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Welcome to this week’s fitness newsletter.

We’re planning to return back and returning to Craiglockhart Church Large Hall again on a Tuesday evening for our Fitness Pilates class from 21 September.

The church is having work done incl a new floor which is due to start soon and possibly take 2 weeks to complete although I’ve been told that the Large Hall can be used from Mon 20 Sept and that we can have our class on 21 Sept onwards so I’ve booked our class on and from that date and look forward to seeing you then/there.

If I hear back from the church in the meantime that there might be a delay of a week, I’ll let you know asap but hoping for a 21 Sept start back date.

As previously, there’ll be a group on before us until 7.15pm, so our class will start at 7.30pm

I’ve requested to use Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) on/from Thursday 23 September for our 7pm Fitness Pilates/Yoga class and have still to get the go-ahead.  The church committee have to authorise my Risk Assessment and grant me a Licence to teach classes and be able to use DLH.  I’m also waiting to find out from the hall convenor what the new Terms & Conditions are.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you on 23/9 at 7pm if/when we get a definite booking but I’ll let you know asap when I hear back.  I’ll update in future newsletters/my website.

So the plan is that until 14/16 September, we’re still outdoors on a Tue & Thurs evening at 6.15pm at Paties Road Recreation, weather-permitting.

More new updated info re ALL indoor classes:

I have created a Booking checklist for Complementary Fitness class participants which has 4 sections on it e iPlan, Prepare, Protect and Review which you’re encouraged to consider.  They relate to hygiene, health and safety as we prepare for, participate in and reflect on each class session.  This Booking checklist for class participants is on the Articles page of my website so please have a look, consider and if you agree with the points, please let me know.  I’ll assume that if you attend any indoor class, that you have read, understood and agree with the points on the checklist.  I can email the Booking Checklist to you and you can print it off, sign and give to me or return it to me electronically.

On the Articles tab of my website, Articles – Complementary Fitness there’s also a Covid-19 Useful Websites for Class Participants article to look.  Just 2 websites for now, just copy & paste the links into your browser for info.

Class numbers-wise, I’m required to take pre-bookings for indoor classes and it’ll probably be easier if you intend to come to any indoor class, that you email me for a place first and I’d note that you’re coming on my register and reserve your place.

Also, paying for classes: you can transfer the money into my account (if you don’t have the sort code & bank account details, I can email them to you) or bring your card and pay contactless using my machine.  I will however take cash but you may prefer contactless.

I’m required to clean, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces that are touched incl banisters, chairs, toilets, taps & washbasins and to do this 15 minutes before and after each class.

I’d bring antibacterial sprays and wipes and clean surfaces before & after all classes.

Face covering must be worn just when entering and leaving the hall, but not while exercising.

However, I have to remind you/participants to wear a face covering when moving around the building eg when going from the hall to the toilet & back again.

We’d need to bring and use our own equipment eg yoga mat, weights, bands, water.

No waiting on the outside steps before or after a class.

Anyone dropping off or meeting class participants before/after any class will be discouraged from entering the hall & encouraged to wait in their own car or outside.  The church stipulates that we do not congregate outside or on steps

Doors and exit doors will be open for the duration of any class to maximise ventilation.

The windows do not open.

Hand sanitisation will be provided.

Only one person to be in toilets at any one time.

Scottish Government NO longer stipulates that one-metre social distancing is necessary but because it’s preferable that places are booked by email in advance, we’ll ensure there’s plenty of space round each of us to move freely.

It’d be great to know that you’re coming back to our Tuesday 7.30pm & Thursday 7pm indoor classes and if you haven’t emailed me yet to say that you’re intending to return, please email me and let me know, thanks.

Again email me for an indoor class space and I’ll reserve it for you.

Morning classes:

From all the feedback from you so far about our Wed & Fri venue dilemma, the majority are for staying at Thistle Padel Court year round & putting on an extra layer over the winter.

I’ve weighed it all up and given it soooo much thought (you wouldn’t believe how much), I’ve gone back and forward, I’ve worried and been anxious about it (don’t want to make the wrong decision) but my thinking is that we stay at Thistle Padel Court.

It’s not 100% so please keep reading…..

