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It’s great to have so many of you joining our classes on Zoom – either live or the recorded classes which you can do when suits you. 

I look forward to seeing you online this week too, yayyyy (I’m excited).

I really miss being together when we could exercise together indoors in our church halls (that seems a very long time ago, almost a year to the day) then outdoors in the fresh air at Paties Road and undercover at Thistle Padel court (still plenty of fresh air too).

But …. I’m sure we’ll get back to these options when we can.  I can’t wait but like you, will just have to.  Anyway, as a lot of you have said to me, at least we can still exercise together on Zoom.  Good to still keep going, being active and staying as positive as we can which I know at the moment, can be really tough and hard to achieve.

Just remember that I’m there for you and if you need any support, just get in touch with me.

Thank you so much for the amazing & fantastic comments that you sent and I’ve shared with you in the last couple of newsletters. 

We had another lovely comment about our Tue Fitness Pilates recorded class which I’m sharing with you by kind permission;

“Loved the class again this week.  So much so, I’ve just done it again and loved it even more!  ‘Teaser’ is one of my favourites as it makes me feel like a pro.  Great start to my Sunday.  Thank you so much for leaving the video up for so long.  Bargain at half the price”.

Thank you M 🙏

Resistance band under foot, leaning forward, ready to lift leg back

Research: drinking Matcha green tea & exercise:

As you’ll know, I’ve mentioned before that I love matcha green tea and drink it every day.  I usually have a couple of cups in the morning then another in the afternoon and sometimes when I’m making a smoothie, I’ll add in ½ teaspoonful of matcha powder for green colour and goodness.

I buy OMGTea’s organic matcha online. 

I’ve tried other brands over the years but in my opinion, this one’s the best. 

Anyway, they ran a matcha challenge in January which, if you signed up to it, you were to drink a cup a day and at the end of the challenge, to give feedback, all of which I did 👍

In my feedback, I said that drinking matcha green tea daily gave me more energy, helped me feel more focussed and because I know it’s full of antioxidants, know that it’s so good for me so win:win.

I’m mentioning this because I thought you might like to know about results from a fat oxidation study that OMGTea was involved in last year:  The research revealed that drinking matcha increases fat burning which may boost weight loss for those undertaking exercise.

When I read that, I was interested and thought you might be too….

Research carried out at Acadia Uni, Canada and in partnership with the Uni of Chichester, UK revealed how quality matcha can significantly increase fat burning during moderate exercise.

The findings showed that female participants had higher fat burning during brisk walking with quality matcha green tea.

You can read the whole article on their blog at:

New research reveals OMGTea Matcha boosts fat burning by 35% durin… (

Oh and I’m definitely not on commission from OMGTea but just to let you know that I’ve secured a 15% off code that you can use once if you’d like to purchase some OMGtea or supplements. 

The website is and the 15% off code is: CompFitness

Let me know if you order any and your thoughts, thanks.

(ps when preparing matcha green tea, put ½ tsp of the powder into a favourite bowl or cup and pour in hot water (80°) not boiling water (otherwise it would degrade the nutrients) and stir/whisk vigorously so there are no lumps.

I haven’t shared any quotes with you for a while but saw this great Instagram post on @chopra:

‘When we cling to what we know, we miss how we could grow’.  The post then went on to say ‘what can you release today to make space for something new’?  Gets you thinking 🤨

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