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Complementary Fitness 6 April News + videos

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We’re still on lockdown so no group COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS classes although if you click on my new Youtube videos I sent last week and the ones below, we can still all exercise together even though it’s virtually.  #stayfitandactive

This week’s news + updates:

Thanks very much for taking the time to email me to let me know that you’ve been doing the videos that I sent links to last week and also that you’ve enjoyed the workouts too.  Even though we can’t physically be together as a group, we can still exercise and keep ourselves fit and active.

I did some more videos and in some of them, used resistance bands, hand weights and gliding discs.  We’ve used gliding discs in some of our classes before, but not for ages and I said in the video that if you don’t have them, that you could do the same exercise with socks on or use a folded up hand towel if on a laminate floor.  If on carpet, you could use paper plates.

There’s also a fixed resistance band workout where I fix/hold/keep in place the middle of a band at the top of the outside of a door using a disc and stretchy short band.  The band that I use in the video already came with the circular disc and band but I give you instructions on how to set up your own (if you have a resistance band) using a disc of black insulating tape and 1 or 2 stretchy bands which keep a yoga mat rolled up – I hope instructions are clear!

I’ve also done a short 10 minute fitness yoga flow stretch video which you could do on its own if you’re short of time but still want to keep up your strength & flexibility or add it on to the end of a resistance workout (1 or both of the above).  Remember to do a longer warm up though than I did in this yoga flow video and to do more stretching and more of a cool down to help you relax.  Let me know how you get on.

Last Thursday I did a warm up sequence that we’d use in our Wednesday general fitness/resistance class so it’s a bit faster-paced than our fitness Pilates/yoga warm ups but I hope that you love it and that you join in too. 

Use it before a lunging sequence or floor/mat work.

You’ll notice in the warm up video that I’m not using music (that you can hear) but have earbuds in so I am listening to music and following the beat (I love a beat).  I wondered if music in other videos has been a bit distracting or a bit loud and you couldn’t hear me so I thought let’s go with no music but you can always have your own on or the radio in the background.

You might also tell that I’m a bit out of breath!!  Oh and it’s only been 2 weeks of no classes together/social distancing etc so I must get my fitness levels up again.  Not good.

However, earlier that morning, I had done an hour of exercise myself at 7.10am and after a similar warm up, used resistance bands, kettlebell and gliding discs then added in some combat moves then a cool down and stretch and will try and continue this when I can.

We all know that maintaining a strong immune system is vital and should be a priority for our health at any time but especially now during the coronavirus pandemic but remember that: a healthy, varied diet, full of lots of vegetables and fruit (full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) should provide us with the essential nutrients we need for a healthy immune system.   We might be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks or ‘reward ourselves’ with a glass or two of wine in the evenings but this can become a habit so we might consider limiting our alcohol consumption because it can negatively impact the immune system ie disrupting our sleep and reducing the absorption of vital nutrients. 

Get some fresh air when we can too – I know we’re spending a lot more time indoors just now (we might be Spring cleaning/doing those exercise videos/learning a new skill etc) but when we can, it’s important to get outdoors and get as much fresh air as possible and that might be – going for a walk, cycle, run or sitting or working outside in the garden.

Fresh air not only help to improve mood, blood pressure and heart rate, but it also strengthens our immune system and helps give us a feeling of calm and wellbeing. 

When we’re outdoors and exercising, it’s a double bonus as stress hormones are released, circulation improves, we feel better for being outdoors and if we’re walking/running/gardening, it gives us a sense of achievement especially when we’re trying to keep ourselves fit and active.

So what have you been doing since last week?  I’m sure, like me, you’ve been watching the updates on the news and caught up on some films etc but I’m sure you’ve not been glued to the tv all week and you’ve done some exercise, even if it’s going for a walk in the Dell or Pentlands.  I’ve not been out walking every day but probably 4 or 5 days out of 7.  On the other days, I’ve been doing those exercise videos for you and I’ve been catching up on jobs and chores in the house and garden that I’ve neglected for a long time.  Normally I just don’t get the time to clean the tops of kitchen cupboards, hoover and steam the carpets under the beds and drawers and re-organise all the cupboards, drawers and wardrobes but … well I’ve done a lot of that in the last week.  I even dug over the borders in the back garden too.  I usually do it all in one go but I split up the task into manageable chunks: doing the left border one day, the top border the next day – all while weeding and pulling out withered, old or unwanted plants.  Then we had a rainy on/off colder day so the right side of the garden was done and finished another day.  Phew but it’s looking better though and I don’t mind digging – it’s quite hard work (as you’ll know) and a good workout too!.  The only thing though is that I’d love to go to the garden centre and get more plants to fill in lots of gaps but they’re all closed.  I’m definitely not a gardener and don’t really know one plant from another.  I don’t even cut the grass (I leave that to someone else – hmm I wonder who?) as I once attempted to cut it and cut through the cable instead!!  Oops.

I have a magnolia bush in the back garden though and cut some in flower and put in a couple of vases and they do look nice and have lasted a while too.

I’d really love (really love x 10) someone ‘in the know’ or a keen gardener to come and have a look at the garden and say (encouragingly!): ‘oh we could do xyz, move … to …, add in some colour here or some height there with …, we could easily re-shape and improve the grass’ (that’s the main thing I’d want done) etc etc.  I have absolutely no idea about gardening and wish that I did. 

I think ‘oh it’d be nice to grow some veg’ and although I’ve grown potatoes (once, maybe twice?) in the past, in a container, they were ‘ok’ but not as great as I thought they’d be.  Maybe I made the mistake of not watering enough or maybe they should’ve been in the ground rather than a hessian container?  

I have got a plum tree and an apple tree and some rhubarb which are great and they kind of take care of themselves (just as well) and I love the idea of growing veg but it’d need to be something easy.  Normally (not when we’re in this situation), I’m really busy teaching my classes, babysitting and stuff but maybe changing things up would be good too.

I’d love to have nice grass – our’s is green but probably 80% weeds/moss.  Scarifying and adding grass seed seems a lot of work (for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing plus I’m impatient too).  I’m sure there must be someone out there who would charge a reasonable amount to get my garden looking much better – any suggestions?  I can provide ‘at a distance’ cups of tea/coffee as well if someone is looking for a garden job to earn some money at some point.

Another thing I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks is sprouting mung beans.  I soak a couple of tablespoons of mung beans in a jar of water overnight then drain the following morning then twice a day, rinse and drain again until the beansprouts have sprouted to a decent length (usually 4-5 days).  We’ve been adding beansprouts on top of soups and stews to add some freshness, crunch and extra protein.  Easy to do, give it a try.

sprouted mung beans

How you can get in touch and find me:

You can find me on Youtube if you search ‘Complementary Fitness’ then go to my channel and then please Subscribe or hover on either of the links below, press the ctrl (control) button and also click on the mouse/square/oblong box under the spacebar on your laptop/Mac at the same time to take you to my Youtube channel:

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so for now, take care of yourself,

keep fit and active and keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing, Susan x