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Firstly, thanks for letting me know that you like my new updated website.

You’ll see that our weekly fitness newsletter layout has been updated too and it’s hopefully easier to read with the white background.


As I said last week, please, please regularly send or give me a comment or some feedback about our classes eg how you’re getting on, how you feel during or after a class etc.


I’d like to frequently update the ‘what class participants say’ section of the new website and if you’re happy for me to share your comment there, I don’t have to add your name or even initials if you don’t want to be identified.


One comment we received after the Friday fitness yoga class was: “that was a good workout today.  I particularly liked the sequence with plank, downdog and knees bent….thanks for keeping the classes interesting and varied”.  Thanks for the comment.


A comment at the end of Thursday’s fitness yoga class was “wonderful” and “always the quickest hour of the week”.  Thanks again

Way way down at the bottom of the website page (under newsletter sign up), you’ll see the fitness articles link to click on to and read and I’ll be adding more in time.

You’ll also see previous newsletters on the Newsletter Archive heading and the Newsletter Link to click on to go back and read .. if you’d like to.

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Again, right down at the very bottom, on the right side of the archive sections is the Stay Connected social media icon buttons to my Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  For Facebook & Instagram, you’ll need to sign in to your own account though to get access (and comment or Like) whereas, you’ll see my Twitter posts which will continue to be updated too & Youtube videos if you click on those links.

Oh and I’ve just thought, if you do want to see the latest social media posts (even if you’re not ‘on’ Facebook or Instagram, you can see the latest ones on my website under the Social Media Channels heading – just scroll down and you’ll see it all there.

Phew.  It’s all progress and organic.  Organic is good and what I mean is that it’ll continue to grow, progress, flow and be updated.


The way we get stronger and are able to do more, able to lift heavier weights or do more reps is through progressive overload.  Progressively, over time, asking our body to adapt.  For example, we can start with an exercise eg maybe we start with a walk and progress, over time to a run then onto longer or faster runs to improve our cardiovascular system – that’s progressive overload.

Another example is to do some exercises with either our own body weight (ie lunges or squats) or adding some resistance to our training by using hand weights or resistance bands.  When we continue to work out in this way, we’ll become stronger, we’ll be able adapt and do more repetitions and progress to using and incorporating heavier weights or be able to use them for a longer period of time without tiring, if that’s our goal.


I think it’s great to keep the body and mind guessing when it comes to exercise so that we don’t get stuck in a rut of always doing the same walk, run, route, workout week in, week out.  If that were to happen, I’m sure we’d all get bored.

So that’s why I like to ‘mix it up’ and try to keep each class different and unique.

What do they say about variety and spice?


Of course, we need balance, a positive mindset, family, friends, adequate rest, sleep, recovery time and of course, nutrition is so important to a healthy lifestyle too.


Talking about lifestyle, I’ve heard that daily journaling can help us stay focussed and we can look at and practice gratitude by writing down and asking ourselves ‘what 3 things are you grateful for today’?


Looking at positive affirmations can also help with our confidence and can help us de-stress.

Get yourself a notebook/journal and in the morning, write down 3 goals for your day and in the evening, write down 3 wins or things that you achieved that day.


3 goals for today                                             today’s achievements


They don’t have to be huge big achievements either.


You might also want to think about 2 things that could’ve made your day even better (eg ‘if I’d phoned ….., we haven’t spoken for ages and we could’ve caught up and had a laugh, that would’ve been great).

Doing these things helps give the day clarity and keeps us centred.


On a very different, but still important, lifestyle topic:

Fibre helps us to feel full and when we consume foods with fibre in, we’re less likely to overeat.  When thinking fibre, think whole grains, fruit and veg to fill us up and we’re less likely to eat high calorie foods.


Hydration – as we know, it’s really important to drink water to stay hydrated.

The amount of water we should drink is a very personal and unique thing because we’re all different shapes, sizes, weights, it depends on how much exercise we do, how our climate or temperature is etc but aim to drink at least 2L a day.  Drinking tea counts towards your fluid intake and flavour helps here too so think something refreshing like peppermint tea or fruit teas.  Coffee can add towards our daily fluid allowance but it can have a mild diuretic effect.

I love all the health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle info & tips you get in and thought you might want to take a look as well for ideas, advice etc on there.


You’ll have heard that The Swing Café is opening again tomorrow, Tuesday 5 April.  They’ll be open Tue-Sat 10am-4pm at Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road and they’ve got a new menu and they’re offering a takeaway menu too.

They’ll have gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and veggie options available too.

Great if you want a coffee/tea & something to eat after the Wed & Fri morning classes with others or have lunch there – it’s so local and handy.


Advance notice but Dreghorn Loan church hall will be used all day & evening on Thursday 5 May for voting so that means, we can’t use the hall that evening for our 7pm class.

We’ll need to look for an alternative venue which, depending on the weather that week, could be outdoors as before.  Otherwise, I’ll see if the Dell Room is available at 7pm for us.



  • if you have any news, anything you’d like to share ie whether it’s local news, ideas, comments, recipes etc, let me know and I’ll let everyone know. I’m always on the hunt for things to add into our weekly newsletter.  As above, please regularly send me class comments & feedback (eg if the class has benefitted you, that a fitness yoga evening class helps you sleep, that you have more energy…. etc), then please email me directly or through my website and I’ll continually update the ‘what class participants say’ section of my new website, thank you.


  • that you can email me for a space in any class and/or just turn up, there’ll be space for you. We’re never 100% full with no spaces left.  You can book a place through my Facebook page too if you want to.


  • If you feel unwell, have any cold or other virus symptoms, don’t come to a class but rather, get checked out (maybe do a lateral flow test), stay home and get well. When you’re feeling much better, with no symptoms, we’d love to see you in class again.


  • Until 18 April, please continue to wear a face covering when entering & leaving the church halls. Face coverings in public places, in shops & on transport will be lifted from 18 April.  Did you know that face coverings are not mandatory in Scotland from today (4 April) if you’re attending a wedding, funeral or a place of worship.


  • please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @complementaryfitness where you’ll see the latest updates, photos, mini videos etc. On Pinterest, I’m @SusanCockburn

As always, I look forward to seeing you this week and working out together.

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