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Welcome to this week’s news & updates:

We’re just back from a long weekend in Northumberland with friends that we haven’t seen in ages so it was great to catch up.  We stayed in a lovely self catering luxury cottage at and we’ve stayed many times and in various cottages there over the last few years.  On site, there’s a gym with the best equipment from Commercial Gym Equipment Suppliers, pool, sauna, steam room etc and play parks, tennis court, lovely local walks.  The last time we were there, we had a lovely 2 bedroom cottage and went with our son for the weekend and on the Friday evening, we enjoyed delicious pizzas on the wood burning stove in Bosk, their onsite restaurant.   We didn’t go for a pizza this time but enjoyed cooking and then relaxing in the evening with the log fire on.  I hope that you had a lovely weekend too.

Ages ago, I went to a talk by Sandy Newbigging about meditation and lifestyle, I bought his book at the time ‘as you do’! (must read it or at least find it and start it again… and finish it) but just to let you know that you can sign up for a free Starter Toolkit.

If you sign up, you get 6 tutorial videos and an exclusive manual – packed with advice and exercises for getting started with Sandy’s life-changing Mind Detox and Meditation techniques.

Sandy Newbigging

More info on his Mind Detox Academy if you’re interested Mind Detox Academy

Other great ways to improve mental health:

I just love Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcasts (on Apple) but he’s also got hundreds of posts @drchatterjee and if you’re ‘on instagram’, I’d recommend Following him.  He’s also on Radio 2 on a Sunday at 10pm but you can listen anytime if on BBC Sounds app.

Some reasons to eat breakfast (from @nutritiontipsss)

  • for brain-boosting powers
  • for essential nutrients
  • help your heart
  • reduce metabolic syndrome
  • less likely to develop eating disorders
  • enhance immune system
  • encourages healthier eating
  • balances blood sugar levels

It’s good to know that having a healthy breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, boosts energy levels, promotes heart health and stimulates your brain (if that’s all true especially the bit about the metabolism and stimulating my brain, and I’m sure it is, I need to eat breakfast all day)!! Ha

Try to eat breakfast foods that are rich I key nutrients eg folate, calcium, iron, B vitamins and fibre (very important).

I love a breakfast to fill me up eg oatmeal or porridge with flaxseeds, nuts and berries or banana & a spoonful of peanut butter.

If I’m having a lighter breakfast (eg usually by 6.15/6.30am before our Wed or Fri morning classes), I’ll maybe have a smoothie containing healthy fats in it (avo, nut butter) and protein (hemp seeds, nut butter or protein powder) or just some coconut yoghurt, berries and some chia or hemp seeds.

I also love Medjool dates and add in a couple for sweetness and fibre.  They have a sweet, chewy & caramel taste.  Nutritionally, they contain selenium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and copper and some studies have shown that they stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and improve hormone regulation.  I could eat lots of them but am conscious of the fact that 2 Medjool dates contain 110 calories as well as all of the health benefits above so 2 is probably sufficiently sweet and chewy in a recipe.

Last week, I mentioned COP26 being on in Glasgow as we all know until 11 Nov and we’ll have heard lots about it in the news.

Today (8 Nov) you drop by between 8am and 2.30pm for Fork to Farm Interactive Exhibition at #COP26.  Just to let you know that @nourishscotland are campaigning for a food system that values nature and people and are encouraging us to become part of the food justice movement.  They’re based in Edinburgh.

On the same lines, according to Edible Edinburgh, we can all do something to make Edinburgh a sustainable food city.

It’s about growing food, eating and buying sustainable food, recycling food waste and more.

Find out how/more at Edible Edinburgh – Our Food Our City (

Apart from COP26 happening this month, November is Veg Pledge and you can choose to go veggie or vegan for November.  Here’s the link to find out more and you can fundraise for Cancer Research if you’d like to:

Veg Pledge | Go vegetarian or vegan for a month | Cancer Research UK

November is also Lung Cancer Awareness month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month &

Men’s Health Awareness month Movember

Remember last week I mentioned that if you donate at least one item of clothing to M&S Shwop box and scan the QR code on the top of the box?  I wasn’t sure what the ‘treat’ would be and thought I’d find out more/for you.  Well, after going into the Princes St store with items to donate, I was told by a member of staff that they didn’t ‘do’ the shwop box there but that it was at the Gyle!

So later, we went to the M&S customer services, Gyle where 2 members of staff weren’t very helpful, said they didn’t know how to get the QR code, how it worked but anyway, I donated some clothing in the shwop box and managed the QR code which then gave me a ‘treat’ to my Sparks account.  Well, as I say, I wasn’t sure what it would be but … it was a packet of those P pig sweets!  The assistant asked what I was expecting and said ‘were you expecting a £20 voucher’!!!  I said “em no but …” (that was it).

I wish I’d said ‘you’d think it might be something healthy or at least £1 or £2 off a shop to encourage people to donate and also to shop in the store’!

I think they need to ‘up their game’ especially now when we’re talking recycling, health, planet health, less plastic etc.  Well, sorry that’s what I think.

Anyway, just thought I’d update and let you know.

According to @drmarkhymen: ‘Our blood is made up of 90% water.  If we’re dehydrated, we are more likely to experience metabolic complications, high blood pressure, inflammation, joint pain, dry mouth, dry eye, constipation and sinus infections’.  So keep yourself hydrated, keep topping up with water during the day and especially before, during and after classes.

You probably know that I love matcha green tea and order it from and I thought you might be interested in an article in their latest blog re matcha/menopause

Can Matcha help with the symptoms of Menopause? | OMGTeas

Even if you’re not going through the menopause, it’s good to read on the blog that:

‘matcha contains key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium all of which help to support hormonal balance.

And there’s more… studies have shown that quality matcha has the potential to improve cognitive performance, improve mood and reduce anxiety, as well as boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation’.

Lastly I’m sure that you’ll agree that success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally but what you do consistently.

So keep active, continue to keep yourself fit and make progress.

Please continue to pre-book your place in our indoor DLH or Craiglockhart Church classes, by emailing me and I’ll reserve your space.

Please always remember to wear a face covering when entering and leaving church halls and also when/if moving around the hall ie moving from hall to toilets and back.

Please pay for classes by contactless or insert your card using my card machine in class and you can also bank transfer the money to my account too – I can give you my sort code & bank details.  Or £5 cash but card/bank transfer preferred.

Please also ensure that you return your completed Booking Checklist to me electronically if you’re attending indoor classes.

Downloads / Forms – Complementary Fitness

If you have any difficulties emailing your completed Booking Form or printing it off, please let me know.  I’ll bring a few blank Booking Forms with me anyway

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s exercise/food/lifestyle inspired newsletter with lots of links to click on and find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in Craiglockhart Church and Dreghorn Loan Hall this week.

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