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Complementary Fitness 8 August Newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter & updates:

Yay we’re back to normal this week with our classes and usual times.

Sorry there was no class last Thursday but plenty of opportunity to join all of our classes this week.

Thanks to everyone who came to Thistle Padel Court last Friday, it was good to be back there for some fresh air yoga and it was such a lovely morning.


If you’re what carbohydrates might be ‘bad’ for you, what kind of carbs to eat/avoid, how much or how little to eat and what the science says about them, then read this blog which help

Are Carbohydrates Bad for You? What the Science Says About Carbs (

If you click on the link above, read and scroll down, you’ll see some healthy recipes too.


I’ve ordered some amazing organic freeze dried cranberry, wild blueberry, chaga mushroom and sea buckthorn powders from (great for adding in to smoothies, over yoghurt and desserts etc).  Just to let you know that they also have a blog page on their website with many interesting articles eg decoding biohacking which is all about improving our health and performance by hacking our biology.  There’s an article on supplements for brain health and memory boosting.  Anyway, there are many pages of different health related articles for you to have a look through if you’re interested.

LOOV Organic Blog about Superfood, Wild Berries and More! (


Edinburgh Art Festival is on until 28 August with 100+ artists in 35+ exhibitions across the city with most events and exhibitions free to attend.  Info at


Are you going to, or have you been to any great Fringe shows?

We’ve got a recommendation so far: The Black Blues Brothers which is an acrobatic comedy show and looks a-ma-zing and I’d love to go and see it.

The Black Blues Brothers | Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (

It’s on at venue 20, Music Hall, Assembly Rooms.

Pass on your recommendations for shows, performances, events, other festivals please and I’ll share with everyone, thanks.


Just a wee short-ish newsletter this week.  It’s ‘all happening’ as they say but I look forward to seeing you, catching up and working out with you this week.

Remember: all class prices are now £6 each payable by:

  • cash (I’ve always got change),
  • directly into my bank account (I can give you my sort code & a/c number)
  • or use the SumUp card machine (I pay a fee per transaction but it’s not too bad).


You might like to pay for 2, 3 or 4 classes in advance to save time but it’s an option.

If you do, just take a note of the dates that you’re attending to keep us right.


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