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Welcome to this week’s newsletter

Thanks to ES (Wed/Fri classes) who sent me a link to a story that was in Saga Exceptional online article.  It was about an 86 year old lady called Mary who regularly walks her dogs, loves gardening and cooks family meals.  She says she puts her ‘strength and suppleness down to her regular Pilates practice’ and “I don’t consider myself old,”. “Pilates enables me to live my life how I want to and stay independent.”

She went to her first class 13 years ago and loved it and attends 2 classes a week and that was the first time that she’d ever joined an exercise class, let alone tried Pilates.  She said that she only went because “a neighbour persuaded me to – then she backed out!”  From that first and subsequent classes, she’s gained confidence and now also attends yoga classes.

Her Pilates instructor says that Mary is an inspiration and “she shows just how, with regular workouts, Pilates can make a real difference to your body – and your life – in older age.”

Like me, Mary’s instructor agrees that “Pilates is great for core strength, mobility, flexibility, suppleness, posture and balance, which are all important to maintain as we age.  Like a well-oiled engine, Pilates keeps us ticking over.”

I’d add that fitness yoga & our general fitness Wed am class as well as regular walking and other sports also ‘keeps us ticking over.  They’re also great for our mental health and all of the other benefits mentioned here.

You can read the full article here at

“I swear by Pilates in my 80s for keeping me mobile and pain-free” – Saga Exceptional

We’ve also very recently (and in the past) talked about exercise and bone density but thought I’d again remind you that there are many benefits of strength training and that it should be an integral part of anyone’s exercise regime and especially as we get older.  The benefits are really important because weight-bearing activity/exercise can help prevent many health problems.


Strength training benefits include improved muscle tone, better mobility, an increase in bone density and weight management.  Having low bone mineral density is linked to increased fractures which then lead to reduced mobility which can then have an impact on confidence.


As you know, strength training can be using your own body weight (eg in squats, lunges, planks etc) or using weights incl kettlebells or resistance bands in class, at home or the gym.

Strength training slows down the loss of bone density over time.  Weight training increases density because it increases the cells (the osteoblasts) that create new bone tissue.

You’ll probably know that weight bearing exercise has an effect on the muscles and tendons making them stronger.  They pull on the bones as we move which stimulates the production of the osteoblasts.  Strength training also increases calcium deposits and our bones will be stronger and therefore less likely to fracture.


I’ve mentioned before that sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) is another issue as we age but again, it can be kept at bay with regular resistance exercise and with our weights and bands etc.

So let’s keep moving, stay strong, get up and move our muscles and keep ourselves as active as we can.  It’s never too late to start as we were reading above about Mary who’s 86.  Keep going and/or “keep dancing”, ha.


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this website to you before or not (for ordering nuts, seeds, coconut oil etc) but they also have a great recipes page

Recipes (

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