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Well, I’m sorry that I had to cancel last Tuesday’s class because of the rain.

It’s such a shame because the day before: Monday 24th was lovely in the afternoon and would’ve been perfect for an early evening class.  Typical!

I had heard that from 5pm on Tuesday, the rain was to go off and it was to be dry so hung off in the hope that was going to be the case.  However, oh noooo, it continued to rain and rain all day, all evening and thought it best to cancel so sent you all an email to say that.

I also put the cancellation info on my Complementary Fitness Facebook page and on the Classes page of my website just in case you didn’t get the message.

If we’d gone at all, we’d have got soaked, the grass would’ve been soaked and if we’d lunged around the wet grass, yuck.

When we come to a class and it starts to rain during the class, it feels like we can cope with it, we can continue if light rain or at least, if a few of us, we can still exercise under the trees for shelter.  But when it’s been pouring all day with no let up in sight, it’s a different matter and really, no one looks forward to exercising outdoors when it’s like that.

So again, apologies but can’t do much about the weather, much as we’d like to.

Thanks to everyone who joined our amazing outdoor classes that we did do last week

and I look forward to seeing you again this week for more fitness, fun and togetherness (that is a word isn’t it?)

Again directions to the outdoor venue if you haven’t joined us yet are in 17 Aug fitness newsletter

I’m loving my new card reader which can take payments through chip & pin or contactless from Visa (so debit or credit card), Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay and send you a receipt to your email address or a text to your mobile phone number so if you’re paying by contactless/chip & pin, give me your email address at the time and I’ll send you a receipt there and then.  Easy done.

Did you watch the unlisted video I sent the link to last week where I’m using a flat resistance band to assist with abdominal sit ups? 

Did you order a band and if so, have you been trying it out at home? 

You can bring it and use in our Tuesday 6.15pm class if you’d like.

I hope that you find the band helps prevent neck tension when lifting your head, neck and shoulders from the floor in an ab curl.

I thought I’d go over one of our fitness yoga poses with you and it’s benefits for the whole body including strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and mental focus:

The Warrior Pose and it’s variations.

It’s really a lunge position using our own body weight to create tension which can be held for a length of time to increase intensity. 

Usually the arms are elevated which makes this a compound move (whole body, arms, core, legs).

We can start off with a basic Warrior position and move to other variations and options using our arms, feet and legs which may challenge and improve our balance.

We can start by standing at the front of our mat then stepping our right foot back to a comfortable distance between the feet. 

Keep your back right leg straight (you can turn your right foot out to 45 degrees to help with stability) and front left leg bent, with that knee over the ankle and foot facing forward.

Both hips and shoulders ‘square’ facing forward.

You can keep your arms by your sides, with hands reaching to the floor or the ground, releasing any tension from the neck and look forward.

Option, once you’ve got your balance, is to lift both arms up to the ceiling/sky with palms facing each other or palms together.

Again, look forward or for more intensity and a balance challenge, look up, creating a slight back bend/back extension to strengthen further.

Keep your front knee bent.  Brace your core abdominal muscles. 

You can hold the pose for around 5 breaths, breathing in and out through your nose while developing strength in the quads (muscles at the front of the leg, above knee), hamstrings, gluteal (buttock) muscles, shoulders, arms, abdominal and back muscles. 

We’re also developing balance, core strength, stamina as well as flexibility in hip flexor muscles and ankles.

It’s a great pose for anyone who sits at a desk all day as it’s a chest opening exercise too.

When we’ve held the pose for a few breaths, step your right foot forward again to the front of the mat with both feet facing forward, hip width apart.

Then repeat this pose on the left side.

I’ve done a wee short Unlisted Youtube video to show you:

There’s an article on A Vogel’s website giving 7 reasons why we might get muscle cramps.  Read at

The article goes into each of the possible reasons which include:

Magnesium deficiency, activity levels, aging, dehydration, pregnancy, alcohol & medication.

I love using magnesium flakes in a bath to help me relax and prevent muscle cramps and of course, try to drink enough water too.

I love using spirulina in a smoothie and usually add ½ – 1tsp powdered organic spirulina in at a time.  It has many nutritional benefits including ie:

58 times more iron than raw spinach, 26 x more calcium than milk, 25 x more beta-carotene than carrots, 4 x antioxidant ability of blueberries and 3 x more vitamin E than raw wheat germ.

Ok the following link has a sales pitch in it but … you don’t have to buy.  It’s just for the information alone.  I buy powdered organic spirulina online or from H&B and you can also buy spirulina in tablet form.  I always feel that I have much more energy when I use it in smoothies.  It’s also rich in many vitamins and minerals incl Vitamin B12 and protein.

Sleep is soooo important to us and it clears out brain toxins which helps optimize life and health spans.  One of the reasons that restorative sleep is so critical is that it uses a system to filter and remove ‘trash’ from our brain.  During sleep, the brain works 10 x as hard to remove toxic proteins like the ones responsible for Alzheimer’s damage.  A University of Oregon study showed that middle-aged or older people who get 6 to 9 hours of sleep a night, have better cognition than those sleeping either fewer or more hours, zzzzzzz

We buy lots of avocados and make guacamole, peacamole (avo + peas combo), add slices of avo on top of stews or soup. 

I also occasionally make a cacao mousse using avocados too – I think I’ve given you the recipe for it before but if not and you want to try it, here’s how: I add to a blender or you can mash up a ripe avocado, a ripe banana, add in 1-2 tsps cacao powder, a chopped date or 2 and some almond or other non dairy milk to loosen.

Makes enough for 1 hungry person (I’ve been known to eat it all myself before!!) or for 2 and you can top it off with slices of banana, cherries, cacao nibs, strawberries, hemp seeds, desiccated coconut or whatever you fancy 😋

Avocados are important when it comes to cognitive health because they contain an important compound folate.  Folate is necessary for making neurotransmitters, promoting cellular detoxification and for ensuring proper nervous system development.  

In some recent studies, folate has also been shown to decrease the risk of depression too. Avocados also contain high levels of lutein which is associated with improved cognition.  Research has shown that increased levels of lutein in the brain after consuming avocado, improved memory and problem solving skills.  

You may also be interested to find out that avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats which have been shown in research to facilitate healthy blood flow throughout the body and to the brain.  Guacamole anyone?

I look forward to seeing you this week – keep everything crossed for good, dry weather.

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