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Hi & welcome to a new week of fitness, energy & more news:

We’re planning to return back to Craiglockhart Church Large Hall again on a Tuesday evening for our Fitness Pilates class from 21 September at 7.30pm.

Craiglockhart church is having work done incl a new floor which is due to start this week/soon and possibly take 2 weeks to complete although I’ve been told that the Large Hall can be used from Mon 20 Sept and that we can have our class on 21 Sept onwards and as you know, I’ve booked our class on and from that date and look forward to seeing you then/there.

If I hear back from the church in the meantime that there might be a delay of a week, I’ll let you know asap but hoping for a 21 Sept start back date.

I’ve requested to use Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) on/from Thursday 23 September for our 7pm Fitness Pilates/Yoga class and I’m still awaiting approval and Licence.

but I’ll let you know asap when I hear back.  I’ll update in future newsletters/my website.

So the plan is that this week & next on Tue & Thurs until 14/16 September, we’re still outdoors at 6.15pm at Paties Road Recreation, weather-permitting.  We’ve been so lucky so far.

Info re ALL indoor classes:

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I created a Booking checklist for Complementary Fitness class participants which has 4 sections on it ie Plan, Prepare, Protect and Review which you’re encouraged to consider.

They relate to hygiene, health and safety as we prepare for, participate in and reflect on each class session.

This Booking checklist for class participants is on the Articles page of my website so please have a look, consider and if you agree with the points, please let me know.  I’ll assume that if you attend any indoor class, that you have read, understood and agree with the points on the checklist.  I can email the Booking Checklist to you then please print it off, sign and give to me or return it to me electronically, thanks.

Again, I’m required to take pre-bookings for indoor classes and if you’d like a space in any indoor class, then please email me for a place and I’ll reserve it for you on that Class Register.

Paying for classes: you can transfer the money into my account (if you don’t have the sort code & bank account details, I can email them to you) or bring your card and pay contactless using my card machine.  I will however take cash but you may prefer contactless.

For your info, I’m required to clean, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces that are touched incl banisters, chairs, toilets, taps & washbasins and to do this 15 minutes before and after each class.

I’d bring antibacterial sprays and wipes and clean surfaces before & after all classes.

Reminder that:

Face covering must be worn just when entering and leaving the hall, but not while exercising.

However, I have to remind you/participants to wear a face covering when moving around the building eg when going from the hall to the toilet & back again.

We’d need to bring and use our own equipment eg yoga mat, weights, bands, water.

No waiting on the outside steps before or after a class.

Anyone dropping off or meeting class participants before/after any class will be discouraged from entering the hall & encouraged to wait in their own car or outside.

The church stipulates that we do not congregate outside or on steps

Doors and exit doors will be open for the duration of any class to maximise ventilation.

The windows do not open.

Hand sanitisation will be provided.

Only one person to be in toilets at any one time.

Scottish Government NO longer stipulates that one-metre social distancing is necessary but because it’s preferable that places are booked by email in advance, we’ll ensure there’s plenty of space round each of us to move freely.

Morning classes:

I hope that you’ll still come to and work out in our morning classes too and I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you back if you haven’t joined us in a while.

If you haven’t emailed me your preference re our morning class full time, all year round venue (ie Thistle Padel Court (TPC) or Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH), then please do so but from the feedback so far, most are opting to stay at the Padel Court and putting another layer on over the winter.  I mentioned that last week, the sides will be fully down too but again, email me with your thoughts if you haven’t done so already, thanks.

PS did you read last week that we can have use of TPC Clubhouse where we can get a coffee before or after a class and sit at the wooden tables & bench seats and we can use the toilets inside the clubhouse too.  I have the code for the door.

Last Friday, my Insta post was ‘Keep active & Stay strong’ and according to research by the NHS, people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and depression so keep yourself active, keep exercising, stay strong and healthy.

Did you take advantage of the 40% discount at for a year that I mentioned in last week’s newsletter?

On that subject, mindfulness is the idea of learning how to be fully present and engaged in the moment.  It’s about being aware of thoughts and feelings without judgement or distraction.  It’s a mental state involving being focused on being in ‘the now/in the present moment’.  If we notice that the mind wanders off, we’d remind ourselves to focus on the breath.  Enjoy being present, restful and peaceful.

While having a look through Instagram the other day, I came across @purolabs and one of their posts was about taking care of our mental health and how important it is.  They go on to give 5 quick & easy ideas that we can implement today to help ensure our mind stays healthy.  They are:

  1. Cloud-watching.  Lie on your back, relax and watch the sky.  (We can do this on Tuesday & Thursday evening outdoors together),
  2. Unplug for an hour.  Switch everything to airplane mode and free yourself from the constant social media and email alerts.
  3. Pay complete attention to something you usually do on autopilot ie perhaps brushing your teeth, driving, eating or something you do in your morning routine.
  4. 4 Do a mini-declutter: recycle 3 things from your wardrobe that you don’t love or regularly wear.
  5. 5 Take another route to work: mixing up your routine in small ways creates new neural pathways in the brain to keep it healthy.

Organic September is here again.  Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, which include supporting biodiversity and wildlife, helping to combat climate change, the highest standards of animal welfare, reduced exposure to pesticides and food as it should be and food you can trust.

If you click the link, you’ll find out what ‘organic’ actually means, learn why organic matters and take action to protect our planet.

Organic September | Soil Association

There’s lots of info on the site/through the link and you can find out about growing your own herbs at home and about growing seasonal food.

You know that I love Real Foods (shops in Tollcross & Broughton St) and have been shopping there for years, well, they’ve also got some daily half price organic products in September too.  Go in and have a look or sign up to their newsletters.

Now that we’re getting into Autumn, you might like to try their recipe for pumpkin spiced oats for breakfast

Pumpkin Spice Oats – Real Foods Blog

Aw I love this and thought you’d like it too:

Life is like a camera.  Just focus on what’s important.  Capture the good times.  Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.  Great advice.

Did you know that from February 2022, in Scotland, we’re required by law to have interlinked fire & smoke alarms.  I was kindly sent a link for info which you can read too (thanks for the info & link Bryce)

Fire and smoke alarms: changes to the law – (

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in a class/classes this week.

Please click on the Classes page for class times & details for this week.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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