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Complementary Fitness 8 January Newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

As you’ll know, our classes started back last Fri 5 Jan and it was great to start back then and get back into the swing of things after being off for 3 weeks!

We eased into it although always challenges and always options.

Thank you for all the lovely comments saying that it was ‘good to be back’ and ‘great to stretch and get moving again’.

But this is our first full week of all classes and I look forward to seeing you so that we can get back on track with our fitness, flexibility and strength training:


Tuesday fitness Pilates class starts Tue 9

Wed 9.30am general fitness & core resistance from 10 Jan &

Thurs 7pm fitness yoga/Pilates on 11 Jan.

Friday 9.30am fitness yoga on 12 Jan.

But as we all remember, returning back to our usual classes, all those squats, lunges, ab work etc, can result in delayed onset muscle soreness (‘the DOMS’) a day or two after our first class back.

So as I recommend this first week back, ease into exercise again – it takes time to build up to the muscle strength again.


If you do suffer with muscle soreness, I hope that it will be just mildly and doesn’t last too long.  Please don’t let any muscle ache put you off returning to our classes – your muscles will improve, get stronger and you’ll be able to do more again soon.



Oh I ate so much over the holidays, watched great quite a lot of tv but it was good to relax too.

So now that the chocolate has (almost) been eaten, and the consequence being that I’ve expanded, I’m getting back to healthier eating and with portion control in mind.

I do love food and eat toooo much.

I’m getting back to time restricted feeding (TRF) and aiming to only eat within an 8 or 9 hour ‘window’.

I’m sure that you’ll have heard about the benefits of time TRF where we give our systems more non-eating, non-feeding time ie in the other 16 or 15 hours in the day.

The benefits of TRF can include:

  • Aiding with weight loss
  • May lower the risk of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes
  • May help a person eat less without counting calories – it’s not about calorie counting at all.
  • May be a healthy way to avoid common diet pitfalls, such as late-night snacking
  • Improvements in sleep, overweight and obesity, blood glucose regulation, cardiac function and gut health


Apart from that, we’re all encouraged to eat more fibre because it’s good for our gut microbiome, good for digestion, may help lower cholesterol levels and weight management and more.

I may have mentioned before but a reminder of some healthy sources of fibre are:

Berries, green beans, almonds, broccoli & sprouts, cauliflower, beans, peas, psyllium, chia & flaxseeds, onions and sweet potatoes.

When it comes to fruit and fibre sources, you can opt for passion fruit, avocado, raspberries & blackberries, prunes, guava, pomegranate, persimmons and pears.

Just a wee short newsletter to get us started again but nevertheless, I hope that you enjoy reading it and again, I can’t wait to see you, catch up and exercise and stretch with you this week.


Reminder that you can pay for classes:

With cash ie £6 per class

Paying directly on my iphone or

By bank transfer into my account.


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, new goals, achievements etc.


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