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Hi & welcome to this week’s newsletter:

Once again, apologies for having to cancel all of last week’s classes.  I know I’d said in last week’s newsletter (which was typed up & scheduled to go out ie when I thought I’d be ok/better by the Tuesday).  I was still so choked with the cold and then on Thursday, felt even worse because I somehow had gastro-enteritis on top of the cold & a blinding headache!  It was the worst ever and I had to stay in bed all day/night.

Over the weekend, I’ve gradually improved phew so ….

Ta dah … ALL CLASSES ARE (definitely) ON THIS WEEK.

I’m thinking that I’ll still record Tuesday & Thursday’s classes and send out the recorded links to you so that you can do the classes as/when is convenient to you if ok with you.

So please let me know if you’d like to join either/both of these classes, pay in the £5 (unless you’re in credit atm) & I’ll send you the recorded link & passcode.

We’ve really only got this week and another 2 weeks of classes before we finish up on Fri 18 Dec!  Can you believe it?

Normally on a Tue & Thursday evening in December, we have our ‘candlelight classes’ where 20 minutes at the end of each class in Craiglockhart or Dreghorn Loan church halls,  we get our candles, light them, I put the hall lights off and we stretch & relax in candlelight.  We can still do this can’t we?  I’m up for it if you are.  Because we do this in December classes, I’m thinking that we can actually start this THIS WEEK on 1 & 3 Dec.  Normally it’s just for 2 weeks in Dec but the way the dates run, we’ll get 3 weeks (6 classes) woo hoo.  What do you think? 

Let me know: ……

If you want to join our Zoom classes this week, let me know if you’re up for Candlelight Classes (20 mins at the end) starting tomorrow (Tue) & Thurs – or if you want to leave it this week & start next week & the following.

Phew.  We can go with the majority.

Moving your body against resistance is a great way to gain strength and we can do that using resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells or our own bodyweight.

Muscle building (aka hypertrophy) occurs when the muscle fibres grow in response to increased levels of tension.  The best way to create those conditions is with resistance training.  When trying to build muscle, it’s generally recommended to go for intermediate reps with progressively heavier, more challenging weights. 

Staying physically active is critical for our physical and mental health.  Exercise has the ability to change our mood because it has a dramatic impact on the brain while we’re exercising and over time.  I read in a mindbodygreen article saying that when we exercise, our heart rate increases and our body pumps more oxygen to the brain.  That process can affect overall positivity and a well-oxygenated brain helps manage anxiety and depression. 

Research has also shown that after 20 or 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins that interact with receptors in your brain and we’re likely to feel positive and upbeat during a tough workout.  Other mood-enhancing chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are also released that can stick around in your brain for a couple of hours after we exercise.  What’s not to love?  I can’t wait to feel great and get all of those mood-enhancing chemicals coursing through our brains to help us feel fantastic and wonderful.

I joined an online Nextdoor neighbourhood group ie where you can report anything going on in your area, report any local news or lost & found, buy/sell stuff etc. 

On there, I read that someone had gone to a local food bank looking for food for himself & his daughter but couldn’t get anything.  This post has really touched people and like others, we’ve donated food and it’s lovely to see that people want to drop off food & toy donations to those who are struggling. 

I didn’t know, until now, that there’s an Edinburgh charity called Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts who are at 28-30 Ferry Road, Edinburgh.

Donate to Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts where you can ‘pay it forward’ as a one-time donation by paying £5, £15 or £30 using your card or paypal.  They’re also looking for people to volunteer their time to help cook, pack & deliver food across the city.

There’s also Home – Edinburgh food project ( who operate foodbanks across Edinburgh and they also offer support to people about housing, employment, debt advice, Money Advice Service & Mental Health Project. 

You can donate £5 by texting EFP33 to 70970 to help people living in poverty.

They also have a Money Giving page:

Virgin Money Giving | Edinburgh Food Project

I look forward to seeing you this week.

Let me know how you’re doing and keep in touch/keep me updated thanks 😊

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Susan x