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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

As you know, exercise is medicine and not only for our bodies, but for our brains too.  Exercise also improves mood, sleep and memory.

Exercise can even help you grow a bigger brain and just 10-30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily helps improve sleep.

So, what’s not to love about all of these benefits and more ie more muscle mass, strong bones, ligaments, tendons, more overall strength, vitality and improved wellbeing.  Depending on if we add in stretching into our daily or weekly schedule, flexibility will also improve too.

Also, when we exercise together, we improve our social connections and bonds.


Did you know that both green tea and coffee have lots of benefits?

Brewed coffee has more caffeine though ie 91.8mg compared to brewed green tea which has 29.4mg.

We know (or have heard) that we should probably stop drinking coffee around lunchtime because coffee still has half the caffeine in it 8 hours after we consume it so we don’t want to drink it in the evening or close to bedtime!

Both green tea and coffee are full of antioxidants and may protect our cells from oxidative stress and for some, coffee may be one of the highest contributors of dietary antioxidants.  Coffee may also benefit brain health – you might have noticed feeling more focussed after a cup of coffee.

Although, side note: we don’t want to add lots of sugar, artificial sweeteners or those sweet syrups or synthetic creams to our coffee which don’t add any health benefits.  In fact, by adding these in, our drinks contain lots more calories to our coffee!


When it comes to green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is one of the antioxidants which is linked to lots of health benefits incl being neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory.

I’ve mentioned before that matcha green tea – which is in a powdered form, has 2 times more L-theanine (an amino acid) than other types of green tea.

What are your summer holiday plans for this year?

Are you away in the school holidays here or abroad?  Let me know and any recommendations.

Apart from our 10 nights in Club La Santa we had in May, we’re doing lots of weekend trips – Inverness in Sept (where we’re going as a family and where Steven’s running in the Loch Ness marathon and raising money for Muscular Dystrophy in memory of his uncle Gordon).

Then my sister and I are looking forward to a weekend in Krakow.

Norman and I gave been to Krakow a couple of times but Alison’s not been abroad for over 30 years.

Last weekend, Norman and I enjoyed a Sun-Tue break in a lovely lodge on Balcarres Estate in Fife.

On the Sunday, we stopped in Elie, had a wee wander and a cuppa, then through Pittenweem and stopped in Anstruther for lunch.

If you’re going there, I’d recommend Bread & Butter café in Anstruther.

They have a Facebook page:

Apart from great tasty home-made lunches, they also have a selection of pottery, wines and records (ha, showing my age: vinyl) and bands/music evenings.


When we arrived at our lodge, it was lovely, comfortable, in a quiet location surrounded by a big garden, outdoor tables & chairs, bbq, firepit, greenhouse, lovely plants, trees and herbs.

The weather was a bit hit-and-miss on the Monday so we went to St Andrews and walked around, coffee and a matcha tea (ha, mentioning matcha tea again but not many places that offer ‘properly prepared matcha’ and it was good).  Later, we enjoyed a late lunch in a local café.

Even if we don’t have to travel too far, it’s still good to get away and a change of scenery.


More Edinburgh summer festivals to enjoy:

Edinburgh Food Festival has announced the programme for the 10th anniversary, with a range of workshops and demonstrations.

The free to enter events will be held at the Assembly George Square Gardens, starting next Friday ie from 19 – 28 July.

More info at Edinburgh Food Festival (


We’re encouraged to eat around 30g fibre a day and a diverse range of over 30 plants a week for health benefits.

Did you know that adding spices to our diets not only adds flavour, but they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can support our immune system and help with blood sugar control.

Spices also count towards our target of 30 plants a week – good to know.

If you’re looking to include more spices into your diet and for recipes that include those spices, then have a look through

Easy Healthy Recipes with a Touch of Spice – Searching for Spice


Reminder classes £6 until/including Fri 26 July then from Tue 30 July, all classes will be £7 each.


Another reminder: to send me any info, articles, local or other news etc that you come across that we can share with each other, thanks.

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