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Hi and welcome to another great week of Complementary Fitness classes – I’m really looking forward to seeing you and working out with you, can’t wait.

I’ve read that according to research, when exercising/working out with a friend, 57% of us find it more enjoyable, 34% believe they work harder and nearly 50% find that the time passes quicker.  Great news if you come to classes with a friend but even if you don’t and come on your own, you’ll soon make friends and be part of our community classes, fit in and feel that you belong.

As you’ll know, in our Tuesday Fitness Pilates, Thurs Fitness Yoga/Pilates & Fri Fitness Yoga classes, we do a lot of standing work where we lunge and squat in different planes of motion (forward/back, side-side and rotation) and we seem to spend a slightly less proportionate amount of time ‘on the floor’ (seated, lying or on our side exercising eg ‘sit ups’ or stretching).  I think it’s important to exercise while putting some load through our joints (through our own body weight, aka ‘load-bearing exercise) and we can do this with lunging and squatting.  Of course, in our Wednesday morning class, I’d say that all (or around 98%) of our time is spend upright doing low intensity impact exercise with a small proportion of the class having the option of working out at moderately-high or high impact intensity if you wish to as researchsuggests that in the hips, the load needed to trigger bone growth is 4.2 times your body weight.  Although we may not be putting 4 times our body weight through our hips (ie if you weight 150lb, that would mean 600lb of load), and not exercising at high intensity continuously, let’s continue to do what we can to help prevent, lessen or even reverse the risks of osteoporosis.  So, if you’ve ever wondered why we spend a lot of time in classes doing squats and lunges, that’s why.  Everything is connected and when asked to tighten or pull in your abdominal muscles when lunging etc, we’re still working on our core so don’t actually need to do hundreds of sit ups.  Functional movement training in all directions and planes of motion is best for every day life. 

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis affects approximately 1 in 10 women aged 60; 2 in 10 women aged 70; 4 in 10 women aged 80; and two-thirds of women aged 90.  Prevalence in all age groups is far higher in women than in men and across Europe, the rate of prevalence among men ranges between 6.7% and 6.9%.

All of our bones are living tissue which are constantly being remodelled, broken down and rebuilt – they’re not static or inflexible.  Remodelling slows down with age.

Osteopenia (low bone density), can increase your risk of fractures and may progress into osteoporosis.  Did you know that there are some nutrients that are important for healthy bone growth and strength and these include vitamins D, K1 and K2, calcium, magnesium, collagen, boron and strontium (you may/may not have heard of strontium and it’s a trace mineral with similarities to calcium, which is thought to be important for bone formation and bone strength).  Risk factors to osteopenia and eventually osteoporosis, include diet, balance and lifestyle choices ie smoking, lack of exercise/being inactive, excessive alcohol consumption and vitamin D deficiency.  According to a paper on preventing and treating osteoporosis, the best approach to getting enough nutrients to build and maintain strong bones is to consistently make healthy food choices and to doing bone-loading exercise.

Class feedback/comment:

We got a lovely comment from ‘a new guy’ who’s now been to 2 Tuesday Fitness Pilates classes and after his first class, he sent me an email with the following comment (permission to share given):

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class last Tuesday, even though I felt I was a little sore in places on the next morning, but that is expected when you work areas which hasn’t been practiced for a while, don’t you agree?  An old martial arts instructor once told me ‘before you walk into the Dojo, it’s important to feel what you’re working with.  Some people are tall and thin, while others are shorty and heavy.  After your first session you may have really sore hips, arms and legs.  These aren’t bad things – they are just part of the process, a process that you’ll find that, the more you practice, everything will get easier’.

As I mentioned, ultimately my plans are to incorporate a routine of practicing both Pilates and Yoga on a weekly base, in the hope to fix my chronic back problem for good!

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the physical element of the class and the friendliness of the group.

I’m extremely inspired by your instructions and look forward to practicing some more next week” 

Reply: Thanks so much for your very kind feedback about our very friendly class and to know that you enjoyed it and you’ll continue so that you can improve your back – Susan

I saw a matcha green tea versus coffee comparison on Pinterest the other day and thought I’d share it with you:

Matcha green tea: 65mg caffeine, 4-6 hours of calm energy, no crash or jitters, 137 times more antioxidants than green tea.

Coffee: 70mg caffeine, 1-2 hours of energy, no crash, low antioxidant level.

matcha green tea

Quote: ‘the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts’ Marcus Aurelius

I hope that you’ll continue to work out with me/us and continue to maintain your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and generally, feel great and enjoy all of the exercise benefits that we talked about earlier.  I love getting all the positive comments from you so keep them coming.  Well done and keep up the great work and commitment and let me know how you’re getting on generally and with your fitness, diet and lifestyle (incl mind, body, meditation, sleep, rest). 

I look forward to seeing you this week, take care, see you soon.


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