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This week’s BIG news/newsletter:

We were very lucky with all our outdoor classes last week.

Tuesday was really lovely weather-wise, sunny and a great class & numbers.

Wednesday – well, according to the weather forecast, and depending on which weather app, I looked at, I was thinking of cancelling before we even started 😢

but I went with the best looking weather option on the Met Office app and emailed everyone saying the class was ON, yay 😁 just as well.

Lucky for us, it was dry – most of the time with just a hint of rain in the air and really just for the last 5 or 10 mins and not heavy either. 

At the end of the class, we went under the trees and used them to wrap our resistance bands round and still exercised and stretched with them.

All good fun and great that we’re adaptable, ready for change and resilient 🏆

The rest of the week was fab, dry and great classes too.

Friday morning was particularly sunny and lovely and I loved all of our classes.

After Friday’s class, we even had our lunch outside in the garden and I think it was probably warmer outside than in.

Thanks sooo much for continuing to come to our outdoor classes and for your support 👍😎😀  It really means a lot 💖

It just shows you that the weather can change very quickly as we had awful rainy weather all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon was lovely again (washing was out).

I’ve had a look at the weather forecast for this week’s classes and so far, all looks good/dry so we’ll be outdoors again but probably for the last week – see more info below….*

Oh I can’t believe that we’re in to October already!  and that on Sat 24/Sun 25 Oct (2 weeks this weekend), the clocks go back so it’ll be darker in the evenings.

I’ve already noticed that by the time we finish our outdoor evening classes at 7.15pm, it’s already getting dark! 

I’ve also (jokingly/not jokingly) said that we should bring and wear head torches so that we can still see to exercise in the evening 😁 but I’m thinking that this Tue & Thur evening we could move further up, still on the left side in Paties Rd Recreation Grounds, just a few metres up from where we normally are but we’d be under the tennis club lights so that by 7pm, when it starts to get a bit darker, we can still see.  So that’s the plan for this week’s evening classes.  You’ll not miss us, we’re just moving up a wee bit.  ‘See’ you there.

*  Plans for indoor classes from next week:

I’ve been thinking of classes going forward from now on re venue, times, weather etc and have been in touch with a several places to find out if they can accommodate us.

I’ll start by telling you about the BEST potential option for ALL our classes if we can get it:

It’s Kingsknowe Golf Club, 326 Lanark Road, EH14 2JD

I went on Sunday & spoke to a woman there who showed me a great room upstairs in the Club.

It’s carpeted, cozy, warm, has a big window which we can open for fresh air, there’s plenty of space for putting coats etc to one side.

The room has tables & chairs in it but they can be moved.

It would accommodate 20 max (incl me).

I’ve given her a list of the times and days of classes ie:

Tue & Thursday start time 6.30pm (I thought 6.30pm would be best)

PLUS Wed & Fri 9.30am.

So hopefully, they’ll be able to accommodate all 4 classes.

She’s taken my details and said she’ll ‘put it to the committee’ and get back to me this week.

When I hear back and if all sounds good, I think we should go with this option.

OK there is some parking in the club car park but because members & officials use it, you can also park on the main Lanark Road or on the side street in Kingsnowe Road South.

So I’ll let you know as soon as possible when I hear back from Kingsknowe Golf Club – keep your fingers, toes, legs and everything else (maybe not your eyes 😊 ) crossed that the committee says YES to us.

Let me know what you think if we can get this venue ie if you’d come and join us there?

Next best options

1) Thistle Tennis & Padel courts – the white covered indoor tennis/padel courts you’ll have seen from Paties Road car park.

However, they can’t offer us any courts in the afternoons or any evenings ☹

They potentially have space under cover on a Wednesday, Thursday & Friday morning but rent out courts ‘on the hour’ (not on the half hour) so we’d need to think a 9 or a 10am start.

Courts are a covered outdoor space and currently they have chosen to leave the side walls raised up to allow full airflow.  This means it would be cold but dry through the winter.

This is a possibility for mornings.

