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Complementary Fitness 5 April Newsletter

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Hi & welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter

Please remember that our 2 outdoor classes (Wednesday 7 & Fri 9 April) at the Padel Court are at 9am for this week only and I look forward to seeing you then for an earlier start.

Start early/finish early.

You can still book up for our other classes which are recorded ie

  • Tuesday Fitness Pilates
  • Wednesday Core Resistance & Fitness (a few of you said that 9am outdoors is too early so it’s great that you’re still joining us online, thanks) &
  • Thursday Fitness Pilates/Yoga combo class.

Let me know if you’d like to join any of our recorded classes as above and I’ll send you the links which are easy to follow and we can work out and stretch out together.

At the moment, there are one or two spaces left for Wednesday’s outdoor class and more are available for Friday’s 9am class this week.

We loved wandering round the Botanic Gardens on Sunday.  We hadn’t been there for ages and it was so lovely, peaceful and relaxing.  The rhododendrons are so beautiful at the moment.

An Easter weekend OMG matcha green tea discount:

Enjoy 20% off OMGtea’s full range of matcha tea (exc accessories) until 11.59pm tonight (5 April).  Enter the code: EASTER20 for the discount when checking out at

As it’s 5 April, hairdressers & garden centres open today, yess woo hoo.

I’m hoping that at some point this month, our outdoor class numbers can increase because I believe that from 26 April, “it’s expected that gyms and swimming pools can open and that up to 4 people from 2 households can socialise in a café or restaurant” so if that’s indoors, I’m hoping we can have more than 15 outdoors at the Padel Court.

I’m also thinking once the weather settles to be consistently nicer, warmer (will it ever be consistently nice?  hmm, ever hopeful), that we could start outdoor/outdoor early evening classes at Paties Road Recreation Grounds again on a Tuesday & Thursday.  That’d be great.

If/when we do, for those who don’t want to exercise at Paties Road Rec Grounds, we could still do a recorded class.

On the Gov Scot website it also says that “on 17 May, it is hoped that groups of four people from two households would be able to socialise indoors in a private home, and that cinemas, amusement arcades and small scale outdoor and indoor events could restart with limits on capacity.  Further easing on this date would include outdoor contact sport for adults and indoor group exercise”.

So we’re non-contact sport/exercise so again, hopefully numbers restrictions will ease for us sooner than 17 May and dah, dah dah…. we might get indoors again to exercise as a group.

Thank you so much for all the lovely, amazing, fantastic & brilliant comments you sent me last week about our online and outdoor classes.  I really, really appreciate it, good to know that you’re enjoying them.

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