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It was great to be back last week & I loved all of our classes.

Wow the weather certainly changed at the end of last week and I decided to walk through the Dell on Friday rather than drive to the Thistle Padel class because of the snow ❄

I got all wrapped up and it was a nice, crisp walk there/back although it was the snow was already melting and the rain was on as I was walking.

Thank you to everyone who joined all our classes last week and for your continued support.

We’ve got this week & next of classes when we finish up on Fri 18 Dec! 

Well, I don’t think it’s been one of those ‘quick years’ where you think: ‘where has the time gone’?  but it’s been different, difficult & challenging to say the least!

We started off ok in January, February and then … duh, duh, duh….March and Coronavirus happened and is still with us!

At Complementary Fitness, we didn’t/couldn’t do any classes together until we did a 28 day Core Challenge when I filmed short tiny videos in July & quite a few of you signed up to those and did them (hopefully) with me.

So between March and August, we kept ourselves amused (aka safe) and went out for walks, a few hikes up the Pentlands/in the Dell or out for a cycle. 

Then from 18 Aug, we started our outdoor classes at Paties Road Recreation Grounds and I really loved those outdoor classes and know that a lot of you did too.

Overall, we had great weather and we were lucky.  We had some great sessions in the sunshine 😎 with a tiny bit of rain 🌥now/then, but nothing much when we did exercise together outdoors.  Ok there were 1 or 2 cancelled classes but overall, WE DID IT, woo hoo 👏

And we’re still here, still exercising together when we’re at the Thistle Padel outdoor/covered venue (which is really ideal in the current situation/climate with all that fresh air and space) OR we’re exercising together in our own homes on Zoom calls.

They started on 27 Oct (and apart from the recent 2 weeks ‘off’ coz of a bereavement & the cold that I had), we’re still going strong 💪

Talking of Zoom/online/recorded 1 hour classes in our own homes:

Last week, I had a lovely email from Alyson who a while back, moved away from Edinburgh (she & her husband David used to come to our classes for years). 

Anyway, she’s still on our fitness newsletter email list and she emailed asking if she could join our online classes! 

What an amazing idea that she can still join us even though she’s miles away.

When she asked about joining our online classes, she said: (& she’s given me permission to let you know that):

“The thing I miss most about being away from Edinburgh is your classes.  They were so much fun and having been round a few Pilates offerings here, I realise how excellent they are.  I always knew that but being here has confirmed it”!

(I’m blushing)!

Then after she joined our Tue & Thurs online classes last week, she emailed back to say:

“I really enjoyed both classes very much and I’m so glad that your classes are on zoom so it makes it possible for me to join in although I’m not in Edinburgh and not able to come in person.  The classes were excellent, it was a pleasure to be back and to enjoy working out with you.  Thank you”.

Amazing, thank you so much Alyson – it’s great to have you back with us, woo hoo 🙏

Do YOU have a comment that you’d like to share with us? And that I can put in next week’s newsletter?  I don’t have to add your name btw.

So as we were saying, it’s been an unusual & hard year for all of us.  Who knows when we’ll get ‘back to normal’ again but we’ll just have to wait & see.

Like a lot of us, we’ve not really had any holidays this year apart from (for us) a weekend in London and a weekend with the family in a lodge near Kenmore which we loved.

We’ve missed not going to Club La Santa in May and this month but here’s hoping for next year (fingers & everything crossed)

Even Christmas is going to be different but we’ll still celebrate while in our family bubble.

In the meantime, Tuesday & Thursday Candlelight Classes (in your own home) ARE BACK yessss!.  If you joined us last week, did you light your candle/s and will you use them again this week? 

Let me know if you’d like to join our Zoom classes this week and if you’re happy to do a relaxation/stretchy 20 minutes at the end of each class in the glow of your own candle light/s.  Have as many candles as you like but as always, think safety (ie don’t stretch your arm over a lit candle!  Ouch.  Goes without saying but … just saying).

I look forward to seeing you this week.

Let me know how you’re doing and keep in touch/keep me updated thanks 😊

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take care

Susan x