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We’re just back from a fantastic long weekend with the family inc both grandchildren where we hired a lodge near Kenmore again (same one we had last year).  We had such a great time, a lot of fun, lots of walks and hikes, lots of food but the best thing about it was being together.  Aw I know but it’s true.

I uploaded another 2 minute Unlisted Youtube video showing how to do another yoga pose which is really a side lunge with our arms out to the sides.

Great for strength, focus, flexibility and balance.  If you try it out, remember to do it on the second side, otherwise, we’ll be unbalanced!  Who wants that?  Ha 😁 🤣 not us.

Remember that if we have to cancel any classes because of lots of rain and horrible weather, then you can always do some of my Youtube videos on my channel instead.

Well last week’s classes were all great with mixed weather: some gorgeous weather (Tuesday evening) then Wednesday was a mix of dry with a wee bit of rain (under the trees again for us for 10 mins), Thursday started with a bit of rain in the air then was lovely and sunny and Friday was really lovely, a bit windy but we enjoyed the sun and relaxing and lying on our mats.  You just can’t tell what it’s going to be like, even with the forecast.  Best to make the most of it I say and it’s great being outdoors getting some fresh air.


We got a really great comment by someone new to our classes who said:

“Thanks Susan for making me so welcome.  I really enjoyed it and will be back very soon” RH

Thanks very much, I’m glad that you enjoyed the class/es and look forward to seeing you and working out with you again soon – Susan x

Class payment:

Remember that you can still pay cash for classes and either single, 2 or 4 classes, no problem.

Pay by bank transfer if you’d like, if easier or

Bring your debit/credit card and I can take payments through my card reader using contactless or chip & pin.

Oh someone was telling me last week about someone who sells local honey in Elliot Road I think.  After the class last Wednesday, we drove along Elliot Road but couldn’t see a sign or any indication as to which house it might be.  I wonder if you know, you could let me know please?  I’ve had a look online but can’t find this particular one.

When looking through an Instagram post by someone I follow, the post’s title was a ‘Monday Mindset’ which is a 4-step meditation for an easier Monday start.  The 4 steps are:

  1. Focus on 3 things you’re grateful for.
  2. Send love to someone in your life that needs some good vibes.
  3. Visualize what a successful today looks like and feels like.
  4. Sit in stillness.

Go for it.  Let me know what you think. 

This month is Organic September which is a campaign run by the Soil Association who champion organic food and farming practices and ask us to spread the word.

I like to buy organic when I can ie fruit, veg, pulses, wine and there are so many other foodstuffs that you can buy which are organic too.  Organic doesn’t always cost more either.

I only just found this out about this month: every September since 2013 has been known as Sourdough September.  I read that when you eat sourdough bread, fibre absorption is increased by 10-15% and we’re all advised to increase our fibre consumption.

Sourdough has become really popular in the last few years again.  We love sourdough and buy ours from 12 Triangles (there are a few in Edinburgh and we either go to the one in Dalry Road or Brunswick Street) because they work with cold/slow fermentation and everything is made by hand and their flour is milled locally in East Lothian.

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