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Well, its the penultimate week of 2022 classes and still time to challenge ourselves, get fit, stay fit and work on our fitness, strength and flexibility.


We also get to relax and stretch more in our Tuesday & Thursday evening candlelight classes which we started last Thursday.  You’re welcome to come to any/all of our classes and if joining us in the evening, please bring a tea light, lighter or a battery-operated candle with you and we’ll stretch, relax and focus more on breathing in the last 20 minutes of those classes.  Please also bring and put on a cozy jumper/jacket/hoodie to keep warm while we relax in the glow of our candles.  You could also bring a blanket to be super-cozy and warm.


So just to remind that we finish up next Friday 16 December.


2023 classes start back on Wednesday 4 January onwards.

I felt that starting a class on 3 Jan was too early (maybe/maybe not?) so that means our Tuesday fitness Pilates class won’t start until 10 Jan.

If you’re a ‘Tuesday evening person you’re very welcome to come to any other class that first week of Jan incl Thurs 4 Jan at 7pm for fitness yoga/Pilates instead to kick start our fitness.


According to another podcast that I listened to last week, there’s a parallel between training our muscles and training our brain.  Muscles impact longevity and without regular resistance training, we start to lose strength and functional muscle capacity from the age of 30.

From the age of 60 onwards, muscle mass declines rapidly and reversing this is key because muscle supports every other organ in the body including our brain.


Studies conclusively show that the more muscle mass we have, and the more we move, the lower our risk of cognitive decline.  We don’t have to join HIIT or Crossfit classes or bench-press tens of kilos (unless we can and want to).

Social connection is also really important for cognitive and overall health and working out together in a friendly, local community class is one of the ways we can stay connected to each other while improving all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


Talking about local and community, I see that Christmas in the Park is on Wed 14 Dec at The Shed, Spylaw Park from 5.30 – 7.30pm with Santa’s grotto, mulled wine, mince pies, tombola, raffle, Christmas craft making, live music and pre-loved books to buy.


We walked through St Andrew Square gardens and noticed that there’s a Social Bite Festival Kindness big blue box which says that you can donate a gift under the Tree of Kindness.  Drop off times are Mon-Wed 12pm-4pm and Thurs-Sun 11am-7pm.

Their gift list includes things like: warm gloves, hats, warm clothes, winter jackets & raincoats – children or adults.  Also items like blankets, hot water bottles, soaps, toiletries, sleeping bags, thermos flasks, torches, earphones.

They don’t want: food items, alcohol, second-hand goods, wrapped gifts (donated items should not be wrapped so they can give to the right person).  They also ask that goods are not dropped off outwith the advertised opening times.


Reminder that you can pay for classes:

With cash ie £6 per class

Directly into my bank account

Using my SumUp card machine.


Remember to let me know if you have any comments, news and keep me updated with anything that’s happening with you ie health-related stuff, goals, achievements etc.


I look forward to seeing you and working out with you this week.

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