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Complementary Fitness News 18 Feb

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I hope that you’ll join us this week in our Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga + toning classes. Details are on the Classes page of my website.

This week’s news, fitness tips and updates:

Even thought it was the school holidays last week and some classes were a bit quieter (only to be expected and I hope that you enjoyed the break), it was still great to see you and also to welcome some ‘brand new people’ to our classes and some returning people too who haven’t been for a while – a big welcome to you all.  Thanks a million also to our regulars – it wouldn’t be the same without you.  I love working out with you (even though as you know, I’ve not been feeling 100% the last couple of weeks with some cold/flu/cough virus but ‘im the mend now, yesss’) and catching up with you too. 

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out” (Robert Collier)

The weather’s been quite mild over the last few days (yay feels like spring is on the way) and it’s a great time to get out for a walk when you can – clears out the cobwebs so to speak, helps us to relax, unwind and notice ‘stuff’ too.  Walking is perhaps one of the easiest forms of exercise there is and it’s so easy and accessible too.  All you need are comfy, supportive trainers, walking shoes etc.  The health benefits include improved blood flow and fat burning, improved heart health and increased longevity.

Poor flexibility and mobility can impair the quality of movement and raise your risk of injury.  Flexibility is component of fitness so it’s a great idea to stretch whenever you can.  Stretching can also go a long way toward preventing and treating pain which may result from poor posture, overweight or lots of sitting around.

Strength training becomes more important with age, not less.  Working our muscles will help shed excess fat, maintain healthy bone mass, prevent age-related muscle loss, improve perimenopausal symptoms in women and counteract postural deficits that occur with age.  Get some strength training in our Wednesday 9.30am fitness, resistance and strength training class when we also work out with resistance bands and hand weights/kettlebells.

Slowing your breathing through meditation and/or using breathing exercises has great psychological benefits and tones your parasympathetic nervous system, which brings about relaxation and calm.  As I keep saying, meditation has been around for years and is such ‘a big thing’ at the moment/around social media/there are apps and books and it’s just about setting aside some time in the day to do some relaxation or meditation, even if it’s just a couple of minutes.  Get a nice comfy place, turn off the tv, radio and all your devices, sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor, back supported, close your eyes and concentrate on your in and out breaths maybe even for 10 rounds of in/out.  You may like to think about breathing in a word like: peace, calm or relaxation and when exhaling, think about releasing: negativity, letting go and relaxing deeply and fully.  When you finish, open your eyes, take a moment and drink some water to feel more refreshed.  Enjoy.

Yoga works your connective tissue and increases your flexibility in functional movement patterns, while simultaneously acting as a form of moving meditation.  (some of the above adapted from a Dr Mercola article)

side stretching

I was reading an article on A Vogel website recently (which has lots of great articles and recipes too) about cryotherapy toning and eating the right kind of carbohydrates to help with weight loss and why eating the right kind of carbs is essential to our health ie provideing energy the brain and body need and helps to regulate blood sugar.

You can read it for yourself at:

You’ll have read/heard that carbs have been getting ‘a bad press’ recently but did you know that there are 2 types of carbohydrates and consuming too much of the wrong type is also an influential factor in weight gain.  In fact, consuming the right type of carbohydrates can have the opposite effect and can help with controlling weight.

The 2 main categories of carbs are:

  • Simple– these are a quick source of energy, as they are digested very quickly and are essentially just sugars.  It is this type of carbohydrate that we tend to consume too much of and can lead to weight gain.
  • Complex– these contain high levels of dietary starch and are also usually rich in fibre. They are digested slowly by the body, releasing energy over a long period of time.  As complex carbohydrates are usually found in plant sources, they are also high in vitamins and minerals.  Examples of complex carbs are: quinoa, legumes (beans, peas & lentils), root veg and whole grains.
chickpeas in tomato sauce, falafel, avocado, greens, sourdough toast

You can find lots of recipes using these ingredients at

Here’s a post workout magnesium boosting smoothie that you may like to try (from fmtv)

Blend all the ingredients together (use organic ingredients if possible) and they are:

1 small frozen banana, 1T cacao (or cocoa) powder, 1T pumpkin seeds, 1T tahini, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 1 cup almond milk, ½ cup baby spinach and a scoop of protein powder (optional).

banana cacao protein smoothie

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral found our food which helps us relax, repair muscles, balance electrolytes and reduce fatigue.  Almonds, spinach, pumpkin seeds and tahini are all loaded with magnesium.  After a workout, apart from magnesium, the body also craves quality carbohydrates and proteins and this comes from banana and almond in this recipe.  The recipe also includes cacao, which is a type of antioxidant that also acts as an anti-inflammatory and gives the recipe a chocolatey flavour – yum, enjoy.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too.

Take care


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