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I loved all of our outdoor classes last week and we were really lucky with the lovely sunny (or just dry) weather for our four classes.

I/we walked to/from Paties Rd Rec Grounds or Thistle Padel Court through the Dell which only takes 15 minutes.  Walking takes no more than driving and in fact, depending on traffic, a lot less time than driving up Craiglockhart or up through Colinton then find a parking space.

It’s also so much nicer on a dry/sunny day to walk rather than drive.

You get to be in nature, look at the trees, hear the birds and the water flowing.

You get to say “hi” to others who are out walking and it really starts your day on a ‘hi’.

(ha, see what I did there?)

As we’ve said before, walking in nature makes you feel better and much less stressed.

I’d highly recommend walking there & back if you can or have the time.

On a Wed & Fri morning, when we’ve got 10am classes, I like to have breakfast usually just after 6am.

I will usually have gf porridge (soaked overnight in almond or oat milk) with some ground cinnamon, some walnuts (good source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins & minerals) and Brazil nuts (good source of selenium, vit E & fibre) both of which I soak overnight in water then in the morning, drain & rinse coz they’re easier to digest when pre-soaked.

I love adding some berries on top which are usually frozen organic berries left out to defrost ‘the night before’ too and usually sprinkle on some hemp seeds (high in protein).

Other times, I’ll make a chia pudding the night before and let it set in the fridge and have that for breakfast or it might be a smoothie with nuts or nut butter, fresh or frozen banana, maybe protein powder and some cacao powder.

I’m sure that you know that even beans on toast (maybe sourdough or wholemeal) is a good combo of protein & carbs and will fill you up until lunchtime.

Wholegrains release energy slowly and keep your brain alert throughout the day.

Maybe you have eggs on toast – eggs contain lots of vitamins incl B12, B5 & B2 which all help with energy and mental performance too.

Although I say I’m vegan, I’m probably technically vegetarian or a 95% vegan coz I do occasionally eat an omelette which usually has onions, peas and maybe some spinach or cooked potato cubes in.

I also like bee pollen and will add that on top of porridge.  I like bee pollen anyway but it’s good to know that it’s full of protein, vitamins, iron, zinc and fibre.

If you like or it want to try it, I buy it in 500g bags from – along with lots of other things eg porridge oats, nut butters etc etc.

Fessing up here coz the other non-vegan food I like is manuka honey.  I usually just have a teaspoonful of it when I have a cold or the start of a sore throat and it really helps.

For our 6.15pm Tue & Thurs classes, I usually have a filling lunch (usually a large bowl of soup or maybe avo or hummus on toast & salad).

I’ll then have a snack at 3pm at the latest which might be a couple of oatcakes & peanut butter or a bowl of dairy-free coconut yoghurt & berries or jam.

Occasionally, when I come in from an evening class, I might have another snack but I’m trying to resist and not have anything at all, just a big mug of night time tea.  That’s it until breakfast at the back of 6am the following morning and find that I’m sleeping better and am ‘more ready’ for an early breakfast.

Are you the same when it comes to eating & classes?

Do you have breakfast?

Do you eat 2 or 3 hours before a class or after when you’re really hungry?

Let me know, I like to find out what works for you.

When we were up at Real Foods, Tollcross recently, we saw a lovely independent organic bakery opposite called Babka.

They offer a range of products inc their famous beigels, sourdough breads, cakes, coffees, soups (vegan) & babka which is a sweet braided bread/cake.  Everything is made on site by a small team who really love bread.  They also sell home-made kombucha and pickles.

We bought a delicious sourdough loaf with caraway seeds in it (I absolutely love caraway seeds) which was delicious toasted.

We went back recently for lunch and I had a bagel with roasted veg with butter bean hummus with zacusca, a Romanian pepper and tomato jam (£4) and they also have a cream cheese, salmon, beetroot & dill bagel too.  Coffees are delicious there too.  If you’re looking for somewhere different/new, give it a try.  You can sit in (best to book as they only have 2 tables) or take away and if it’s a nice day, sit on a bench in the church grounds opposite.

Well although not much fitness news or the benefits of fitness & exercise in this week’s newsletter, it’s mostly been about food (a favourite subject of mine) but I still hope that you enjoyed reading it.

By the way if you want to find out the benefits of being active, of exercise and keeping ourselves fit, go to the News page of my website and scroll down under the current newsletter, click on one and read.  You can also go to the right hand side of the page, scroll down to Archives as ALL my previous newsletters are there & have a read through.

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Seems a faff but go on, send me a comment about the newsletter this way, thanks.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, strength, flexibility, fun and sun in our outdoor classes at the Padel Court & Paties Rd Recreation Grounds.

As you know, when/if the weather’s not great for outdoor/outdoor Paties Rd Rec Grounds classes, then instead, I can record a Tue/Thurs class & send it to you.

Let’s keep everything crossed & put out positive vibes for more dry, sunny, warm outdoor classes though this week & going forward this summer.

A list of our current outdoor classes at Paties Road Recreation Grounds and Thistle Padel Court are on the Classes page of my website.  Please have a look & join us this week for fitness in the sun.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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