Complementary Fitness News 20 April

Join us and take part of our classes to improve your fitness, strength, tone, posture, flexibility and stay motivated in our fun, effective classes – click on the Classes tab for details.
Easter holidays are over and I look forward to seeing you this week.

All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals

Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.


Did you know that…
The top 7 alkaline foods to bring your body back to a slightly alkaline range with a pH around 7.35 – 7.55 are: spinach, kale, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, celery and peppers.
The top 7 acidic foods are: cola, ice cream, sugar, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats/trans fats, MSG, yeast and artificial sweeteners.

The body functions best in an alkaline range. If it’s too high or low, it can indicate compromised health or imbalance. When the body is too acidic, function is impaired, our body can suffer from oxygen depletion, impairing recovery processes. Acidosis can cause conditions such as lowered immunity, premature aging, kidney stone formation, muscle loss, back pain, bursitis, inflammation, gout and other joint diseases. An over acidic environment is typically chronically inflamed and has been linked to diseases such as arthritis, IBS, cancer, Chron’s, Colitis, and heart disease.
You can find out more if you click on
There’s a Recipes tab with juice and smoothie, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as well as soups, salads, dressings and dips.

No new Complementary short videos this week but you can watch them all again on my Youtube channel.
We’ll put more videos on next week/soon but I took 2 or 3 photos of exercises that we do in our classes – thanks to 2 of our class participants: Claire and Karen, well done girls.

Quad stretch balance and reach

Outstretched and ready to rotate

Rotate upper body

Supported back bend

Supported back bend reach up or back

Something to think about:
Now that the Easter holidays are over, let’s get back to our classes, to improving our fitness, strength and flexibility. There are 10 weeks left until we break up on Fri 26 June so 10 weeks of classes to get us back on track, to toning up for summer, our holidays and looking and feeling not only good, but great.
Our 6 weeks of summer classes are from Tue 14 July – Fri 21 August – put the dates in your diary. classes:
New class – Mondays 6.30pm Metafit 30 minute Express Workout only £3 in Colinton Mains Community Centre.
Thursday 6.30pm HIIT (high intensity interval training – Insanity class) in Dreghorn Loan Hall, class £4.
Nicola demonstrates modifications/easier options in all her classes so they’re for everyone. Bring your mat and water, wear trainers and improve your fitness, strength and endurance.

Connecting with Susan
Complementary Fitness youtube video channel –
My short exercise videos to my youtube playlist and if you want to see them (and work out with me too), click on ‘Complementary Fitness classes Edinburgh’.
The latest videos will be the higher numbers. Let me know what you think of the (short) videos, thanks.

Email me at:

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