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Read then scroll down for updated classes info from this week – details below *

Last Wednesday afternoon, I went on to Gov Scot & Sport Scotland website & found out that from last Monday (26/4), our outdoor non-contact sports & activities ie exercise classes are still restricted but instead of up to 15, it’s up to 30 woo hoo.

I wish I’d found out this info on Wednesday morning though as I had to turn some away as I thought the max was still 15 inc me!  Oh well.

Here’s what guidance says:

Outdoor – Personal Training and Group Ex

Level 0 – 3:

Outdoor group coaching for organised sport and physical activity including fitness classes can take place with up to 30 people at any one time, including the coach, if physical distancing is always maintained or as agreed through approved Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (ie Sport Scotland) Guidance.

Here’s what it says & a checklist on outdoor sports from Sport Scotland’s website (click on the link):

Latest sport and physical activity guidance (

Obviously, we’re never going to get 30 people but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to say to some of you …. ‘sorry but we’ve already got 14’ in a class, especially our Wednesday am class.

So if you want to still book a place for Wed & Friday 10am classes, you can however, you don’t need to coz as I say, we’ll never get as many as 30.

Even if we did, I feel that the Padel Court would be too busy with that max number.

Even if 18 or 20 of you turned up, that’s 9 or 10 per side so still plenty of space.


also because some of you couldn’t get a space in our Wednesday morning class, I was also recording a class for those that wanted it.  However, because we’re not restricted in outdoor numbers, there’s no need to do a recorded class as well on a Wednesday – just turn up to the Padel Court instead, there’ll be space for you.

Numbers varied for the Wednesday recorded class anyway – sometimes there’d be 4, 5 or 6 but last week, there were only 2 of you.  It was no problem to do it though.

I’m also thinking that we can soon resume our 6.15pm Tue Fitness Pilates & Thurs Fitness yoga/Pilates classes at Paties Road Recreation Grounds.

I was waiting on the weather to settle a bit & know that if we’d been outdoors last Tuesday, it wouldn’t have been great.

I had a look at this week’s weather forecast & Tuesday there’s to be rain and a 55% chance (ok, it can change & might be less or more) but Thursday looks more promising.

So bearing that in mind, I think I’ll still record the Tuesday afternoon/evening’s class and we can start this Thursday at 6.15 pm outdoors at Paties Road Recreation Grounds – just in front of the trees on that left side as you come in (ie where we were before).

I know that from your emails, some of you are keen to get back to Paties Rd outdoors in the fresh air so that’d be a start for at least one class this week & take it from there.

However I know that some like the recorded classes because you can do them any time from 4pm onwards on the day or for the next 2 or 3 days – giving plenty of scope & options time-wise.  Some even get to do the class a couple of times until the link expires.

So, let me know if YOU still want a recorded class.

Also, going forward and into summer, if we find out that there’s to be a high possibility of rain on any Tue or Thurs evening, then we can still just do a recorded class instead.

Last year, some evenings were absolutely lovely and lots of sunshine but on occasion, we had 50 minutes of dry, nice, sunshine and maybe 10 mins of light rain but we moved under the trees for some shelter if/when the rain came on.

Nothing dampened our spirits, ha … we’re professionals & nothing stops us, isn’t that right?

Let’s be positive.

So changes to this week’s classes, times, venues etc is below *

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter.  Let me know your thoughts.

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness, strength, flexibility and fun either in our outdoor classes at the Padel Court & also Paties Rd and online in the following classes *:



pre-recorded Zoom class at a time that to suit you (coz of possible rain)


Thistle Padel Court, Katesmill Road, EH14 1JF   10am


Paties Road Recreation Grounds at 6.15pm

 & if you still want ….

 pre-recorded Zoom class at a time that to suit you (let me know)


Thistle Padel Court, Katesmill Road


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