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Well, last week was a wee bit stressful coz, as you’ll know, my laptop was/is off being fixed.  Luckily my son brought over his iMac Desktop for me to borrow in the meantime, however, I couldn’t download the software for my external webcam so I ended up using my iPhone for all recorded & live Zoom classes last week.

You know what? it worked out well … phew so its good to know that I’ve got that option if my laptop takes longer to fix or it happen again.
The only thing about Zoom classes on my phone was that on Tue, I recorded the class with my phone in landscape mode and when I sent the link, you had to turn your iPad/tablet on its side ie rotate to view properly but feedback from 1 or 2 of you said that was ok, no problem.

Then I thought, hmm put my phone in portrait mode for the other classes and of course, you end up getting a black area to the left & right of the screen (when recorded, not live) to ‘fill up the space’ but you could still see me and everyone could hear me well.

Most said that they didn’t notice any difference with me using my phone as opposed to my laptop & webcam so that was great.
I didn’t use music either and in our Thursday & Friday classes, we slowed things down, took our time, focussed more & held stretches for a bit longer.

Thank you soooo much for the amazing, fantastic comments about last week’s classes – I really appreciate it.

Have you had your vaccine yet?  If so, how did you feel after & the following day or 2?

If not, I think most of us should have it by the end of March.
Depending on where we live, we either have to go to the EICC or Ingleston.
Norman had his vaccine last Tuesday & that night & all day Wednesday, felt awful, flu-ey, tired & achy.  He was slightly better on Thursday but much better by the Friday, phew.
Some of you are saying, you only had a bit of a tender arm, no other symptoms and some say, a bit of a headache or similar flu-like symptoms for a couple of days.  Maybe it depends on the person or which vaccine you get? 
Anyway, I’ve been thinking for a while now that if people decide not to get the vaccine, they may find it difficult to get holidays insurance and the like. Who knows if restrictions like this will happen in the future, we’ll have to wait & see.
I’m going to have the vaccine anyway when I get my date to go & hope to get it on a Friday afternoon so I’ve got all weekend to recover if I have any symptoms – here’s hoping.

Last week I signed up to & started a 10 day (I think it’s 10 days) Gut-Brain Solution online course which is free with the option to own (buy) the whole course & get lots of extras inc interviews with the ‘top people in the know’ ie functional doctors, nutritionists, GPs etc (I might, we’ll see).
Because of the time difference, the course is emailed daily at around 1am so I listen … and take loads of notes … in the morning.
It’s very interesting as you’d imagine (well, if you’re interested in gut health, our microbiome, brain & overall health).

We have lots of bacteria in our gut and they perform different functions in the body and it’s good to increase the good guys/the good healthy bacteria in our body and not have too many of the wrong species which can trigger anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain etc.
We can increase the good bacteria in our gut through diet & supplements.
Think about a whole food diet rich in fibre, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, pre & probiotics.
Lots of dark green leafy greens and when it comes to veg, eat a variety, mostly organic, and a rainbow of colour so reds, greens, yellows, purple etc.
Eat fermented food eg kimchi, sauerkraut, eat nuts, seeds, more greens, get outside in nature, get some sunshine (when we can), relax, have a bath, use essential oils to help you relax (lavender is good), exercise, breath & take time for yourself, de-stress and get adequate quality sleep.
Everything that we’ve heard about, read about & it’s all good advice.  Its just remembering it and putting it all into practice and keeping on top of it.

That’s it for this week, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the newsletter so far and remember that if you’d like to join any/all of our classes, please email me in advance saying which class you’d like to attend then transfer the money for the class/classes to me (I can send you my bank details if you don’t have them).  I’ll then send you the recorded or live class joining link and passcode. 

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