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Complementary Fitness 30 Dec news

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I hope that you had a very merry Christmas, enjoyed all the fun and relaxed too. 

There’s always such a lot of pre-planning, work and stuff to do but it’s all worth it to see everyone and celebrate together.

Do you have any goals for 2020?  I read this list the other day and thought you might like some of them:

  • Break a bad habit
  • Learn a new skill
  • Do a good deed
  • Visit a new place
  • Read a difficult book
  • Write and send a letter
  • Face a fear
  • Try something new
  • Take a risk


  • to celebrate your successes throughout this year and be ready to overcome and sail through the new challenges that the new year brings.
  • to strive for progress, not for perfection.
  • that your next chapter is going to be amazing

Another tiny short email this week but I just wanted to catch up with you and wish you every best wish for 2020.  Best wishes for great amazing health, positivity, happiness, more fun, lots of fitness, classes and good times together.

All of our classes start back from Tue 7 January and I look forward to seeing you then.

Have a fabulous week and a wonderful Hogmanay and new year.

Take care


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