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Complementary Fitness News 13 Feb

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A list of our community Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga and Circuit Toning all-level classes for men & women in Craiglockhart and Colinton, Edinburgh are on the Classes where/when page of this website. Please have a look and come and join us.
If you’re new, you’ll need to fill out the forms and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Did you know that…
I’ve noticed BIG improvements in your fitness levels, strength and flexibility this week and just wanted to let you know that.  Well done to you on your achievements so far.

ALL our Complementary Fitness classes are ON this week even though it’s the school holidays. 
From January, we go right through, without a break, till the end of June.

All classes have modifications and options of stretches and exercises to suit what ever level of fitness you’re at.

This is week 6 of our Wednesday Circuit Toning class and for the first 2 weeks, we got into groups and worked our way through 8 ‘stations’ twice which made 2 circuits.  Then on weeks 3 and 4, we worked out 4 stations, came together and exercised together and repeated this again. 

Then last week, we warmed up (as per) and worked out in 2 big groups, both groups doing something different then swapped over. 
We then did different exercises in our 2 groups and must’ve completed about 10 various timed exercises.  We’ll do the same this week and a lot of you said that you worked much harder in the larger groups last week. 
There was certainly less time to chat (in between stations) and the timed exercise sessions got increasingly longer too! 

I’ve really loved putting you through your paces so to speak and also watching and noticing that you’ve improved such a lot.  We’ve also had some fun – at my expense especially when I’ve forgotten to swap your group over!  Oh well, keep going is the answer.

Our 6.35pm Fitness Yoga and 7.30pm Fitness Pilates classes have been quiet recently (well, for a while) and I’m really hoping that we can improve and increase our numbers to keep the classes going. 
All our other classes are great numbers-wise and I’m just wondering if 6.35pm is a bit early for most people?? 
I know it’s hard to get to an early class if you’ve been working or have child-care issues but I hope that we can continue. 
I won’t make any changes to these classes for now and may have to in the future, time will tell.
I’m wondering whether to teach just one class on a Thurs evening and if that were the case, would possibly teach a combined Fitness Yoga/Pilates class (sometimes called PiYo) at either 7pm or 7.30pm – please let me know your thoughts in class or by emailing me.  thanks.
Things I’d like to find out are: if you come to the Thurs Fitness Yoga class, would you come to a 7 or 7.30pm class instead (or to Fri 9.30am)?.  If you come to 7.30pm Fitness Pilates, do you like that time (same as Tue class) or can you come/would you prefer 7pm and finish earlier? and would you like a combined class? I look forward to hearing from you.

Something to think about:
If your new healthy lifestyle choices have kind of gone astray a bit over the last 6 weeks, treat that time as ‘a trial’ – you can always start afresh again today.

Enjoy the moment when you realise that 2 weeks ago, you couldn’t do what you just did in class – congratulations to you, keep going, keep up the progress.

Quotes that I saw this on FB that I thought you’d appreciate:
‘Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate’!

‘Child’s Pose makes everything better’

‘Eat when you’re hungry.  Rest when you’re tired.  Relax when you’re stressed.  Step back when you’re overwhelmed’  Listen to your body. 

‘Sore today.  Strong tomorrow’.  Don’t let any muscle aches put you off returning to our classes – your muscles are adapting, getting stronger and you’ll be able to do more.  Until then, do what’s right for you, build up week by week.  Keep showing up.  Keep up the momentum.  Stay positive.  Celebrate your victories.

‘never eat ingredients that you can’t pronounce – except quinoa (keen-wa).

I’m really looking forward to more fitness, flexibility and fun in all of our classes this week and look forward to seeing you soon. 

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Get in touch with Susan by emailing: and please put ‘Pilates’, ‘Yoga’ or ‘Fitness’ in the email heading thanks.