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Complementary Fitness 7 March Newsletter

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Hi and welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness newsletter

Just to let you know that my website is under review and being updated to a one page (but continuous scroll) site which has all my social media integrated into it too.  As you know, my current site is one with all the tabs and headings and you have to click back & forth.

My new website will be ready soon but not quite there yet.

And my business Facebook page: has also been updated and if you’d like, you’ll have the option to book a class for a particular date and time if you click on the blue ‘Book Appointment’ link or blue Book Now box

If you click the Book Now box, it takes you to ‘Complementary Fitness class £5 for 1 hr’ and you have to click the square box at the right of that and click ‘Continue’ (which is above the tick box).

Click on the day/date of the class you want to join then you’ll see the class time below.

Click the class time and it takes you to a Request Appointment page.

But you can also add a note under the Appointment notes section (ie if you think you might be a couple of minutes late or if you want to ask a question).

Then all you have to do is click the blue Request Appointment button at the bottom of that page.

It’s just another way of booking your place in a class.

Go on, give it a try and let me know how you get on.

It’s ‘early days’ and hopefully it’ll all be 100% ok but if there’s a glitch, I’ll get it sorted.

You know that you can always email me and/or turn up as classes will be on and there’ll be spaces.

I was listening to a health podcast the other day which was all about staying active.  More importantly, not just staying active until we retire and then settling down into an easy sedentary life but being active, moving every day.  It said that a lot of people think they should be less active as they age but that’s not the case.  Movement and physical activity at any age, whether it’s in our 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond is still very important.  Exercise really does improve our health; it turns on repair and maintenance mechanisms in the body and physical activity is important for slowing down aging and decreasing the likelihood of becoming sick or suffering with disease.

Last week, I reminded and mentioned the recommended 150 minutes a week of physical activity to maintain health and evidence based on many studies suggests that if we continue to achieve this, ie every week, it can reduce the risk of dying at any given age by 50%.

I loved this chicken/egg question: do we live long so that we can be active or do we remain active in order to live long.  As we said, when we’re physically active, we turn on lots of repair and maintenance mechanisms in the body so it’s important to stay as active as we can now, in the near future and in the long term.

We want to keep our muscles, bones, heart etc healthy as well as maintaining cognitive health for as long as we can.

Keep going to keep going is what I say.


I read about an 101 year old inspirational guy who does press ups to keep his strength and muscle mass.  He’s trained all his life and puts his longevity down to doing push ups.  Not only does this show the impact that strength training can have, but also how age isn’t a barrier to being active.

How can we incorporate some resistance work into our own daily/weekly routine?

Well in our Wednesday 9.30am class, we can opt to use hand weights and resistance bands but using our own body weight as in lunges, squats, press ups, calf raises which are all great ways to incorporate strength training.  Guess what?  We do a lot of these in our classes so again, as I say, keep going, keep active, keep moving.

Tomorrow 8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD) which is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.  IWD has been recognised since the early 1900s and is marked around the world with arts performances, talks, rallies, networking, conferences and marches.

This year’s theme is Break The Bias.  Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead.  Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough – action is needed to level the playing field.  IWD 2022 is encouraging us all to actively call out gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping each time we see it to help break the bias.


As a female founded business, I’m celebrating all women who run their own businesses, and those who are who forging ahead, improving their lives and lives of family and loved ones.  Full steam ahead.  Keep up the amazing work that you’re doing.  I’m always behind you and cheering you on.

I’m also celebrating YOU (male and female), every one of you who continues to improve your own lifestyle through fitness.  Continue to be strong and flexible at the same time.

I thank YOU for being part of our fitness community and for your continued support in making Complementary Fitness a success.

I read this and thought you might find it funny (or … is it true? Ha)

‘Don’t you hate it when you try and make a protein shake but accidentally make a margarita!


A great quote worth having a ‘good think’ about:

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”.  Marcus Aurelius


Class spaces: you don’t have to pre-book your place in a class anymore however, if you’d still like to email me, that’d be great.  It’ll give me a rough indication of how many are coming to each class, thanks.

Please still wear a face covering when entering & leaving the church halls and please think about doing lateral flow tests before classes, thanks.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter & I look forward to seeing you in class this week.

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