room because of voting but it was a typo!!! oops, I meant 4 May instead which is a week on Thursday, not long mow.
I’ll remind you in class and in next week’s Newsletter too.
However, I must have had a ‘psychic moment’ at the time as there’s now a snap election in June and it’s on Thurs 8 June – more on change of venue to the Dell Room again nearer the time.

In all our classes and workouts, we do some dynamic sequences while warming up our bodies, moving in different directions, squatting, lunging, reaching, bending and twisting.
Warming up like this a great way to mentally prepare ourselves for what’s to come in our workouts and we also increase our body’s temperature and blood flow to our working muscles.
Our stretching sequences lengthen muscles which helps us move more freely.
Remember to always take the exercise or stretch options which are most appropriate to you.

Push ups can help you strengthen our triceps (the muscles at the back of the upper arms), get sculpted shoulders and tone the upper chest too. They can also significantly tone our core abdominal and back muscles. Push Ups can be modified according to our fitness level ie starting and finishing in a full Plank position or on knees.

We can also change the position of our hands and arms too when performing push ups ie one arm slightly further forward than the other OR arms wider than shoulder distance OR even bringing our arms in by our sides and hands quite close together on the floor (oh this is more difficult!).
It’s an idea to breathe in when you bend your elbows and lower yourself towards the floor and pull your abs in while breathing out through your mouth as you push yourself up and back to the starting position again. Then repeat – as may times as you can.

It’s already the last week of April and I hope that we get some really great weather again soon.
We’re just returning from a long weekend in London and have a few weekend-aways planned in the UK which we’re looking forward to.
No foreign holidays/city breaks booked yet but you never know!
Including this week, there are 9 weeks of classes which takes us up till Fri 23 June.
I’ve got a ‘big birthday’ the following week then we’ll be awaiting the arrival of our baby granddaughter in early July – can’t wait!
We’ll have classes though the summer and probably start back Tue 18 July and go right through without a break till Dec.

Up till now, I’ve always taken one week off (occasionally 2) the first week (or 2) beginning of July then had a 6 week block of summer classes and then taken another one week off right at the end of August.
I thought though that the schools are back in August and we’d be stopping and starting again so thought the best plan of action would be as above and hope this is ok with you.

We had a couple of ‘new people’ in our classes last week and I’d like to take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for joining us and working out with us and welcome to Complementary Fitness classes.
In fact, thank you to you all for your continued support, for showing up, working on your fitness and flexibility and for the fun we have too. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Oh and our Thursday Fitness Yoga numbers have improved again so let’s spread ‘the word’ and encourage friends, colleagues etc to join us, thanks – the more, the merrier and more flexibility too!

Music is such a joy when you think about it.
It can help us get through our workouts!!!
It can help us to relax.
We can sing along and when we hear a really great song, we can have a dance around to it (usually in the kitchen for me – or in a class!! oops sorry).
Music has the ability to change our mood instantly and help relieve stress and tension and get those ‘happy hormones’ coursing through our bodies.
What music or song/s do you love to listen to that will change your mood or get you dancing like a mad person (ie like me)? Ha.

“When you stop ruminating about what has already happened, when you stop worrying about what might never happen, then you will be in the present moment, then you will begin to experience joy in life” – quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

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I look forward to seeing you, catching up and working out with you this week/soon.