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Complementary Fitness 9 January Newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:


It was so good to see you, exercise and stretch with you in our Wed, Thurs & Fri classes last week.  I look forward to seeing you this week too and as you know, our Tuesday 7.30pm fitness Pilates class starts tomorrow on 10 Jan.


It’s good to ‘get back to normal’ and into our usual routine – do you agree?


Did you have any muscle soreness after your first class back last week?  I must admit that I did.  I felt a bit of ache in my legs on Thursday and Friday but the ache eased eased off by the weekend, phew.


We got some great comments last week eg “I love your classes and you have got me back on track keeping fitter than I was!  Thank you”.

Quite a few of you said that you enjoyed our new music mixes too.


Apologies though that my card payment machine didn’t seem to want to work for our classes last week.  Maybe it doesn’t like this new year or because it’s been dormant for a few weeks, didn’t like being activated again!  After Wednesday morning’s class, I got it working at home and thought it’d be ok to use in Thursday’s class but … oh no … it was having none of it.  I’ll need to phone the helpline and get it sorted.

Thanks to those who paid cash (cash is always welcome and I always have change) or paid directly into my bank account instead.

Until I get the issue fixed, I wonder if it would be possible, if you’re coming to classes, that you either pay cash or directly into my bank account?  If you don’t have my bank sort code and account number, email me and I can give you the details, thanks.  Just in case and, it saves time too.


Like anything, things are great when they’re working and not so great when they’re not!



what’s the one thing you’ll do differently this year to improve your health?  ………………..

It’s good to keep it simple and achievable.


and think of another thing you might do differently this year to improve your success in one aspect of your life eg your personal life, interests, job etc and again, keep it simple.


Write down your 2 goals, look at them every day and monitor your progress.

Remember that we have to be consistent with our food choices ie eating healthy nutritious meals, exercise, activity, sleep routine, hydration, focussing being positive etc.

I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy and successful year.

For me, I’m thinking more about the benefits of gut health, pre and probiotics etc.

Years ago, when the kids were young, I used to make yoghurt which was plain and dairy-based and when it was ready, I used to add fresh fruit.  That was a long time ago but it was so easy at the time.

Just last week, I thought I’d start making my yoghurt again and this time, I’d make it dairy-free.  I researched and found that organic soya milk is the best/only dairy-free milk that seems to work rather than a nut milk.  So I bought a yoghurt maker (a tub one rather than 6 individual pots in a machine) and a vegan yoghurt starter culture and read the instructions.  It said that it could take around 8-10 hours to thicken (maybe if using a full fat dairy milk?) but could be up to 18 hours.  So I made it on Thursday morning and checked after 10 hours and it didn’t look any different to when I put it in the tub.  I thought ‘oh noooo, it’s not working’ and was disappointed but I thought I’ll just leave it overnight.  Anyway, on Friday morning, I checked again and … woo hoo… it worked.  It was thick and set and I’d made around 1L of organic soya yoghurt.  Coz it was still warm, I put it in the fridge to set further and cool down and it’s great and delicious.

OK it’s a different taste to shop-bought coconut yoghurt (seemingly, you can make vegan yoghurt using a tub of coconut cream so I might try that at some point too).


When making the next lot, I just keep a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt back to re-culture the next batch and continue doing this.


It’s good to know that you can easily make your own yoghurt (whether dairy or non-dairy) and when set, add seeds, nuts, fresh fruit, jam or honey and you know what’s in it and … what’s not in it (ie emulsifiers, additives, sugar, preservatives etc).

I got the vegan yoghurt culture from


I also decided to make milk kefir (again, organic soya based) and bought milk kefir grains from (check them out because they have so many products you’d need to make your own kombucha – that’s next btw – sourdough, beer, wine, cheese-making etc).

Milk kefir has more probiotics in than yoghurt and the beneficial bacteria and yeast balances the immune system.

I didn’t know this but you have to ‘activate’ the milk kefir grains in the first instance for around 42-48 hours in 250ml of milk then after that time, discard the milk and start the process again for a second time to make it and continue to make it.

Happy (probiotic) days.


As I say, kombucha is next to start making but in the meantime, I’m waiting on a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) arriving before I can get started.  In readiness, I’ve bought a big box of organic green tea bags, regular sugar and a big 3L glass jar with a tap as well as some 500ml and 1L bottles.


So what’s new for you?

Again, let me know IF you’re going to do anything differently (maybe you’re not, maybe you like doing what you’re already doing and that’s fab)

And let me know if you’re going to try something new or learn a new skill this year.

Reminder that you can pay for classes:

  • With cash ie £6 per class
  • Directly into my bank account
  • Using my SumUp card machine.

Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.


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