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(No) Complementary Fitness classes updates 23 March

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Well, if you got my email yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve taken the sad but necessary decision not to take any risks but to cancel our planned outdoor classes for now.

So NO COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS classes indoor or outdoor until this is all over and until we’re advised that we can exercise together in groups again.

The (new) News + Updates:

As you’ll know, I sent you out an email on Friday afternoon saying plans had changed and instead of indoor classes, we’d be outdoors and would use Paties Road Recreation Grounds for ‘fresh air classes’ on the grass outdoors.  I changed all my website pages to reflect these changes and also put out a post on my Complementary Fitness page too but over the weekend have listened to the news, Government recommendations etc and have sadly (but felt I needed to) taken the decision to change our plans.  

As I was saying in my updated email yesterday (Sunday), this is serious, the virus is highly contagious, we’re recommended to maintain strict social distancing, it’s crucial to protect ourselves and each other.  We’re told that it’s too risky to exercise together as a group, even outdoors and in fact, we’re told to avoid doing activites with groups in parks so that means us – and any other groups that were/are thinking of doing the same thing.

I know that some PTs who were teaching outdoor classes in London last week, were heckled and shouted at by other PTs and others who said it was disgraceful to be doing such a thing.

So for now, until we’re told otherwise, I think we should take heed of the recommendations to keep ourselves safe and well and self isolate as much as we can.

As we know, this is a rapidly-changing situation and we should continue to follow Government advice as it develops.

However, instead of doing nothing, I’m planning on doing some more and brand new video exercise sequences and will get these done and put them out over the next few weeks and months and hope that you’ll workout along with me.  I know it won’t be as motivating as coming to a class and participating together but for now, think it’s the only thing that’s sensible.  Please let me know if you’re exercising along with us – it’d be good to know and then I’d continue to be creative and get more/further videos out to you.

It is still important to, and it’s recommended, that we exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing and we can do this indoors (those videos I was taking about doing and sending the links to you and when the weather’s not great) and/or get outside, enjoy this lovely sunshine we’re having at the moment. 

That way, we’ll get out in nature if we opt to go for a walk or cycle in the Dell, head up to Pentlands etc, we’ll top up our Vitamin D levels too which is great for our immunity.

Did you know that our immune cells are favourably affected by vitamin D levels and that natural sunlight is the best source of natural vitamin D.  In fact, vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased frequency of infection as well as autoimmune disease so let’s get outdoors when we can.  Being in nature also helps us de-stress and relax more.

So let’s keep ourselves active and fit as much as we can, observe strict social distancing, stay safe and well and be as positive as we can in these tough, stressful and ever-changing times.

I just can’t wait for this to ‘all over’, till we turn the corner and get the ‘all clear’ when we can get together again and enjoy exercising in our lovely community groups and church halls again.  #bringiton

I’m really going to miss seeing you all, catching up and exercising with you and fun but know that I’m ‘there for you’ so please keep in touch.  Let me know how you’re doing.  

Oh, just to let you know that one of our Wednesday morning girls emailed and asked me to say she’s:

“happy to drop off shopping/collect prescriptions etc for anyone, if you know of anyone that needs help & also have loads of plastic food containers, so if anyone needs some prepared meals, I can make up extra portions and deliver them”.  Wow, such a generous, kind and thoughtful offer, thanks very much.  If you’d like to take up this offer, I have a note of Susan’s mobile number and email address so if you let me know, I’ll get let Susan know.

(I’ve received another couple of great comments about our classes which I’m very grateful for but have decided to hang off and add them to a future newsletter as there’s a lot of new/ updated info in this one for now – I hope that’s ok).

Some ‘lighter’ news (ha – see what I did there?…This Sunday 29 March starts Daylight Saving Time so the clocks go forward Sat night/Sun am and it’ll be lighter in the evenings, woo hoo.

A funny –  news flash: ‘Hairdressers closed.  Nail salons closed.  Tanning salons closed.  Lash salons closed.  It’s about to get ugly out there, stay safe’! 

Q: do you know the difference between ignorance and indifference? A: I don’t know and I don’t care

(If it’s still going ahead)..The UK’s first National Intergenerational Week is on is 23 – 29 March and is all about celebrating those moments and places where different age groups come together for shared benefit.  If you’re like us, we’re caring for Norman’s mum who’s 92, still in her own home but has carers in every day (well… that might reduce/change soon!). 

Like a lot of you, we also babysit for our 2 grandchildren and help out when we can.  Life is usually ‘full on’ (although changing a bit at the moment like everyone else) but it’s such a pleasure to enjoy, support and spend time with them all.  If you use Twitter, use the no age gap hashtag  #IntergenerationalWeek and comment.

take care and I look forward to ‘seeing you’ and working out with you in our online exercise videos and working out with you again (hopefully soon) in our community classes.

Apologies for these changes and I’ll miss you but stay safe and well.


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