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Complementary Fitness 9 May Newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

It was lovely to welcome some new and returning people to our classes last week.

I really appreciate when you mention our classes to friends and persuade them to join us, thank you.

I hope that you’ll all continue to work out with us on a regular basis.

I was happy and thankful to receive this lovely comment from someone who joined our Friday fitness yoga class last week.  She’s given me permission to share her feedback here:


“Hi Susan, thank you, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a nice welcome to a class.  I’m glad ….. persuaded me to come.  We will both be there next Friday.  Once again, thanks for the lovely welcome”.


Last Friday, my Instagram post was about Nourish & the description said:

Continue to nourish your mind and body with

  • Daily movement
  • Fresh air
  • Water
  • Quality sleep
  • Nutritious food
  • Exercise
  • Some sunlight
  • Positive thoughts

And then I asked: What else is on your healthy lifestyle and wellbeing plan today to nourish your mind, body and soul?

I could’ve mentioned meditation and breath work too.

So, what are the things that you make a priority to nourish your mind, body and soul on a daily and weekly basis?  I’m interested to find out.

Did you know that?..

a large part of your immune system is actually located in your digestive tract.  Having a healthy digestive system can go a long way in supporting optimal immune health and overall well-being.  To keep our digestive system functioning optimally, we need to nourish our friendly gut bacteria by regularly incorporating fermented superfoods into our daily routine.

Fermented foods are packed with prebiotic fibre and consuming them regularly can help balance and maintain healthy gut bacteria.

You can buy fermented foods ie kimchi & sauerkraut in health food shops and I’ve bought some from Locavore which is at 118-126 Dalry Road.


Last year, the National Food Strategy recommended that we should consume 30% less meat by the end of the decade to help the environment and human health.

You could consider going meat or fish-free a few days a week and adding in more beans, peas, lentils, tofu and veg dishes into our diet.  There are plenty of recipes ‘out there’ and I regularly post links to various recipe websites – have a look back at previous newsletters.


I read that…

  • as we get older, our bodies become less efficient at absorbing vitamins and minerals from food, making it even more important to eat a nutritious and balanced diet as we age.
  • the optimal amount of protein after a workout for muscle recovery is 20g. We can get this from pulses, grains, nuts, seeds, as well as eggs, meat & fish.


I mentioned recently that I try to regularly listen to Dr Chatterjee’s podcasts (definitely recommend) and I found the chat with Jessie Inchauspe, ‘the Glucose Goddess’, very interesting.  I did actually buy her book: Glucose Revolution and now follow her on Instagram too.  Anyway, as I said before, part of her advice is to have 1T of apple cider vinegar (or other vinegar but not balsamic) in a glass of water before every meal to lower the insulin spike of the meal.

She also recommends that when we eat carbs (bread, pasta, polenta, rice, tortillas, cereal, fruit, oats etc etc), that we should combine the carbs with fibre, fat and/or protein (ie any veg, avocado, beans, butter, cream, cheese, eggs, fish, yoghurt, meat, nuts, seeds etc) to lower the insulin spike.  That should result in no insulin crash 2 hours after eating, reduce the insulin release, lower inflammation, have a steadier mood, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes etc.


I also listened to another @drchatterjee podcast by with Dr Joe Dispenza who said that “Our thoughts are incredibly powerful.  Choose yours wisely”.


Last week, we walked into town, all the way to Fountainbridge area and had a coffee and I had a plant milk smoothie in Holy Cow Lounge which is a vegan café at Castle Mills, 1 Dundee Street – a lovely building.  The original Holy Cow café is still open and at 34 Elder Street (on the right side going up towards the bus station from York Place) and we’ve been to it a few times.


Anyway, digressing… from there, we walked into the Grassmarket, up Victoria Street, from the Lawnmarket, down Market Street and decided to go into Princes Mall, just because I noticed The Refillery (opened in Nov 2021 & the unit used to be Oasis I think) at Unit 1, Waverley Bridge.  Wow it’s such a lovely shop and has a little café area, nice and friendly and I’d go back in again.

The Refillery also has another couple of shops in St John’s Road, Corstorphine and Newington Road.

Find out more on their website:


A short-ish newsletter this week but I still hope that you enjoyed reading it.


Reminders that:

  • All classes are ‘back to normal’ this week. Actually, it was strange being ‘off’ on the Thursday, no class then when Friday morning came around, it didn’t feel like Friday at all, it was like a weekend day.  I did however love our Friday morning class & meeting and welcoming another new person to our class.  It was also fantastic that one of our regular Thursday evening guys came with his lovely wife (she was ‘a regular’ before and it was fab seeing her/working out with her again too).  Woo hoo, it’s all good.


  • if you have any news, anything you’d like to share ie whether it’s local news, ideas, comments, recipes etc, let me know and I’ll let everyone know. I’m always on the hunt for things to add into our weekly newsletter.  Please regularly send me class comments & feedback (eg if the class has benefitted you, that a fitness yoga evening class helps you sleep, that you have more energy after a particular class etc etc), then please email me directly or through my website and I’ll continually update the ‘what class participants say’ section of my website, thank you.


  • you can email me for a space in any class and/or just turn up, there’ll be space for you. We’re never 100% full with no spaces left.  You can book a place through my Facebook page too if you want to.



  • If you feel unwell, have any cold or other virus symptoms, don’t come to a class but stay home, take care, get well and come back when you’re full recovered and feel better.


  • please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @complementaryfitness where you’ll see the latest updates, photos, mini videos etc. On Pinterest, I’m @SusanCockburn


As always, I look forward to seeing you this week and working out together.


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