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New class details/venue/changes ….see below

OUTDOOR, dry semi-covered fresh air classes in THISTLE PADEL COURT, Katesmill Road, EH14 1JF

WEDNESDAYS 10 am (new time) Halloween CORE, RESISTANCE + FITNESS




ZOOM Online 1 hour classes



See below & in recent emails to you for links, passcodes etc to join

This week’s news:

Thanks sooo much to everyone who have joined our outdoor classes over the last 10 weeks when we were outdoors at Paties Road Recreation Grounds. 

I’ve loved those fresh air classes and a lot of you have too, thank you.

We were there for 4 outdoor classes a week – apart from 3 classes which were cancelled in all that time due to rain/soggy wet grass.

I almost cancelled last Tuesday’s class because it had been raining in the late afternoon but it was dry before leaving for the class so I decided to go and when we arrived, it was such a still, dry night, a lovely evening in fact. 

We were under the tennis court lights which was great. 

On returning home, it was 12 degrees!!  Fantastic.

Wednesday morning was probably ‘one of the best’ days we’ve had – it was about 15° and sunnier and warmer than a lot of our ‘summer’ days 😎🌞

Again, apologies for cancelling last Thursday’s class because of the rain. We’d have been soaked before/during and after. I hope you got my cancellation email in advance but let me know if you didn’t, thanks.

We also did our last outdoor/outdoor fitness yoga class on Friday and although the rain was sort-of (we didn’t notice it, honest) in the air, it was a great class. Thanks everyone 🙏

As you know, I’ve been ‘on the hunt’ for weeks securing a place for us that’s semi-outside and semi-inside and found the perfect place which is the ‘outdoor but covered’ Thistle Padel Courts for our Wednesday & Friday 10am morning classes. 

As I’ve said, there is plenty of free flowing fresh air so it’ll be cold but at least we’ll be dry.

There’s a big white tarpaulin roof to keep us dry and the tarp comes down the sides of the building/courts to about half way so ½ up, ½ down – that’s where the fresh air ‘comes in’! 

So we’ll be there at this new venue for us, at the new start time of 10am on Wednesday & Fridays from this week onwards/for now  woo hoo.

We probably could’ve been in there the last 2 weeks in the mornings as it’s classed as outdoors but we held off and continued to be at the Recreation Grounds. 

I know that gyms are open and they’re inside!

But we’ve enjoyed being outdoors and have been so lucky. 

If only the weather was always as it was on Wednesday last week for ALL OUR CLASSES OUTDOORS – we’d be out there ALL THE TIME, never need to book anywhere inside but… the weather’s not like that is it?

Great class comment, thanks 🙏

This is Scotland.  We get all kinds of weather and it can change so quickly so I thought it best to go for this half-way solution of still kind-of & mostly outdoors but being dry at Thistle Padel Court 1.  It seems the best plan for now for us in the mornings.

Who knows, it could have fantastic sunny, dry days from now on, through November & December when we could’ve continued at the Recreation Grounds but …. you just don’t know and the probability is that it’s highly unlikely tbh.

Anyway, we probably won’t get in before 10am because of other bookings but we can wait by the tables & chairs on the artificial grass area until we can get in at 10am. 

We can wait here, I can take names & £

To save some time, while waiting (if we’re 5 or 10 mins early), I can take names & take card payments or cash outside.

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we have to be out BY 11am for the next booking so we’ll have to finish up by 10.50/10.55am latest on those mornings.

As I keep saying, the Padel Court is a BIG open space so loads of room for all of us and you can decide if you want to be in the front or back half of the court which is separated by a low net.  Remember to wear layers to put on/take off as we get warmer.

I’ve got a regular Wed & Fri 10am booking on a 4 weekly basis to be reviewed for a subsequent 4 weekly booking. 

They know that when we can get back into Dreghorn Loan hall again on those mornings, we will. 

I’d just have to give the Padel Centre a week’s notice.

I hope that you’ll join us in the new-for-us ‘outdoor but covered’ dry BIG COURT at 10am on Wednesdays & Fridays.

Remember we’re having our annual Halloween workout and it’s this Wednesday 28 Oct so please bring your pumpkin and we’ll use it as a weight for part of the class.

it’s pumpkin time again

Feel free to dress up in your spookiest Halloween outfit too.

If you’re not going to carve your pumpkin out & put a candle in it afterwards, you can always make pumpkin stew or soup with lots of veggies in it of course. 

