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Complementary Fitness News 15 May

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Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter with lots of info and I look forward to seeing you in our community Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh classes this week. Details and times below and on the Classes page of my website.


Did you know that…
Being active is really important for our general wellbeing, fitness and for sticking to a healthy weight.
I like to vary all the workouts that we do to keep them interesting and challenging. Each workout is different or unique, adding different variations and challenges

On Wed & Fri mornings, I like to have my pre-workout breakfast by 7am and usually have a smoothie or chia pudding. I like to leave time to digest my food and know that I couldn’t eat at say 8.30am and workout at 9.30am – I’d feel uncomfortable. Similarly re our evening classes on Tue Thursdays, I like to eat a large-ish lunch then at 3.30pm, maybe have a couple of oatcakes and peanut butter. When I get home, I usually have some porridge to refuel.
What do you normally eat before and after workouts? And what time do you eat pre-workout and why?

Water is vital for hydration but have you heard that drinking water can help you slim down? The Royal College of GPs research found that drinking 500ml of water 30 mins before you eat, can encourage weight loss – good to know.

I’ve really noticed a BIG difference in your fitness, strength and flexibility recently and wanted to say another big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your achievements – keep up the great work, stay focussed and continue to work out with us.

If you work in an office and want to up your fitness while there, you can take the stairs – even 2 at a time and you’ll notice a difference. If you can, it’s also a great idea to set your watch/timer and get up from your desk every ½ an hour, have a walk, drink some water, ease tension in your back and shoulders by doing some shoulder shrugs and rolls.

I used to buy seeded wholemeal and/or rye supermarket bread but for a while now, have been buying sourdough bread and really find a big difference ie less stomach ache. At the weekends, we often go to 12 Triangles bakery which is at 90 Brunswick Street, just off Leith Walk and I particularly love their charcoal bread (which they make/sell at weekends only) and their khorasan bread is great too. Their emphasis is on cold slow fermentation process and they say that “By working with slow fermentation it develops the flavour as well as providing many health benefits. The slower fermentation process unlocks nutrients and minerals from the flour enabling our bodies to digest them more easily as the process of breaking down the gluten has already started through the fermentation of the dough”.
Find out more at: They also have a bakery in Portobello too.
I’ll often have a slice of charcoal bread (plain or toasted) with organic smooth peanut butter and mashed banana or I love sliced avocado with a drizzle of EV cold pressed oil – yum.

We’re into the third week of May already and I’m sooo looking forward to the next few weeks of fitness, classes, running, catching up with you. Including this week, there are 6 weeks of fitness fun, strength & flexibility so let’s make the most of it.

You may/may not know that twice a year, we go out for our ‘fitness lunch’: in June and usually in December. Everyone who regularly comes to our classes is welcome to join us. We’ve been to various restaurants in the past X number of years and wondering where we can go for our summer fitness lunch and when. Are you up for joining us? As I’m thinking that our classes will finish up Fri 23 June, I’d really like to go for lunch one day that week ie from Monday 19 June. The last couple of times, we’ve gone to Las Iguanas in Geo St but am open to going there/somewhere different. We’ve also been to Café Andaluz in Geo St which is always great (and they do an organic red wine) but we’d need to book up soon.
Let me know your thoughts about our summer fitness lunch. What every day we decide on, it won’t suit everyone so will go with the majority numbers-wise.

As you know, our daughter Nicola is due to give birth 7-ish July so want to ‘be there’ to help out so that’s why I thought I’d take 3 weeks off and re-start our classes again from Tue 18 July right through.

Oh and … bring your resistance band, hand weights and your mat on Wednesday for our Core Resistance Workout.
Kettlebells – done, tick, good while it lasted.

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