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Complementary Fitness 7 Feb Newsletter

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter

I’m loving welcome ‘Brand New’ people (new to us at Complementary Fitness),

Returning People (who used to come to our classes months/years ago) and of course, to our Regulars (who faithfully show up and join us week in, week out)

a big THANK YOU to you all.

I was explaining to a ‘brand new person’ last week that even though they may have gone to other classes, all instructors teach differently.  Well, makes sense coz as instructors, class participants and as human beings, we’re all different and unique and all have our own way of doing things.

Anyway, I said that when anyone joins any new class, I know that it can be daunting.

It might even be overwhelming.

Everything is new / different / not how they’d imagined etc and that’s all totally normal and understandable.

When we take the plunge and do something new, join a class, it can be scary but that’s ok, it’s also a sign of growth because we’re pushing yourselves.

We’re moving out of our comfort zones.

It would be easy not to sign up to xyz, not to join, not to put ourselves ‘out there’.

It would be easy to say:

‘it’s too cold / dark / I’m tired / I’ll think about it another time / ’ll go when I’ve got more time / I can’t be bothered and I’m just going to stay in and watch tv instead.

However, I was also saying to a couple of you last week that ok, sometimes we think those things but if we make the effort, go to a class (or whatever we’ve signed up to) anyway, we usually enjoy it, are happy that we went and have no regrets about it.

Do you know anyone who regretted going to a workout, to a class or even going out for a walk?  I don’t either.

Keep up the great work, continue to invest your time and efforts in yourself, and in your progress.

Remember I’m always cheering you on and can see improvements week by week.

Woo hoo, you can tell I love my job and appreciate your commitment, time and effort.

Along the same lines, I love these quotes:

‘You don’t grow inside your comfort zone’ and

Work hard in silence.  Let success make the noise’.

Thanks again for all the lovely verbal and emailed feedback and comments from last week’s classes – I really appreciate it.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” Ann Wigmore

Buy the best, most nutritious food that you can.

Cut out/down on processed foods.

Eat nutrient-dense foods.

Eat as much organic ingredients that you can.

Cook from scratch – that way you’ll know what is actually in the food you’re eating.

Batch cook soups, stews etc and freeze some for another day.

Eat the rainbow.  We know about ‘our greens’ but there are other colours too.

Buy and eat seasonal foods and those that haven’t travelled thousands of miles to get to our shelves.

Buy frozen (organic if you can) vegetables and fruits for convenience and less waste.

Keep ourselves hydrated – drink enough water, maybe add in a slice or two of fresh lemon, orange, lime, a sprig of rosemary or a couple of fresh/frozen raspberries.

Support and buy from local farms, farmers’ markets, buy wonky fruit & veg which you’ll find is cheaper than the ‘perfect’ varieties.

You get the picture.

I thought you might be interested in finding out what to eat and drink to help you sleep in this interesting blog article:

Food (and Drinks) for Better Sleep – Food Revolution Network

As a sneak-peak, bananas are one of the foods which contain fibre, complex carbs, isoflavones, tryptophan, melatonin and magnesium that have an impact on sleep

And there are lots and lots of other great articles on Food Revolution Network channels.

Just to let you know that you don’t have to pre-book your place in a class however, if you’d still like to email me, it’d be great.  It’ll give me a rough indication of how many are coming to each class, thanks.

Please still wear a face covering when entering & leaving the church halls, thanks.

A shortish newsletter this week but I hope that you enjoyed reading it.

See you soon.

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