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Complementary Fitness news 15 June

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Week 14, how did that happen?  How are you and how are you coping?

Like me and some others, are you having good days and not-so-good ones?

Is everything a bit samey?  

Or are you staying as positive as you can and getting ‘stuff’ done eg tidying, cleaning everything – again?

Weeks ago, when this all started, I was really positive, got my ‘house in order’, cleaned (and even deep cleaned) everything in sight, cupboards emptied, cleaned, restocked, steam cleaned carpets, under beds etc – you get the picture.  But … since then, ok I’ve done a few online courses, gone for a few walks and did some (but not wayyyyy enough), ate out of boredom, been feeling low and stressed, put on weight (not muscle btw) and fat which has made me even more fed up and not positive at all. 

Although lives were hectic, on the go, never any time to do anything else before lockdown, I miss structure and routine – do you?  We knew where we were back then.  We could plan to holidays, just decide to go out for lunch or coffee and places would be open, places would be buzzing.  We’d have been looking forward to booking shows for the Fringe in August. 

It’s just not been the same and I don’t know if/when it will be. 

Everyone says we’ll need to get used to ‘a new normal’ and that things will be phased back in.  Some have said nothing much will change until next year!

On top of all that, the weather’s not been that great lately.  Look at Saturday there, it was awful, soooo misty, damp and even dreich.  When the weather’s better: dry, sunny and even hot as it was a couple of weeks ago, it makes all the difference, makes us feel so much better and more relaxed. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom.  We WILL have better days, we WILL feel great and positive again.  We WILL enjoy long sunny days, our gardens, holidays, planning, seeing family and friends, travelling and going on holiday again.  We’re all in the same boat and will get through it together.  Just as day follows night, we’ll turn a corner soon, get back to exercise and classes again, meet up and get back ‘to normal’ again. 

It’s been more than a blip, one that we’ve never experienced before, isn’t over yet but … it will be.  Keep your chin up, stay as positive as you can.

aliums in the garden

I wonder what lessons we’ll have learned from these weeks/months of isolation.

Is there anything you’ve NOT missed? 

What have you learned or gained so far?

Have you read more?  Learned and used technology more?  Been enjoying more home cooked meals more?  Let me know how you are and about all of the above, thanks.

Did you know that science is saying that yoga makes a huge impact on health and overall and emotional wellness.  It can help lift mood and helps with depression which is all good to know especially at the moment. 

Let’s get back to more yoga stretch and strength moves to help us improve our wellbeing.

We were born to move and be physically active and I/we always feel so much better for doing some exercise whether it’s going for a walk, run, cycle, doing a few stretches or doing a longer 30, 45 or 60 min workout.  If it helps, schedule in and make a plan in the phone calendar or write it in your diary and do regular exercise.  You don’t have to get changed into fitness clothing to do it either.

When stressed, anxious, tired, we can make a lot of bad decisions (eating cheesecake, crisps, drinking wine, binge watching tv, going to bed late etc) so how can we put things in place to make better choices and decisions? 

Some suggestions:

Meditation and mindfulness can help us relax, get some perspective, think clearer and helps us sleep better too.

Sit comfortably in a chair, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, turn off all distractions (put your phone etc on silent), uncross your legs and arms, feet on the floor, back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands on your lap, close your eyes, focus on your breath and feel your ribs expand, belly relaxed and moving in/out.  Learn to be present with any anxiety and to help, you might like to focus on and breath in the word ‘peace’ when inhaling and the word ‘calm’ when breathing out (or find your own similar words).  Find some peace, relaxation and calm even for 5 mins.

Deciding to go to bed early and get good quality sleep for the recommended 7-8 hours. 

Drinking more water – I know, sounds hmm boring and you might be thinking yeah, yeah, but sometimes we eat, thinking we’re hungry when in fact, we’re dehydrated. 

If we don’t drink enough water, we can feel tired, anxious, irritable and can’t ‘think straight’.

Have some pamper days/evenings/weekends, even in lockdown: read a book or even a few chapters, have a relaxing bath, light a candle, make some meals in advance, portion them up and put in the freezer then take out and heat up on the days you don’t fancy cooking from scratch. 

You’ll save time and know that you’re still eating well.

Instead of doing another of my short exercise videos for you this week, I thought I’d put out a link to a 5 minute youtube meditation to help with any anxiety and stress and I know that it’ll help you feel much more relaxed.  When watching, (skip the ad btw) you might start off looking at the screen but if you can put headphones on and close your eyes, you’ll be much more relaxed.  5 minutes makes ALL the difference.  Copy & paste the link and enjoy.

Another funny:

I phoned B&Q to ask how big the queue was and she said ‘the same size as the B’ ha.

Please keep me updated in emails as I love hearing your news too.

In the meantime, stay fit, flexible, strong, well, relaxed and positive.

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