(FYI: Thistle Tennis/Padel can also offer us outdoor space on artificial grass for evening classes.

Again, it is OUTDOORS and currently, there are wooden tables and chairs on the grass which would have to be moved to accommodate us.

It’s not a big space though and as far as I can see, the only advantage would be that it’s on artificial and not ‘real’ grass therefore less damp.

It’d be lit but then again, so is the bigger grassy area we’ll be using this Tue & Thursday evenings – under the lights of the tennis courts.


Moving heavy wooden tables & chairs, not much space and lots of people pass to get to the tennis & padel courts. 

Artificial or real grass outdoors – cold & wet over the next few weeks/months.

I’ve taken photos for you to see what I mean but I don’t think this would work over the winter)

2) Waterside Social Club (26 Inglis Green Road, Longstone) – we used that hall once before, but if you were there, you’ll remember that the slimming club women weren’t too keen to finish up their session on time (ha, to say the least).

I’ve now had an email back and the Social Club is well used by the slimmers and other groups too.

They can’t offer us Tuesday or Thursday evening.

They can offer us:

a) Tuesday during the day up until 5pm latest

b) a Wednesday morning probably not till 11am

c) Thursday during the day up util 5pm latest

d) They CAN offer us Friday 9.30am 👍 so ok for fitness yoga

There’s parking for Waterside Social Club in Sainsbury’s car park next door.

Possible advantage: Waterside Social Club probably warmer than Thistle Padel if ‘sides up’?

As you can tell, of all of the options for indoor classes, I think Kingsknowe Golf Club would be the best for morning and evening classes and in the one venue.

I’d be grateful, so that I can plan, if you could you please email me back and let me know the following:

1) would you be happy to come to Kingsknowe Golf Club for all classes as above? 

In the room that’d we’d be using, there’s a window as I said, and we could open it for fresh air/free flow of air.  I’d bring hand santizers.  You bring your yoga mat and use your own equipment etc.  Wear a mask to come in to and leave the club ‘as you do’.

You can tell I’m excited about the possibility of this venue.

2) What do you think about Thistle Tennis/Padel courts (covered court but side open) for Wed/Thurs/Fri am classes?

3) would you come to/what do you think about Waterside Social Club for Tue & Thurs during the day till 5pm / Wed 11am & Fri 9.30am classes?

There would be plenty of parking in Sainsbury’s car park, next door.

Soooo much to plan/do/think about but I’d really appreciate it if you could please get back to me with your thoughts on the above indoor class options. 

I’d like to get something booked and in place for next week.

Again, it’s very unlikely we’ll get back in to Dreghorn Loan & Craiglockhart Church Halls this year but when we get the go-ahead, I’ll let you know.

THANK YOU also for the venue suggestions that you’ve made to me too 🙏

On a different note:

Have you signed up to Sober October?  and if so, how’s it going?

I was reading some articles on H&B website and thought you might be interested.  If you click on

you’ll see there are articles on how to reduce alcohol intake, mindful drinking, natural ways to help the liver, healthy alternatives to alcoholic drinks etc.

There are also loads of recipes on their website too incl how to make oat milk, vegan cheese, walnut & apricot brownies and lots more at

Recently, I’ve been making more almond milk and with the almond pulp, I make banana cacao muffins (great for making and freezing and taking 1 or 2 on long walks or when babysitting). 

I’m also making cashew cheese on a weekly basis – it’s sooooo easy and delicious and although I’m not a cheese-person, this is lovely.

I’ve also made a few sourdough loaves recently too (thanks to a sourdough starter and recipe from Jane M 🙏).  It is time consuming but well worth it.

Cheese on toast anyone?  Vegan and sourdough that is! 😁

I’ve mentioned before that I buy a lot of nuts, nut butters, gf porridge oats etc from this local company and they also have recipes on their website too which you might like to look through and try a few out:  Let me know how you get on.

To keep your immune system topped up and to prevent colds & flu this Autumn and Winter, check out this blog:

Let me know how you’re doing and keep in touch/keep me updated thanks 😊

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