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Hi and welcome to another great week of Complementary Fitness classes – I’m really looking forward to seeing you and working out with you, can’t wait.

On Friday afternoon, we got the train down to London for the weekend to spend time with our son with both journeys being first class no less! (well, I booked well in advance and didn’t pay that much more than standard class last time).  On Saturday, the 3 of us took the train to Bath (we’ve been there once before and loved it) and wandered round, went for late lunch, cocktails and dinner later in the evening.  On Sunday, we enjoyed a walking tour – which is always a great idea to do in any city – more meals out and headed back to London on Sunday evening.  We didn’t ‘do a show’ this time but just enjoyed visiting different parts of the city and the weather too.  We particularly love the area around Kings Cross, Campden, Spittalfields and Borough Markets, Covent Garden, Brick Lane etc.  Last time, we did a high speed boat tour on the Thames and towards the end of the tour, the James Bond theme played as the boat banked up and down – wow, it was great fun.   How was your weekend? 

I listened to a great video podcast about keeping blood sugar balanced and the tips to do this are to: avoid excessive stimulants eg drinking lots of coffee/tea, sugar, alcohol, reduce chronic stress, eat a well-balanced diet, keep yourself hydrated.

Advice is to drink at least 1 pint of water first thing in the morning, before food and ideally, have some electrolytes in the water.  We’ve been drinking green veg juice first thing in the morning and I juice a whole cucumber and a whole head of celery which is very refreshing.  I also like to drink water with an added sachet of A Vogel’s Balance Mineral Drink which contains essential vitamins and minerals inc magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and vitamin D.  I take these sachets with me when we go to Club La Santa and have a glass of this mineral drink between classes and I always feel more energised straight away. 

Advice is also to eat within an hour of waking to keep our blood sugar levels balanced and ideally a good balance of protein, fats and good quality carbohydrates and to eat a savoury meal rather than sugary meal.  Eat a diet which is nutrient-dense (incl those macro-nutrients mentioned above as well as fibre, vitamins and minerals v food with empty calories.  Eat when you’re hungry too, reduce chronic stress, learn to breathe properly to oxygenate your body and cells.  Learn to relax and maybe think about meditation or sit and read to help you relax.

Did you know that there are so many interesting articles about fitness, health, lifestyle etc on Dr Mercola’s website and I thought you might be interested to read about gut health/gut bacteria and metabolism.

You can search and read the whole article but the ‘story at a glance’ section explains that:

We all have around 160 different species of bacteria colonizing our gut and this is known as our gut microbiome and can have a tremendous influence on health and well-being.

Obesity is associated with as much as a 40% decrease in bacterial diversity.  Improving diversity through probiotic supplementation can help resolve metabolic defects, resulting in fat loss.

It goes on to say that research has demonstrated that probiotics (beneficial bacteria found in fermented and cultured foods such as yoghurt) have a measurable effect on several metabolic pathways.

A link has also been found between bowel movements and obesity and that 8.5% of obese and 11.5% of severely obese people reported chronic diarrhoea, compared to 4.5% of people with normal weight.

One hypothesis is that chronic low-grade inflammation plays a part and not only is chronic inflammation a factor in obesity, but it can also contribute to diarrhoea.  It’s also interesting to learn that all those years ago, Hippocrates said that “all disease begins in the gut” and a lot of research is finding that this is the case.

Diets high in sugar and processed foods may reduce the diversity and our overall health, while diets high in whole foods which are high in fibre, tend to have a beneficial impact and improving our microbiome could be as simple as increasing our intake of fermented foods or taking a quality protiotic supplement.  

Search and read more if you’re interested in finding out more about gut health.

Did you know that Colinton Garden Club are having a plant sale and coffee morning on Saturday 19 Oct between 10am-12 noon in St Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church hall, Westgarth Ave.  Go along and get yourself some plants and have a coffee/tea.  £2 entry or free with membership card.  Info at

I love these quotes that I came across on Pinterest:

‘Self-care isn’t all chocolate cake and trips to the spa.  Sometimes, it’s meal planning, going to bed early or letting go of a bad friend.  It’s forgiving yourself for not meeting your own impossible standards and understanding that you are worthy.  Always.  Self-care isn’t just luxuries but a means of survival’. and

‘Not all storms come to disrupt your life.  Some come to clear your path’.

We’re now into the last quarter of the year and I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us and continue to maintain your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and generally, feel great and enjoy all of the exercise benefits that we talked about earlier.  I love getting all the positive comments from you so keep them coming.  Well done and keep up the great work and commitment and let me know how you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation, sleep, rest). 

Take care, see you soon.


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