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Complementary Fitness News 15 January

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Join us this week in our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance/weights classes in Craiglockhart & Colinton, Edinburgh to get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All class details and times are on the Classes page of my website.


Did you know that
All our classes started back last week and it was ‘great to get back to normal’ after the holidays. We welcomed some ‘new people’ to our classes as well as all our lovely regulars and some who came to our classes in the past and have re-joined us – everyone very welcome and a big THANK YOU for making our first week so great.
I knew that my leg muscles (especially quads and glutes) would be really sore by the Thursday and they were with all the squats and lunges (having done none for 3 weeks!). My muscles were literally shaking in class/es but muscle ache had eased off by Friday and were fine over the weekend. It just shows you that it doesn’t take long to lose any muscle strength but also that it doesn’t take long to gain strength and flexibility too – keep up the great work.

I read an article about the benefits of adding weights and resistance bands to our workouts and it said that according to an Australian study of over 80,000 people, strength-based exercise cuts the risk of premature death by 23% and cancer-related death by 31%. Another study reports that regular exercise – and they’re talking group fitness (that’s us, yessss) can help reduce stress levels and prevent depression. I love working out together rather than on my own and find it easier to stay motivated in a class environment where we encourage each other and also have more fun.

I always think that the start of a new year has such potential for new challenges, setting new goals, assessing and re-assessing our health, lives and where we want to go and what we want to do and achieve in the new year. We’re full of enthusiasm and focus which is great but sometimes we go back to our ‘old ways’ but it’s good to keep in mind that we should stay on track. If you’ve set yourself a goal, it’s a great idea to take small steps towards it rather than a goal being so big that it seems unachievable. So take small steps every day/week if your plan is to sleep better, improve your health, nutrition, lose weight, get outside more, drink more water, meditate more and/or aim to be happier and have more fun. Small changes for the better all add up and ‘little and often’ rather than going ‘all-out’ all make a difference.

In January, we’re encouraged to take a break from drinking alcohol for a month for Dry January with a view to reducing the amount of sugar and calories, to sleep better, lose weight and hopefully improving our general health and liver too! Research from London’s Royal Free Hospital found that 4 weeks of being alcohol-free improved concentration, blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Well done if you’re participating in Dry January.
There’s also Veganuary which is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and hopefully into the future. Research shows that health is one of the the biggest reasons people go vegan and hopefully reduce cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. You can find out more at and there are tons of recipes at

Inspirational quotes:
‘Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be’

‘decide to be happy – it’s good for your health’

Please let me know how you got on last week, how you felt during and after the class etc and I look forward to seeing you and working out with you again this week. .

Contact me by email: (type: ‘Pilates/Yoga or Fitness’ in the heading thanks).