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It’s been great to be back in Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) and Craiglockhart Church again and to welcome you back indoors again on a Tue & Thurs.

Scroll down for more info re booking etc.

I asked for one of the sides to be fully down in Adidas Court, Thistle Padel Court last week because the previous week (22 & 24 Sept) is was so windy.  On Fri 24/9, it was sooo windy that our mats were flying around and I had to alter what I’d planned to do and even cut the class short by a couple of minutes.  That day, I got in touch with the guy that I deal with re bookings and he said that they’d planned to lower the sides at the end of October but he would lower one side for us for last Wed & Fri which he did.  It made a big difference, woo hoo.  Last Friday, the weather was awful first thing in the morning with lots of rain but by the time we got to the Padel court, it was lovely and sunny and at the back of the court, there was a lovely big sunny warm area.

TBH I’m still not 100% decided whether to stay at the Padel on a Wed/Fri or return to DLH, (even if over the winter).  As I say, it made a huge difference with the side tarp down and I’m sure that at the end of Oct, they’ll lower the other side on the other court, down too and it’ll feel warmer in there.

My current booking at the Padel Court takes us up until Fri 22 Oct and we can decide (or at least I can) one way/the other.

Actually on Wed 20 & Fri 22 Oct, our classes will be at 9am at the Padel Court because of the school holidays and bookings from 10am onwards – put those times/dates in your diary.

I know that coming into the winter, there’s likely to be more flu viruses etc around and maybe it still might be safer to be at the Padel, with extra layers on.  At least there’s more fresh air.

Am I good at making decisions?  Emmmmmm no as you can clearly tell!!

I want to make ‘the right decision’ for us all too.

Now, where did I put my crystal ball?

I read that to help prevent or manage low back pain, there are 3 things that we can do and they are: 1) aerobic fitness eg aerobic workout/running, 2) core stability-based Pilates and yoga and 3) being mindful of how you lift and how you sit.

Pilates/yoga works on activating the core muscles which support the spine and provide spinal stability and when we make it a part of our lifestyle, it can prevent a recurrence of back pain.

Talking about aerobic fitness training and core stability-based workouts: you know where to come.  Have a look at our Classes page for times and details and come and join us.

According to @drmarkhyman, here are 7 reasons why exercise is important to our overall health: 1 better insulin sensitivity, 2 reduced stress, 3 improved brain health, 4 reduced risk for chronic disease, 5 enhanced detoxification, 6 slowed aging process, 7 improved sexual function.

And from @DrWeil:  “A recent study looked at the effect of exercise on immune function.  We can’t tell you for certain that exercise will prevent infection, but it certainly can help maintain health”.

Read more: Exercise To Boost The Immune System? | Andrew Weil, M.D. (

We’re all encouraged to eat seasonally, not to always buy produce that’s travelled thousands of miles to get to our supermarket shelves (I know I’m guilty of buying fruit/veg eg avocados!) but the World Wildlife Foundation have launched The Future 50 Foods which is a report/a collection of diverse plant-based foods from around the world that can boost the nutritional value of our meals whilst reducing the environmental impact of our food supply.  There are some familiar foods in the report eg lentils, wild rice and kale and some unfamiliar ones too eg cactus or pumpkin flowers.

Find out more at WWF and Knorr launch The Future 50 Foods | WWF

On WWF website, there are lots of healthy recipe ideas for you to try at

Our Selection of Healthy Sustainable Recipes | WWF

Research has shown that the number of plant types in our diet plays a role in the diversity of our gut microbiome which is important for overall health.  We’re also advised to cut down on processed food.

The pandemic has had a detrimental effect on mental health worldwide.

The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) have announced the theme for World Mental Health Day (on 10 October) which is Mental Health in an Unequal World.  WFMH want to enable us to focus on the issues that perpetuate mental health inequality locally and globally.

Again if you’d like to find out more, visit 2021 World Mental Health Global Awareness Campaign – World Mental Health Day Theme – World Federation for Mental Health (

Along the same lines as our mental health, let’s talk about our brain which is the most complex thing in the universe.  Billions of cells work together to control emotions, memories, movement and speech.  Although we think about and look after other areas of our health and lifestyle, many of us take our brains for granted and may risk of developing dementia later in life.

Think Brain Health is an ongoing celebration of everything our incredible brains do for us.  You might like to take a Brain Health Quiz or learn brain health basics at

Think Brain Health – Alzheimer’s Research UK (

Now that we’re officially into Autumn, with less sunshine, we’re advised/reminded to start taking 10ug (10 micrograms which is equivalent to 400iu – international units) vitamin D every day as recommended by the Dept of Health.

10ug is the daily amount recommended for the general population by government for general health and in particular to protect bone and muscle health.  Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of our immune system and plays an important role in immune response.  I’ve read that it has anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties and helps activate our immune system defences.  Low levels have been associated with increased susceptibility to infection, diseases eg respiratory diseases and infections.

Vitamin D supplements can be taken in tablet and spray forms.

There are some contraindications to supplementing with vitamin D though and you can find out more at

Vitamin D supplements: how to take them safely – GOV.UK (

A reminder about the new fire, heat, smoke alarm legislation that we have to comply with

For Householders | SFRS (

Info re indoor classes booking etc:

Remember that for each indoor DLH or Craiglockhart Church class, please let me know in advance if you’re planning to come and take part and I will book your place in that class on the list for that evening so that your space is guaranteed.

I need to take pre-bookings for every class so I know how many are coming and to allow as much physical distancing as we can.

Please always remember to wear a face covering when entering and leaving church halls and also when/if moving around the hall ie moving from hall to toilets and back.

We don’t need to wear a face covering while exercising.

Please pay for classes by contactless or insert your card using my card machine in class and you can also bank transfer the money to my account too – I can give you my sort code & bank details.  Or £5 cash but card/bank transfer preferred.

Please also ensure that you return your completed Booking Checklist to me electronically if you’re attending indoor classes.

Downloads / Forms – Complementary Fitness

If you have any difficulties emailing your completed Booking Form or printing it off, please let me know.  I’ll bring a few blank Booking Forms with me anyway.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s exercise/food/lifestyle inspired newsletter with lots of links to click on and find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you and also seeing you in Craiglockhart Church, Thistle Padel Court and Dreghorn Loan Hall this week.

Please click on the Classes tab for class times & details for this week.

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I look forward to seeing you & working out/exercising with you this week,