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It was our 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday so we’re just back from a great weekend with the family (6 of us) and stayed in a lodge in Kenmore, Loch Tay.  It was lovely to spend the time together, go for walks, out for coffee and lunch and have dinner together to celebrate.

Did you know that ‘Organic September’ is here again ( & (#organicseptember) it’s a month-long campaign designed to encourage more people to try organic as a way to promote and educate people about organic food and farming practices.

Following a year of unprecedented environmental protest and ground-breaking research, the Soil Assoc say that there’s never been a better moment to shout about the role organic farming has to play in the climate change debate.  The shops and markets have a big selection of organic products from fruit and veg to tea bags, coffee, wine, beans, pulses, dairy products, meat, toiletries etc.  Often organic isn’t that much more expensive than non-organic, sometimes it’s the same and of course, if you grow your own, you can choose to grow it organically without the use of pesticides etc.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on it is likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Yet unlike with organic food, which must adhere to strict EU standards, there are no legal standards for the use of the terms ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on beauty products.  This means in practice that any brand or beauty product can be labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ even if it contains virtually no organic or natural ingredients.  This is wrong, and the brands using these potentially misleading labels, on products ranging from moisturising shampoos to sunscreens to night creams, need to #ComeCleanAboutBeauty according to the Soil Association’s article which you can read more about at

Some lifestyle quotes you may enjoy reading:

“Most people don’t understand that what you put at the end of your fork is more powerful than any drug you’ll find in a pill bottle.  That food is not just like medicine, it is medicine. Food is a better drug than most drugs.  It works faster, better, and is cheaper than any drug on the market and it has no side effects except good ones.”  – Dr. Mark Hyman

‘There is only one moment and that’s the one happening now as you sit here reading this’. (

According to Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, “Success comes down to 2 things: focus and effort, and you can control both”.

Last winter, I constantly had the cold virus and/or flu and it lasted for ages, weeks and weeks and I’m hoping that I don’t suffer the same symptoms this year.  I think coz we took our granddaughter to soft play where she and all the other kids had runny noses and viruses just seem to go from one person to the next really easily.  To help maintain my immune system, I’m going to start early by taking echinacea (it’s said it reduces the chance of catching viruses by up to 58% and reduces their duration significantly too) in a spray form as well as vitamin C tablets too (both said to help improve the immune system) and of course, eating whole fruits and vegetables can maintain vitamin C levels – think: peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwifruit, broccoli, berries, oranges, tomatoes, green peas etc which are great sources of vit C.  Zinc is said to be great to boost the immune system as well as elderberry (you can buy an elderberry tincture – I’m sure the Dr Vogel range have this and hot drinks too).

According to an article in fmtv, ‘Regular exercise is a key prevention strategy for most ailments, improving the circulation of immune cells in your blood which neutralize viruses.  Maintaining your exercise routine will both assist in a good night’s sleep and help you to draw more benefits from fresh foods and supplements’.

Stay as fit and healthy as you can this autumn and winter.

Free event: The Cockburn Association Edinburgh & East Lothian Doors Open Days are on Sat 28 & Sun 29 Sept.  Some lectures, talks and events are on a ‘booking essential’ basis and you can do this via

There’s also a lecture series taking place 23rd – 27th September  More info if you want to go online at:  There’s a brochure link on that page too for all the events but if you’d like a physical copy of the brochure, let me know as Bryce M (Tue/Thurs classes) kindly said that he could get us some.

Also on Sunday 15 Sept, there’s a family event on the Water of Leith from 1pm. The Famous Five return to the Water of Leith. If interested, you’ll need to call to reserve your start time, and meeting is at The Water of Leith Centre, 24 Lanark Road. Tel: 455 7367. £5 per participant or £15 for a family of 4 (under 2 free), enjoy

Thanks to all you ‘regular’s who’ve committed to working out with us and to all the returning and brand new/fairly new people who’ve joined us.  I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us and continue to maintain your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and generally, feel great and enjoy all the benefits of exercise too.  I love getting all the positive comments about your fitness and what you’re able to achieve, well done and keep up the great work and commitment so please give me more feedback about our classes.  Let me know you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation etc). 

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, fun, exercise/stretch options & variations while we’re working towards improving our flexibility, strength, posture and balance too.  See you soon.


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