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Welcome to this week’s fitness newsletter.  Please check out the Classes page for details of all of our classes & join us.

You’ll have heard that we should ‘eat a rainbow’ of colours for variety by eating different vegetables & fruits.  When thinking veg, we can opt for courgettes (maybe spirilized?), raw grated or finely sliced carrots, cubes of cooked aubergines, red, yellow, orange, & green peppers, raw grated or sliced & cooked beetroot, green leafy veg & slices of avocado to name a few.  In the fruit section, choose strawberries, blueberries, papaya, crunchy apples, mango etc but don’t always eat the same rainbow of fruits & veg, instead vary them.

Add in or sprinkle on top some chia seeds, shelled hemp seeds, other seeds eg pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, nuts and maybe some yoghurt depending on what dish you’re creating.  Maybe it’s a frozen banana & cacao smoothie bowl which is then decorated with edible flowers, some slices of the fruits I mentioned above, desiccated coconut, some cacao nibs, more sliced banana, 1T peanut or other nut butter.

Try to buy (or grow) organic if/when you can and buy seasonal especially when fruit & veg is fresh, juicy and ripe.

In the May edition of the free Tesco mag (thanks Claire for picking it up & bringing for me), there was a spotlight Eating to Feel Good article on how our diet can affect mental wellbeing, incl memory and mood.  It said that although our brain only takes up 2% of our body weight, it uses up 20% of our energy.  It makes sense that what we eat (& drink) can have a huge impact on how well our mind functions.  A nutrient-rich diet can help mental wellbeing and from research, we know that a Mediterranean diet which is high in fruits, veg, nuts, legumes, grains & fish, can help protect against depression.

The article goes on to say that as well as helping us feel better, eating healthily can also be less expensive, especially if we cook from scratch and plan meals.

It might be an idea to cook a big batch of soup, stew, casserole, lentils, beans etc and freeze some into portions for another day which will also save you some time and cut down on food waste.

Fibre-rich foods ie pulses (eg beans & lentils) & wholegrains (eg oats, rye & barley) are affordable and support good gut health and our immune systems.

For brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, try oily fish (eg tinned sardines) and for us veggies or vegans, sources of O-3 are chia seeds (the richest plant source & they’re also a complete protein), walnuts, flaxseeds & edamame beans.

I’m sure that a lot/most of you have had at least one, if not both doses of the covid vaccine.

I’ve had one so far and phoned twice on Friday (each time, I was about 250th in the queue and the first time I phoned, I was asked to leave a message in the mail box!!!  So had to phone again.  Luckily the queue goes down fairly quickly).

Anyway, I said I’ve registered online and could see the date of my first vaccine and that it was 11 weeks ago.  I could also see that there was no date for my second one.

The helpful guy did some investigating and said that although he could also see that I’d had the first one, that the appointment was marked as ‘cancelled’!!!  eh?

There and then, he messaged his manager about the admin error and requested it be corrected.  He then verbally gave me a date for my 2nd one next week (13 weeks after the 1st) and said that I may/may not get my second appt letter but I’ll go along anyway as they’ll expect me this time at Sighthill HC.

I asked what would’ve happened if I hadn’t phoned back to enquire and he said I wouldn’t have got a letter but thanked me for phoning.  Ha, just as well I phoned.

Don’t know why but there was an error with my first appointment too.  Oh well.  All sorted now, phew.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter.  Let me know your thoughts.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, strength, flexibility and fun in our outdoor classes at the Padel Court & Paties Rd Recreation Grounds.

If or when the weather’s not great for outdoor/outdoor Paties Rd Rec Grounds classes, instead, you can join me for a recorded one on a Tue/Thurs.

Let’s hope for sunshine and warm outdoor classes this week though & going forward.

Apologies for cancelling last Tuesday’s outdoor class but it had been raining and the grass was wet.  When I emailed to find out if anyone was thinking of attending, the majority said no and I felt I had to make a decision yes/no.  It’s hard to decide as you never know if the rain will start again in the next hour or so.  Anyway, I cancelled and guess what?….. between 6.15 and 7.15pm, it was probably the nicest/driest it had been all day, typical!

Thanks to those who signed up for the recorded class instead though.

Thursday evening’s class was lovely outdoors and thanks to those who came & joined me. I’m hoping for more of the same dry, nice weather for this week’s Tue & Thurs 6.15pm outdoor classes.

We’re soooo lucky with Thistle Padel Court as you know having fresh air, it being open but also covered so we don’t get wet when it’s raining on a Wed & Fri at 10am.

There’s no word yet of the possibility of being indoors again in Dreghorn Loan church hall or Craiglockhart church hall.  When I hear, I’ll let you know.

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