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Complementary Fitness 9 Dec news + updates

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As you know, this is our last week of 2019 classes and I want to thank you for being part of our Complementary Fitness team and working out with us.  I really appreciate your commitment to fitness and to our classes, thank you.

Please try to come to as many classes this week as you can even though we don’t actually have a class on Thursday night because Dreghorn Loan hall is being used for the General Election.  Instead, please come to our Tuesday (or Wed/Fri) class instead.  

We’ve got one more Fitness Pilates by candlelight class and it’s on Tue 10th in Craiglockhart Church so please bring your tea lights and holders and something warm to keep cozy when relaxing and stretching on the floor.

So we finish up this Friday on 13 December and our 2020 classes start back up on Tue 7 Jan.  In the intervening time, I’ll be doing lots of exercise and hoping to learn new skills, techniques, get new ideas but generally have fun (I particularly love the trampolining class and dancing classes).  Sooo looking forward to the 24/25 degree temperature, woo hoo, bring it on. 

I think that I mentioned that Craiglockhart Church hall is unavailable on Tuesday 14 January because new double glazed windows are being installed and fitted.  It’s such a shame because we’ll have only just started back on Tue 7 January.  However, I’ve emailed and phoned various places as an alternative venue and so far, the only available (and nearby) one is: Waterside Social Club, 26 Inglis Green Road (same side of the road but on the left of Sainsbury’s).  I’ve been down there and had a look and it’s a fairly big hall/space.  At least there would be car parking (in the supermarket)!  I’ll keep you posted but please let me know if you’d be willing to come to Waterside Social Club on 14 January, thanks.

Core strength is great for posture.  A strong core creates length in your spine, releases lower back pain and gives you a confident appearance.

I’ve been trying this post-exercise cherry almond smoothie and love it and thought you might like to try it too.  The cherries are high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties to help the body recover after training and for those looking to support their muscles and joints.  Research shows regular cherry intake could reduce the risk of gout attacks and other evidence suggests the drink could be beneficial in relieving the pain of osteoarthritis sufferers.

If you are active and, in particular, enjoy running, additional studies suggest that cherry juice may reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is often felt after a run/exercise.

The yoghurt is loaded with protein which helps to heal and build muscle after exercise.  This smoothie also contains chia seeds which are high in essential fatty acids as well as fibre too. 

So, in a nutribullet blender cup (or use a blender), I added 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of frozen pitted dark cherries, ½ frozen ripe banana, ½ cup full fat coconut/dairy yoghurt & 2T chia seeds.  Blend and enjoy and let me know if you like it.

Looking for any festive recipes?  Have a look through    or

So a recap re class dates: our Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday classes are on this week then after our last class on Fri 13 December, there are no classes until we meet up again for more fitness, strength & flexibility 2020 updates, training & classes from Tuesday 7 January onwards and I look forward to seeing you all then.  In the meantime, I’ll send you out another couple of short newsletters sending you every good wish for Christmas, the festive period and for a healthy, happy and fit new year.

Take care, see you this week/soon.


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