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Complementary Fitness News 13 Sept

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Hi and welcome to this week’s news & updates

From next week, we’re returning to Craiglockhart Church Large Hall on Tuesday evening for our 7.30pm Fitness Pilates class from 21 September.

And also to Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) on/from Thursday 23 September for our 7pm Fitness Pilates/Yoga class

So the plan is that this Tue 14 & Thurs 16 September, we’re still outdoors on a at 6.15pm at Paties Road Recreation, weather-permitting.

Please have a look and remind yourself of at all the info re indoor classes in last week’s newsletter (6 Sept).

You’ll be aware that I sent out an email last Tuesday to you/everyone on the classes email list with attached Booking Checklist for Complementary Fitness Class Participants and asked you to Edit, tick, add your name, date, emergency contact & their phone number and return it to me electronically if you’re intending to return to our indoor classes at DLH & Craiglockhart church halls.

This is one of the forms included as part of my Risk Assessment for my Licence.

The Booking Checklist is also on my Articles page of my website (it’s the second article from the top) and you can also have a look through it under the 4 sections: Plan, Prepare, Protect & Review.

So again, if you’re intending to return to indoor classes, please complete the Booking Checklist and return to me electronically.

This week/in preparation, please consider the Plan, Prepare & Protect parts of the checklist in advance.

You can also consider the 4th Review section and continue to review and keep me updated as we go.

Oh if you didn’t get the email with the Booking Checklist as an attachment, and intend to return to indoor classes, please let me know and I’ll email it to you.

In last week’s email to you, I also said that if you feel that you can’t Edit, tick the checkboxes online, add emergency contact details and return it to me electronically, just print it off anyway and manually add the info and bring it with you to your first indoor class.

You can see the reasoning behind returning any forms electronically but I’m ok if you print it and give it to me.  I’ve also printed off some blank Booking Checklist forms if you don’t a printer.  If this is the case, as I say, you can look over the 4 sections on the Articles page of my website in advance.

I also realise that previously I’d said that if you turned up to an indoor class, that I’d assume that you agree with the checkboxes but (change of thought/plan) I’ll now need you to fill in the Booking Checklist, add your emergency contact details so that I have a record of it all, thanks.

How was your weekend?

We’re just back from a lovely long weekend in St Andrews.

We booked an apartment which was very nice and right in the centre of town.

St Andrews is such a lovely place with really nice cafes, restaurants, lovely boutique and unique shops.

It’s always lovely to get away, even if just for a weekend.

I came across this Brain Boosting Smoothie recipe (by Jim Kwik/through Food Matters) and thought I’d give it a try (I need all the brain boosting that I can get) and if you’d like to try it as well, put the following ingredients into a blender, whizz up and enjoy.

They are: 1/2 an avocado, 1/4 cup fresh (or frozen) blueberries, 1 tsp coconut oil, a handful of leafy green veg ie spinach/kale, a small handful walnuts (pre-soaked, drained & rinsed), 1T raw cacao powder & 1-2 cups non dairy milk or coconut water.

Some brain boosting benefits of these ingredients:

  • Avocado rich in fats to nourish our brain.
  • Blueberries contain antioxidants & phytochemicals to improve cognitive function.
  • Coconut oil rich in fats to nourish our brain.
  • Green leafy vegetables great for protecting neurons.
  • Soaked walnuts shaped like a brain and packed with healthy fats for brain health.
  • Raw cacao mood and mind boosting properties.

A few years ago, Imperial College London researchers suggested that although the UKs recommended consumption of 5-a-day of fruit & veg is beneficial for us and it is but, now they recommend eating 800g veg & fruit a day which equates to around 10 portions/day.  Eating a variety of vegetables and fruit has been shown to have a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

When we ensure we eat a wide variety of veg & fruit, we consume lots of essential micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) as well as fibre which is also great for our digestion.

I love eating lots of hearty veggie soups and stews especially at this time of year and coming into the winter and I’m lucky coz I don’t think there are any vegetables (or fruit) that I dislike.  I love them all.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in a class/classes this week.

Please scroll down for class times & details for this week.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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