There are more Pros (than negative/cons) to this venue overall:

As I mentioned, over the winter, the sides will be down making it feel warmer and less windy.

It’s such a great, lovely outdoor covered space with lovely views.

It’s been absolutely perfect and the best outdoor covered dry venue for us since we started using it in March this year.

I just found out we can have access to Thistle Padel Court (TPC) Clubhouse which is next door (to the right, just before going into the courts).  The clubhouse may look a bit basic externally but after last Wednesday’s class, I met with Alastair McCulloch, TPC Director who showed me inside.  By the way, I’ve got a code for the door.

Inside there’s a lounge area to the right, a kitchen that we can access to and I was told that if we wanted to go in and have a coffee before or after a class, we could.

We could also make a coffee in the kitchen and have it in the lounge area or take it outside and sit at one of the wooden tables & bench seats.

Inside the clubhouse, there are 2 female changing rooms and 2 male changing rooms each with 2 showers and a toilet.  There’s also an accessible toilet.

Oh another couple of things Alastair, TPC director me was that

He’s one of the TPC coaches and would be willing to give any of our class members a trial session of the game then if you like it, he/one of the other coaches, could give you some coaching.  I have his details if you’re interested, just let me know.

He also said that there’s been approval for the Edinburgh Football Club (to the left as you come in to the car park) to be massively upgraded and that there will be a café in there that we can also use.  It’s obviously not started yet and will take time but it’s good to know.

OK I know that in Nov through to March, it’ll be cold at the Padel Court, there might occasionally be snow on the ground at times (but it’ll be the same snow outside and on the pavements/steps at DLH) but when under cover, we can wear a long sleeve top, maybe light gloves and wear a jacket and be perfectly fine.  We’ll definitely warm up, don’t worry.

The courts will be covered right down to the ground.

Loads of people exercise outdoors.  The courts will still be used for those wishing to continue playing padel tennis over the winter too.  I know they’ll be running about, keeping warm but when we exercise, we don’t stop, we keep going, keep warm, keep active.

People still go for a walk or run in the winter, outdoors so we can still do the same ie exercise outdoors.

We’ll be fine.  It’ll be invigorating when cool.

It’s not always going to be winter and cold.  We’ve had lovely days, sunshine and at times, when glorious, it’s been cooler and fresher in Adidas Court than outside making it perfect for exercising.

There are lots of benefits to exercising outdoors ‘green exercise’ and has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.

Exposure to sunlight enhances vitamin D production.

Research also shows that exercising outdoors/green exercise can improve self esteem and mood.

Exercising in nature makes us feel better by reducing stress.

It’s also a great way to boost our immune system and protect us from disease.

We can also enjoy the colours of nature and sounds when outdoors too.

It’s still not a 100% definite decision re staying at TPC but I think that opting for 2 evening classes a week indoors (Tue & Thurs as above) and 2 morning classes outdoors/covered/dry at the Padel Court will work really well and be a great compromise to our recent indoor/outdoor dilemma.

Are you with me?  I hope so.

Pity we can’t have maybe 4 months of winter morning classes at Dreghorn Loan Hall then 8 months of nice, dry, sunny mornings at the Padel Court.

The Padel Court may be ok with that but DLH would want a more permanent booking (I have to book up class dates usually a year in advance).

We were talking about supplements last week so just to let you know that I subscribe and take 2 vegan Omega 3 tablets daily.

About Omega 3 From Algae – NothingFishy

If you’re interested, click on the link, you can read more about them and why take vegan omega 3 instead of taking fish supplements.

In the past, I’ve used the Headspace app and they’ve got a 40% discount if you’d like to find out more or sign up to get daily guided meditations etc.   and their one year of Headspace plan is £29.99 instead of £49.99.

After a year though, the price will go back up again.  It’s a great app and website.

Just to let you know that I don’t benefit financially from NothingFishy or Headspace, it’s just to let you know if you’re interested, no pressure, just for info for you or to pass on.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s newsletter

I look forward to hearing from you and also you in a class/classes this week.

Please scroll down for class times & details for this week.

Classes £5 each & you can pay by bank transfer (I can give you my bank details), by card machine when you come to the class or cash.

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