Send me your photos after please 📷

Again from last week’s newsletter, you’ll know that I’ve been trying in vain to find a place for our evening classes but don’t want to give up teaching those classes coz we can’t find anywhere.

You’ll know from a couple of emails that I sent you during the week with Zoom instructions, that I’ve decided, on a Tuesday & Thursday at 6.30pm, to teach live Zoom online classes. 

Normally when people have a licence for a free Zoom account, it allows them to have Zoom ‘meetings’ for up to 40 minutes (if more than 2 people) then you’re cut off and you have to log back in again. 

I was thinking about doing this but thought about all the faff of trying to stick to a 30 min class and us all having to log back in again to continue for the 2nd half hour! 🥴

So instead of that, I purchased a Zoom Pro account which allows me to teach classes for an hour with no interruptions: no logging out, logging back in again, less hassle, phew.

Once I’d done that, I set up regular weekly Tuesday & Thursday Zoom meetings (ie classes) and sent out emails to you with instructions on how to join.  Did you get the emails?

Let me know if you didn’t and I can send you links, codes etc to join us.

I sent a separate email with the link to join the 6.30pm Tuesday class, as well as Meeting ID & passcode number those were in bold.

Then I set up weekly class meetings for our Thursday 6.30pm class and emailed out instructions, ‘join the meeting link’, Meeting ID number & passcode (different from the Tue class) and again, necessary info is in bold

To join either meeting, use the link in the email, copy & paste it in to your browser and follow the instructions from there – typing in the Meeting ID number & passcode to let you in.

Keep these details safe so you can easily log on.

So, after all that, would you like to join us on Tuesdays & Thursdays for live online one hour classes at 6.30pm starting from 27 & 29 Oct in the comfort of your own home?

Please let me know ASAP if you’d be interested in attending online, joining & paying.

If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s sooo easy – honest 👍👩‍💻

Here are some Zoom tutorials though to guide and help you though:

The Zoom live classes will start at 6.30p but you can log on a bit earlier than that, say 6.15/6.20pm and you’ll be placed in a Waiting Room until the meeting (class) starts.

In the Waiting Room, you’ll see a message welcoming you to our class 🙋‍♀️, telling you to have your yoga mat ready & water.

It also reminds you that if you haven’t already paid by bank transfer📱➡📲 , to please do that.

I know that some of you have already asked for my bank details which I’ve given.  

The cost is still £5 for each online class

So if interested, rather than obviously paying cash or by contactless/chip & pin, it’d need to be by bank transfer but I can give you my details if you don’t have them 📱  ➡ 📲

It’d be helpful if you do log on before 6.30pm and are in the Waiting Room, then I’ll see who’s there and I can tick you off on my class register 📑 – that’d save me time 👍

I can then admit people individually to the online class 💻

So Zoom: I know that a lot of you use it frequently to keep in touch with family and friends, for singing groups, book club groups, other fitness classes and meetings and that Zoom ‘is the way to go’. 

I’ve been resisting it for sooo long/over the last months even though some of you asked me about online live classes a while back but now that we’re almost in to November, I have to suck it up and go with the flow like everyone else.

Technology!  as I keep saying!

It’s scary putting yourself out there, getting out of your comfort zone but has to be done to stay in the game I guess.  Onwards and upwards.  It’s all progress.

For ages, when seeing & chatting to our son, I use Facetime but for a while now, I’ve used Zoom instead and it’s worked out well 💻

I’m sure that using it for our online classes, it will be easier once I’ve done it a few times so please bear with me for the first few classes until I/we get the hang of it 🤪 🙏

On a different subject, during the week, one of our lovely class participants emailed saying she’d heard that taking vitamin D helps our immunity and she wanted me to pass on the info – thank you Diana 🙏

I’ve read that the Health Secretary is now urging people to take vit D daily to boost overall health and that new evidence found, says taking it will potentially protect the public against the recent surge in Covid 19.  The NHS recommends taking 10mcg vit D daily.

Go online & check out vitamin D and Coronavirus and vitamin D benefits in general.

Do I love soup?  Yep I love soup.  Any time but especially at this time of year.

I’ve got lots of favourites.  In fact, just make me soup (vegan of course) and I’ll eat it.

Anything with lots of veg, beans, lentils, spices & lots of yumminess.

Here’s a fave: it’s lentil and veg.  What’s YOUR favourite soup?

Oh I also love veg stews too, have I said that before?  Hmm 🧐 yep.

gnocchi, veg & dukkah

I just love food – as you can tell, tooooo much.

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